16-Women – the Valentine’s Day Tournament is ON!

With the addition of four women tonight, the first FFP Valentine’s Day Tournament is ready to roll! Last night we introduced you all to Shelley Silver and returning FFP wrestler Rochelle. Well we have four more girls to introduce you to. Then, in four short days we will witness this historic tournament.

Do you want to meet the four new women? We were hoping you’d ask that!

jeanetteMiss Jeanette
Miss Jeanette is a rookie to the sport of professional wrestling. She actually joined wrestling to be a manager/valet. However, her trainer was impressed with her quick learning, and physicality. After making a few brief appearances for wrestling promotions out there, Jeanette decided to come and throw her name in the hat to become the next FFP Diamond.

Jeanette is an old school brawler who likes to break the rules a little when the referee isn’t looking. She uses an Arn Anderson style Spinebuster as her finisher. Does she have what it takes to make it to the finals?

clayborne“Hot and Heavy” Heather Clayborne
Heather has a name that entices. Not to mention her beautiful looks and her extra long legs that garner her the attention from nearby men.

Similar to Jeanette, Heather originally joined professional wrestling as a valet. However she got pushed around by the wrestler that she accompanied to the ring. Eventually she snapped, attacking him mid-match, costing him the match of course. Heather then took the ring where she saw incredible success until a knee injury sent her out of action.

Heather is back however. And this time she has come to Full Force Pro to become the next FFP Diamond.

ccCourtney Cooper
Courtney Cooper is a young up and comer to professional wrestling. Working in local armories around her hometown, she racked up quite a few wins before being tasked to begin facing the men. Although she didn’t fair so well against the opposite sex, Courtney held her own. She is only 19 years old and has been wrestling since she was 16 years old. She was quoted as saying “I’m putting all of my eggs in my basket for this tournament. I left home with little money, I’m flying to Denver for this thing, and I’m hoping to win it all”.

Courtney is the perfect mix of cute, strong and modest. Using a Missile Dropkick as her finisher, she will look to dropkick her way to the finals of the tournament and become the newest FFP Diamond.

riley“Rowdy” Riley Perkins
“Rowdy” Riley Perkins has been on the wrestling circuit for quite a few years now. Winning the women’s title in every federation that she has worked for, she is looking for new competition. Riley is a great mix of high flying ability, dangerous striking and technical moves that can tear a person apart. Obviously she has learned quite a bit over the years and added most of it to her repertoire.

Riley uses a split-legged fisherman brainbuster as her finisher that she likes to call “Wreck It Riley”. She also finishes opponents off with the Phoenix Splash. Riley is coming to the Valentine’s Day Tournament not just to win it and a spot as the next FFP Diamond, but to dominate FFP and win the Diamond Title.

So just to clear things up, here is the list of the 16-women who will be taking part in the first ever FFP Valentine’s Day Tournament!

(in no particular order)
1. Amanda Kelly
2. Candy
3. Hardbody Heather
4. Magnolia Wright
5. Mariah
6. Nene
7. Shelley Silver
8. Courtney Cooper
9. Riley Perkins
10. Amanda Cortez
11. Kylie Connelly
12. Isla Connelly
13. Miss Jeanette
14. Heather Clayborne
15. Sarah Robinson
16. Rochelle


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