02/11/2015 Wednesday Warfare


Wednesday Warfare | February 11, 2015
Santa Fe, New Mexico

The show begins with The Lifestyle, Emily Hart, Christopher Morgan and Quinn Delaney, walking down the isle. Emily announces that Kashimanaki will face off against Logan Christopher tonight for the Cruiserweight Title. She mentions that so many people have asked if Kashimanaki is still a member of The Lifestyle. Emily says that Kashimanaki can answer that questions, as if Kashimanaki walks away with the title tonight, he will gladly be accepted as still a member. But if he leaves with no title, he will leave as a former member of The Lifestyle.

Levi Blake vs Kristopher Bradley

Levi Blake dominates the match. After a hard suplex and a pumphandle slam, Levi hits an impressive elbow drop off the middle rope. He hits a big boot for a two count. Then he nails Kristopher with the Mudlick Clothesline for the three count in a dominant performance.

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Monika Andrews vs Natalie Skye

Both girls come out delivering hard shots to the other. After trading several shots, Natalie gains the advantage and flattens Monika with a clothesline. Monika fights back and plants Natalie with a spinebuster. Monika slaps on a camel clutch, wearing down Natalie.

Natalie fights back, hitting a snap suplex and a flying elbow drop. Skye then attempts her finisher, the Widow’s Peak. However, Monika escapes and successfully hits the Angel’s Wings for the three count.


Next, the FFP Diamond Champion Nina Fox comes down to the ring. She calls out Quinn Delaney. Quinn comes out all smiles. Nina tells Quinn that she had a lot of respect for her until she decided to attack her from behind and join The Lifestyle. Nina tells Quinn that she knows that they can put on one hell of a wrestling match for the crowd at Desperate Measures, but knows that because of the No Disqualification stipulation put on the match by Emily Hart, that she’ll have to watch her back.

Quinn grabs the microphone from Nina. She tells Nina that whether the match be No DQ, Submission, Last Diamond Standing or Pins Count Anywhere, she will beat Nina for the Diamond Title, and finally break her near 300-day streak.

FFP Cruiserweight Title
(c) Logan Christopher vs Kashimanaki

A very exciting matchup that sees the crowd cheer for both men, many many times. Logan hits an early blue thunder bomb for a two count. Kashimanaki battles back, using his gruesome kicks to chop Logan down. Kashimanaki plants Logan with the Kashimanaki Driver, but Logan gets his foot on the ropes before the three count.

Logan fights back, using a thumb to the eye to stop Kashimanaki. Logan then hits a couple of strikes, and flying knee strikes to down the former champion. Logan goes to the top and attempts the Shooting Star Press, but Kashimanaki puts his knees up. Logan crashes into Kashimanaki’s knees and rolls around in pain. Kashimanaki then hooks in the Cattle Mutilation.

Logan lets out a scream of pain. He uses his legs, kicking them back and forth to attempt to get to the ropes. After several moments of moving around and kicks his legs, he finally rolls himself and Kashimanaki over and escapes the hold. Logan rolls to the outside for a timeout.

Kashimanaki gets to his feet while Logan walks over and grabs the Cruiserweight Title. He seems to be leaving the ringside area until Kashimanaki climbs to the outside to stop him. However, Logan draws the title back and cracks Kashimanaki over the head with it. Kashimanaki falls back to the arena floor. The referee calls for the bell due to use of an illegal object.


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Next the FFP Diamond Tag Team Champions, Team Fab make their way down the isle. Fiona and Giovanni get on the microphone and talk about their upcoming match against Seduction Inc at Desperate Measures. They guarantee victory over what they call “the has-beens”. This brings Seduction Inc out.

The two teams have words before the talking turns into punches and kicks. Seduction Inc gains the advantage and dumps the Diamond Tag Team Champions to the outside of the ring. FFP security quickly runs down to the ring and separate the teams.


Backstage President Matt Kraven announces that there will be a brand new tag team debuting soon in FFP. He says that the two men are up and comers in his wrestling school and looks forward to introducing the world to them.

FFP Tag Team Titles
(c) American Bulldogs vs Prince Tau & Jackson Pearce

A brutal match with many stiff shots between all the men involved. Jackson Pearce starts with Matt Evanston. The two trade many chops before Matt Evanston downs Jackson with a superkick. Nathan Caine comes in and attempts the Double Underhook Driver, but Jackson escapes and tags in Prince Tau. Tau and Nathan go face-to-face where both men hit some awesome shots to the other.

Prince Tau gains the advantage and attempts the Spear, but Nathan dodges and hits a German suplex instead. He waits for Tau to get back up before hitting a shining wizard. He goes for a pin but only gets a two count. He then pulls Tau back up and dumps him with a t-bone suplex. Caine attempts another pin but gets another two count. So he pulls Tau up again. He attempts another suplex, but Tau reverses, lifting Nathan up and hitting the F5. Matt Evanston enters the ring and attacks Tau before he can make a pin.

Jackson Pearce now comes in, cleaning house on Matt Evanston and clotheslining him over the top rope. Pearce then hits the ropes and delivers a suicide dive to Matt on the outside. By now Nathan is back up and blindsides Prince Tau with a clothesline from the side. Nathan lights Tau up with a couple of forearms before hooking him up and planting him with the Double Underhook Driver. Caine then pins Prince Tau for the win.

Jackson Pearce, who had taken Matt Evanston out, turned to see his partner lose. He slapped the apron of the ring in frustration and stormed away from the ring.

Meanwhile the Americna Bulldogs grabbed their Tag Team Titles and celebrated in the center of the ring.


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