Interview with Giovanni Gotch

The FFP website staff had the chance to sit down with one half of the FFP Diamond Tag Team Champions, Giovanni Gotch. They talked to her about her upcoming boxing match at Foxy Boxing, teaming with Fiona Burke and Team FAB being compared to Seduction Inc.

Here is the full interview.

FFP: Giovanni, you asked for this interview time. Any specific reason?

Giovanni: Well I thought that my fans and everyone else would love to hear from me, so I decided that it was time for an interview.

FFP: Alright. How are you liking your time here in FFP?

Giovanni: I love it here. At first people weren’t so fond of me one of them being Lacey, but I’ve come a long way.

FFP: You mentioned Lacey. You two had a long feud. How did it feel having that constant threat every show?

Giovanni: It was like having a knife stuck in my back for so long and it felt good to finally take it out. I finally had to let loose.

FFP: Afterwards, you were attacked by Fiona Burke. Then, created a tag team with her. How did that happen?

Giovanni: I’m glad you asked me that. You see, I saw something in Fiona and now look at us.

FFP: Diamond Tag Team Champions.

Giovanni: Exactly. And come Desperate Measures, we will still be your Diamond Tag Champs.

FFP: Speaking of friendships, and relationships in general, anyone else you’re currently bonding with?

Giovanni: Austin Briggs obviously. We made it public about us seeing each other a while back. Even when I was out of The Headline we were still seeing each other.

FFP: When did you two hit it off?

Giovanni: After being with The Headline for a while. You know, he really is a sweetheart.

FFP: And now you find yourself in a boxing match with Foxy a Boxing because one of their stars kissed Austin. Is that right?

Giovanni: That’s correct. I don’t care if they claim nobody knew we were dating. You don’t go and kiss someone else’s boyfriend or girlfriend.

FFP: Are you nervous about stepping into a boxing ring? A little different.

Giovanni: Its definitely something I’m not interested in, but I’ll do it. She messed with the wrong girl.

FFP: Fiona will be taking part in this event also. How do you think she will fair?

Giovanni: She’s my girl and we are representing FFP as well as Team FAB, so we will come out as ass kickers in this event.

FFP: So you were with Lacey Abernathy for a short time as Power & Beauty. Now you’re with Fiona as Team FAB. Any chance we will see you in a singles role here in FFP anytime soon?

Giovanni: Not anytime soon. If I’m not teaming with Fiona in matches, you may see me compete in a singles match but as of now, nope.

FFP: You are in the Diamond Tournament on our Japan Tour. Where you can win a chance a whichever title you want. How do you think you’ll fair?

Giovanni: I think I will do my very best. Its time the other diamonds let the newbies shine.

FFP: If you won, I assume you’d go after the Diamond Title?

Giovanni: Exactly. What better way than to go after Nina’s precious title?

FFP: I want to do some word associations with you.

Giovanni: Alright.

FFP: Nina Fox.

Giovanni: Nina Fox? The best damn diamond here in my opinion.

FFP: Fiona Burke.

Giovanni: My fabulous tag team partner and best friend.

FFP: Austin Briggs.

Giovanni: My amazing boyfriend who definitely needs his title back.

FFP: Daniel Matthews.

Giovanni: Great wrestler.

FFP: Veronica Clyne.

Giovanni: Sweetheart. I would love to see her back.

FFP: The Headline.

Giovanni: The best damn stable in FFP history.

FFP: The Kingdom.

Giovanni: The has-beens.

FFP: Seduction Inc.

Giovanni: Two annoying brats who can’t get over of Team FAB being the champions. They will soon get a taste of their own medicine.

FFP: Matt Kraven.

Giovanni: Awe Matt. The best owner here at FFP. And I’m not saying that because people think I’m a flirt, it’s the honest to God truth.

FFP: You and Fiona have been compared to Seduction Inc. I would honestly take that as a compliment. How do you two feel about the comparison?

Giovanni: Me and Fiona are nothing like Seduction Inc and never will be. If anything we will be better than them.

FFP: Well thank you. We really appreciate you taking the time to do this interview. Do you have anything else you want to say to our viewers?

Giovanni: Tune in to see what me and fabulous Fiona have in store for you all. Love to you all FFP world!


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