02/18/2015 Wednesday Warfare


Wednesday Warfare | February 18, 2015
Salt Lake City, Utah

The show opens up with President Matt Kraven, who is already standing inside the squared circle. He announces that at FFP Desperate Measures this Sunday the American Bulldogs will defend the FFP Tag Team Titles against former champions the Two Man Mafia!

Fatal Four Way Match | Winner is #1 Contender for Cruiserweight Title
Draiden vs Hades vs EJ “Money” Carter vs Kashimanaki

This was a very fast paced match with a lot of high flying action from all four wrestlers. Draiden and Hades seemed to go at it quite a bit while EJ Carter and Kashimanaki went head-to-head. In a surprise, Kashimanaki was the first eliminated after being planted by EJ Carter with The Bankruptcy.

Carter seemed to try to take a break and let Draiden and Hades go at it, however “Money” interjected himself, which didn’t work out too well for the superstar. After a Burning Hammer, Hades pinned and eliminated Carter.

Draiden and Hades went at it again. After a diving clothesline and an awesome moonsault, Draiden hit a cradle piledriver for the pin, winning a Cruiserweight Title Match against Logan Christopher at Desperate Measures this Sunday.


The scene cut backstage where the returning Lacey Abernathy was walking down one of the hallways of the building. She ran into new FFP Diamond Amanda Kelly. Lacey laughed at Amanda, telling her that she was a sorry excuse for a Diamond. Lacey said that she was the way that all Diamonds should try to look, and that obviously Amanda had no self control or obviously any athleticism. Lacey walked away before Amanda could get a word in.

“Rowdy” Riley Perkins vs Amanda Kelly

This match between two new FFP Diamonds began with a handshake. These two had faced off in the FFP Valentine’s Day Tournament, with Amanda winning a competitive match. Riley took an early advantage, grabbing Amanda in a headlock, trying to work the big girl down. Obviously the weight advantage Amanda Kelly had was a big weakness of Riley, who had a hard time doing much of anything to Kelly. She eventually had to resort to strikes, including a vicious kick to the Amanda’s head.

Riley then went to the middle rope for a diving crossbody block, but Amanda caught her and slammed her to the mat. Kelly bounced off the ropes and went for a splash, but Riley moved out of the way. Amanda crashed to the mat below. Riley then proceeded to hit a shining wizard. She went for a pin but only got a two count.

Amanda fought her way back up. After whipping Riley into the corner and hitting an avalanche, she attempted the Kelly Bomb, but Riley again moved out of the way. Perkins then climbed to the top rope and hit the Phoenix Splash for a three count.

After the match Lacey Abernathy came onto the entrance stage with a microphone. She mocked Amanda Kelly, telling her that she won’t be anything in Full Force Pro, and that the proof was tonight, her losing to Riley.


The scene cut backstage where Francine Davis was standing by with Quinn Delaney. Quinn reminded everyone that this Sunday she would be challenging Nina Fox for the FFP Diamond Championship. Quinn promised to end Nina’s record breaking title reign by any means necessary, as the match would be a No Disqualification Match, and Quinn would have Emily Hart by her side.

Fatal Four Way Match | Winner is #1 Contender for Adrenaline Title
Adam Black vs Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Castle vs Jason Copeland vs Prince Tau

This match featured four of the top wrestlers in FFP. All four possess great technical wrestling skills. Prince Tau impressed the crowd with his power, hitting belly to belly suplexes across the board. He planted Adam Black with an F5 and looked to be on the verge of eliminating him, however Adam Hyatt blindsided Tau with the Superkick and pinned him.

Jason Copeland then went after Adam Hyatt. Black got back to his feet and the two Adams teamed up on Jason. Hyatt ended up hitting the Superkick on Jason Copeland, however he was hit with a German suplex from Adam Black. Black proceeded to hit the Jumping Piledriver on Hyatt to eliminate him via pinfall.

Jason Copeland and Adam Black then went at it. Black hit a big clothesline and a knee drop from the middle rope. He went for a piledriver on Copeland, but Jason escaped and hit a swinging neckbreaker. Copeland then hit the Emerald Flowsion for the three count. Jason Copeland would go on to face Eddie Siebenthaler for the FFP Adrenaline Title this Sunday!

Courtney Cooper vs Monika Andrews

Monika Andrews seemed to have this match under control. After a couple of suplexes Monika hit a running clothesline and a tornado DDT for a two count. Courtney fought back, hitting a back body drop, a dropkick and a back elbow. She then hit a spin wheel kick for a two count. Courtney went to the top rope and attempted her Missile Dropkick, but Monika dodged the move. Andrews then went for the Angel’s Wings, however Courtney escaped and rolled Monika up for the three count.

The crowd cheered as Courtney pulled the huge upset. However, Jenna Kaufman stormed the ring and The Queendom beat Courtney down. Punches, kicks, stomps and more kept CC down on the mat. However “Rowdy” Riley Perkins ran down the entrance ramp and evened the odds. After a couple of clotheslines The Queendom retreated. Riley then helped Courtney up as the crowd cheered.


Next the FFP World Champion Anarchy came down to the ring. Anarchy took the microphone and guaranteed that he would beat Christopher Morgan this Sunday at FFP Desperate Measures. Anarchy said that Christopher may have one-upped him a few times due to Emily Hart’s interference but he said that in a one on one match, Morgan stood no chance.

This brought Christopher Morgan and Emily Hart out to the ring. Morgan, with microphone in hand, slid in and stood in front of Anarchy. However before saying a word he yelled “NOW!”. Anarchy backed away and began checking around all sides. Of course Morgan then attacked from the front, but Anarchy fought him off with punches to the head. However Caleb Newstead and Aiden Conrad hopped the guardrail and slid into the ring. They attacked the World Champion from behind. Morgan, Newstead and Conrad proceeded to beat the big man down. Christopher then pulled him up and planted him with the Tiger Driver. Afterward the three men and Emily left the ringside area.

Non-Title Match
Daniel Matthews vs Logan Christopher

Another highly entertaining and athletic match. With both mean representing The Kingdom and The Headline, they fought hard to gain the victory. Logan seemed to rock Daniel with a spinning back kick followed by a superkick. Logan went to the top but Daniel cut him off and hit a superplex for a two count. Daniel went up top and went for a Macho Man style flying elbow drop, but Logan rolled out of the way. Logan then hit a standing moonsault for a two count.

Daniel fought his way back up and clotheslined Logan over the top rope. Daniel then hit a suicide dive on Logan. The two brawled on the outside of the ring with Logan whipping Daniel into the steel ring steps. The match went back into the squared circle where Daniel hit a brainbuster like Austin Briggs. Matthews then called for the Death Valley Driver. He brought Logan up onto his shoulders, but Logan pushed off and hit a sleeper hold drop. Logan ascended to the top again and went for his Shooting Star Press. However he only connected with Daniel’s knees. Daniel then got back to his feet, scooped Logan up and planted him with the Death Valley Driver for the pin.

After the match Austin Briggs and the rest of The Headline made their way to the ring. They began to beat Daniel Matthews down, until The Kingdom came to the ring. A huge brawl ensued as FFP officials and security hurried to the ring to stop the madness. This is how the show ended.

Dedicated to Ted Coleman


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