02/22/2015 FFP Desperate Measures (PPV)


FFP Desperate Measures | February 22, 2015
San Francisco, California

Fireworks go off around the entrance stage as well as off the four ring posts of the squared circle. The crowd goes wild as FFP’s second pay-per-view of the year, Desperate Measures kicks off!

[Jackson Flint] Ladies and gentlemen welcome to FFP Desperate Measures! Last year at this same event Anarchy challenged Patrick McCoy for the FFP World Championship and after losing the match, was forced to retire.

[Morgan Alexander] Of course he’s back, and now he’s the FFP World Champion. Tonight he will defend his title against Christopher Morgan. And Morgan has quite a bit of stroke now, with Vice-President Emily Hart in his corner.

[Jackson Flint] We’ve also got Nina Fox defending her Diamond Title against Quinn Delaney.

[Morgan Alexander] Nina’s now 301-day reign on the line. That will be a great match. As well as the Texas Death Match between Daniel Matthews and Austin Briggs.

[Jackson Flint] Oh we could talk about this card for hours. It is definitely stacked. But let’s stop talking about it and get right to the action!

The Queendom vs “Rowdy” Riley Perkins & Courtney Cooper

The Queendom come down looking confident as always. The rookies head down to the ring next, obviously with the crowd behind them.

[Jackson Flint] “Rowdy” Riley Perkins and Courtney Cooper are definitely the crowd favorites here tonight in this one.

[Morgan Alexander] Crowd favorites or not, The Queendom are multi-time Diamond Tag Team Champions. Monika Andrews is a former Diamond Champion. If I were a betting man, my money would go on The Queendom.

[Jackson Flint] You are a betting man. I was with you the last time you went to Vegas. You may have a problem.

[Morgan Alexander] Are you kidding me? I left $8,000 up!

Courtney starts the match out with Monika Andrews. Monika grabs an armbar. Courtney tries to escape, but instead sends Monika into the ropes. She drops to her stomach to force Monika to leap over, but Monika drops an elbow to Courtney’s lower back instead. She pulls Courtney up and whips her over with a snapmare. Andrews then hits the ropes and hits a hard kick to the chest. She drops down on CC but only gets a one count.

[Jackson Flint] Monika taking Courtney to school already.

Monika pulls CC to her corner and tags in Jenna Kaufman. Kaufman waits for Courtney to get up and hits a knee lift, knocking the FFP newbie right back down. Kaufman then hits the ropes. CC pops back to her feet and catches Jenna off the rebound. She turns and slams her to the mat. CC then rolls to the corner and tags in “Rowdy” Riley.

[Jackson Flint] Here comes “Rowdy” Riley!

[Morgan Alexander] Yes. Courtney tagged Riley. Therefore Riley is in the match now Jackson.

Riley hits a couple of dropkicks. She attempts a clothesline but Jenna ducks it and hits an armdrag. Two dropkicks of her own sends Riley falling inbetween the ropes and falling to the ring apron. Jenna charges, attempting to knock Riley off the apron, but Perkins leaps over the top rope (as well as Jenna’s attempted attack) and rolls Jenna up with a school boy. Jenna kicks out at one.

[Morgan Alexander] So far these teams are pretty even when it comes to offense.

Jenna pops back up and hits a hard shot to Riley’s head. She whips her into the ropes and hits a kitchen sink. Riley flips in the air and falls to the mat. Jenna tags Monika in. Monika pulls Riley up and whips her into the ropes. She catches her and slams her with a spinebuster. Monika gets back up and waits as Perkins gets back to her feet. Andrews hits a couple of European uppercuts before sending Riley into the corner. She takes her to the top rope and hits a superplex. She hooks Riley’s leg and gets a two count.

[Morgan Alexander] Here we go. As the match goes on, the veterans are going to wear the rookies down and tear them apart.

[Jackson Flint] We’ll see.

Monika now tags Jenna back in. Jenna comes in and The Queendom pull Riley up. They whip her into the ropes and hits a double clothesline. They pull her up and now hit a double suplex. Courtney now climbs into the ring to even the odds. The veterans immediately begin beating Courtney down. Monika pulls Courtney’s arms back behind her while Jenna hits a couple of shots to the midsection.

[Morgan Alexander] Riley is back up.

Riley now grabs Monika from behind and throws her to the mat. She turns and hits a kick to Jenna Kaufman, followed by a Russian leg sweep. Riley now checks on Courtney. As The Queendom get back to their feet the newly formed tag team hit them both with a couple of clotheslines.

[Jackson Flint] Now it seems we have another stalemate.

Riley sends Monika into the corner and hits a couple of shots while CC ascends to the top rope. As Jenna Kaufman gets back to her feet, Courtney hits her finisher, the Missile Dropkick. The force of the dropkick sends Jenna falling back, however she has the sense of mind to turn and hit the Spear on the pursuing Riley Perkins.

[Jackson Flint] Wow! She hit the Spear off the dropkick!

[Morgan Alexander] I’ve never seen anything like that before.

Monika now explodes out of the corner, hitting a running knee to Courtney’s chin. Monika grabs her by her hair and hits three consecutive snapmares, all with the hair!

[Jackson Flint] That was violent!

Monika then hooks Courtney’s arms behind her and plants her with the Angel’s Wings. Andrews pins CC for the three count.

[Morgan Alexander] There you have it! The Queendom are your winners!

[Jackson Flint] You have to admit Morgan, Riley and CC looked very impressive for being so new to FFP.

[Morgan Alexander] This faired well against the former Diamond Tag Champs.


Francine Davis is now shown, standing by with Adam Hyatt.

[Francine Davis] Adam, on twitter you noted how you wanted to be put in a match tonight at Desperate Measures. You weren’t booked, and again you took to twitter sharing frustration. How do you feel?

[Adam Hyatt] Obviously, I’m frustrated. I mean, I understand that there are only so many people that can be featured, but I thought that I was building some momentum and figured that I would be a featured superstar by now. I’m not asking for special treatment, but Madison Castle and I have been turning heads everywhere we go. We’ve proven that we should be referred to as The Power Couple, and have proven that we are one of the best couples in FFP history.

[Francine Davis] Do you feel like you’ve rubbed anyone the wrong way, or do you just think this is simply luck of the draw?

[Adam Hyatt] I honestly think it’s just the luck of the draw. I don’t think there’s any negative feelings toward Madison or myself. But I also feel like it would be really easy to slap me against someone like Deranged, Deshaun Reed or Kristopher Bradley. Just wish I was featured. That’s all.

After Adam says that, he walks out of the shot, and Francine sends the action back to ringside.

FFP Cruiserweight Title
(c) Logan Christopher vs Draiden

[Jackson Flint] This next one should be a good one. Draiden has been on fire since debuting in January. He won a Fatal Four Way to earn himself this title shot.

[Morgan Alexander] I honestly think this will be the first title change of the night. Draiden has been white hot, and very impressive. I think he pulls this out tonight.

Both superstars lock up. Draiden takes the offensive first with a simple headlock. Logan sends him into the ropes and hits a spin kick to the face. Logan leaps on Draiden for a quick pin attempt, but Draiden kicks out after the one count.

Logan waits as Draiden gets back to his feet. He goes behind Draiden and goes for a German suplex. However Draiden breaks free and hits a backflip kick to Logan’s head. Logan falls to his butt. Draiden kips up, and hits a hard kick to Logan’s chest. Draiden then hits the ropes and delivers a standing shooting star press. He hooks Logan’s leg. 1…2… and Logan kicks out.

[Jackson Flint] The action picked up FAST! I thought it was over!

[Morgan Alexander] These Cruiserweights can go! I’m with you Jackson, I thought Draiden just won the title already.

[Jackson Flint] Well he might here!

Draiden pulls Logan up and scoops him up onto his shoulders. He proceeds to plant him with a death valley driver. Draiden attempts another pin, but again only gets a two count. Draiden now climbs out onto the apron and up onto the top rope.

[Morgan Alexander] He’s going up top!

Draiden attempts a double stomp from the top, but Logan rolls out of the way. He quickly gets to his feet and hits a clothesline over the top rope. Draiden clips the apron and falls to the arena floor. Logan backs away. As Draiden shows his face over the ring apron, Logan hits the ropes and hits Draiden with a baseball slide dropkick, sending Draiden crashing into the steel guardrail. Logan now climbs up onto the apron. When Draiden goes to get back to his feet Logan jumps up, bouncing off the ropes and hits an Asai moonsault. Both superstars spill to the arena floor, even hitting the guardrail and causing it to scoot back a couple feet.

[Jackson Flint] Asai moonsault! It was beautiful. And brutal.

[Morgan Alexander] Both men are down. This thing picked up so fast, and it’s showing. They’re taking everything out of each other.

Both men fight to get up. Draiden pulling himself up on the steel guardrail while Logan pulls himself up using the ring apron. They turn to each other, and Draiden hits a big chop. He then hooks Logan’s head and plants him with a DDT on the black protective mats below.

[Jackson Flint] He has to get him in the ring to win this one.

[Morgan Alexander] Yep. No count outs in FFP, but you can’t pin anyone on the outside of the ring!

Draiden backs away. When Logan gets back to his feet, Draiden charges and hits a running knee to the chin. Logan falls to the arena floor while Draiden rolls under the bottom rope.

Draiden takes a breather inside the ring. However he goes back out to go after Logan. However Logan hits a kneelift and slams the back of Draiden’s head into the ring post. He slings Draiden back into the ring, and slides in after him. Logan now pulls Draiden up and plants him with a powerbomb.

[Morgan Alexander] Powerbomb. Still one of the most devastating moves I’ve seen in this sport.

Logan climbs to the top rope. He attempts the Shooting Star Press, however Draiden gets his knees up in the air. Logan hits chest and neck first on Draiden’s knees. Draiden now jumps to his feet, grabs Logan from behind and hits a Dragon Suplex. Draiden now grabs Logan’s head and slaps on The Fade to the Darkness finishing hold. Logan tries rolling, attempting to reach the ropes to break the hold.

[Jackson Flint] He’s got that hold locked in.

Logan continues fighting. Eventually pulling his arm free. He hooks Draiden’s head and flips him over, getting him into a pinning position. 1…2… and Draiden kicks out. Logan waits for Draiden to get back up to his feet. When he does Logan attempts a hard kick to the side of the head, but Draiden ducks it. He hooks Logan and hits a high angle German suplex. Draiden goes for another pin, but again Logan kicks out at two.

[Jackson Flint] This is another match that I really don’t want to see end!

[Morgan Alexander] This is only match two of the night, and I’m impressed.

Draiden waits for Logan to get up again. He hits a kick to the gut, and hooks him for what looks to be a fisherman brainbuster or suplex. However in mid-air Logan hits Draiden with two quick knees to the top of the head. Logan then goes around Draiden and hits a Tiger Suplex, holding it for the pin.

1…2… and Draiden kicks out. Logan lets out a frustrated scream. Although he is a part of The Headline, he was sent out to the ring by himself to successfully defend his title, and that’s just what he has planned.

When Draiden gets to his feet Logan scoops him into a suplex position. He holds Draiden up in the air and hits an Orange Crush. Logan hooks Draiden’s leg but again, Draiden kicks out at two!

[Jackson Flint] What is it going to take to take this guy out?!

Logan now climbs to the top rope. He holds his arms up in the air for a moment, then hits the most beautiful Shooting Star Press. Logan hooks Draiden’s leg. 1…2…3!

[Morgan Alexander] That’s what it’ll take Jackson!

Logan pushes himself up to his feet. The official hands the Cruiserweight Title. Logan requests some help from the referee but gets it strapped around his waist.

[Morgan Alexander] Still the Cruiserweight Champion. And I wonder where Draiden goes from here.


The scene now cuts backstage where Tyrece Beckman is standing by with FFP Vice-President Emily Hart.

[Tyrese Beckman Tyrece Beckman here. And wow what a night Desperate Measures has turned out to be. Now, I’m standing by with FFP’s Vice-President, Emily Hart. Emily, on Wednesday we saw Caleb Newstead and Aiden Conrad come down to the ring and assist your man Christopher Morgan in beating down current FFP Champion Anarchy. Can you elaborate?

[Emily Hart] It’s actually pretty simple Tyrece. I have money. I use money to get what I want. I saw an opportunity, so I took it.

[Tyrece Beckman] What opportunity? What did you take?

[Emily Hart] Bianca Hunt obviously wasn’t happy here in FFP. I mean, she’s a beautiful young lady. She has modeling in her future. She could have music or acting in her future. So I offered her a decent amount of money to go ahead and pack her things up, and let me be the new manager of Caleb Newstead and Aiden Conrad. You can say, I gave her a severance package. And I acquired her talent. So basically, I resurrected one of the greatest groups in FFP history, Christopher Morgan and Caleb Newstead – Simply the Best. Anarchy, get ready to kiss that title goodbye, because tonight it comes to mama.

With that Emily walks out of the camera shot.

[Morgan Alexander] Wow. Emily Hart has added Caleb Newstead and Aiden Conrad to her group, and she’s guaranteeing that the World Title will not only get taken from Anarchy, but tonight it will go to “mama”.

[Jackson Flint] Morgan, she’s definitely stacking the deck in her group’s favor.

Lacey Abernathy vs Amanda Kelly

Lacey Abernathy comes down to a loud chorus of boos. Obviously her bullying of FFP newcomer Amanda Kelly hasn’t been taken lightly by the FFP fans. Amanda comes out to cheers. She hi fives the crowd as she walks down the isle and climbs into the ring.

[Jackson Flint] Amanda obviously the fan favorite in this one.

[Morgan Alexander] No doubt about it.

Amanda climbs into the ring, but is immediately blasted with a hard kick to the face. She buckles, half in the ring half on the apron. Eventually her body slides from the middle rope and falls to the arena floor. Lacey turns, laughing at the crowd. She puts her arms up in the air.

[Jackson Flint] Oh my gosh! That was such a cheap shot!

[Morgan Alexander] She knocked her out! This match isn’t even going to start.

Lacey climbs up on the middle rope and puts her arms up. The crowd showers her with boos.

[Jackson Flint] The crowd is not happy about this. And with Amanda lying outside of the ring like this, I’m afraid this match may be canceled.

Lacey climbs down. She looks into the crowd, still smiling. As she seems to be gloating over what seems to be her victory, she turns around only to be completely decimated by a hellacious clothesline from Amanda. The referee quickly calls for the opening bell.

[Jackson Flint] Amanda’s up! She’s up! And she just turned Lacey inside out!

[Morgan Alexander] Oh my goodness! Lacey is down!

Amanda pulls the redhead up and hoists her in the air. From a gorilla press position, Amanda drops Lacey down, stomach first on the mat. Lacey slowly crawls to the corner. She grabs the ropes and pulls herself up. However Amanda steps back, charges, and nails Lacey with an avalanche. Lacey stumbles back and falls to the mat.

[Jackson Flint] Things just took a big turn. Looks like Lacey is out.

Amanda Kelly now climbs up onto the middle rope and hits the Kelly Bomb. She hooks Lacey’s leg and pins her. 1…2…3!

[Morgan Alexander] Wow! Amanda Kelly gets knocked out, comes back in and destroys Lacey! I can’t believe it.

[Jackson Flint] I did not expect this. I thought it was over. I thought Amanda Kelly was out and there was no chance for this match to start.

[Morgan Alexander] Yeah, she just destroyed Lacey. I’m wondering if maybe that was a huge mistake to attack Amanda in the beginning of the match like that. I can’t wait to hear what Lacey has to say about this. She will not be happy.


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President Matt Kraven walks down the isle and climbs into the ring. He is all smiles as Katie Long hands him a microphone.

[Jackson Flint] Here we go. Morgan you were teasing an announcement on Twitter. Here it comes I guess.

[Morgan Alexander] It’s going to be awesome.

[Jackson Flint] Do you really know what it is?

[Morgan Alexander] I’ve heard rumors. We’ll see after he announces it.

[Jackson Flint] So basically you can just say, “yep, I knew it” and we won’t know whether to believe you or not.

[Matt Kraven] Hello everyone and thank you for being here for FFP Desperate Measures! I wanted to come out here and first thank you all. Not just all of you great fans in San Francisco, but all of you great fans around the world that has made Full Force Pro what it’s become. In 2008 we thought this would simply be a small wrestling organization. I always dreamed of it being bigger, but didn’t realize what lied in my future. But here we are. In the year 2015 and man it’s come a long way!

The crowd cheers and begins chanting, “FFP, FFP!”

[Jackson Flint] The crowd is showing their appreciation as well.

[Morgan Alexander] I think they’re sucking up.

[Matt Kraven] So here we are, Desperate Measures 2015, in San Francisco, California. And I have an amazing announcement. First of all, FFP’s July pay-per-view Blaze of Glory will be taking place on July 26th, however FFP will be holding a one of a kind event on the Saturday beforehand. As you all know, we have decided to preempt SSN episodes the weekend of pay-per-views, so it obviously isn’t an SSN. No, instead, it is the very first ever FFP Hall of Fame Ceremony!

The crowd explodes with applause. Obviously very excited about the news, the crowd break into “FFP, FFP” chants again.

[Jackson Flint] The first ever FFP Hall of Fame Ceremony! That’s awesome!

However the exciting news is broken up by an uninvited guest. FFP Vice-President Emily Hart walks out and stands on the entrance ramp, not looking very impressed.

[Emily Hart] Matt, I’m sorry that I have to interrupt your announcement, but I wanted to go ahead and accept my invite to be the first person inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Matt laughs.

[Jackson Flint] You’ve got to be kidding.

[Matt Kraven] Emily, I appreciate all you’ve done here. I appreciate your hard work and your other stuff you’ve done, but I’m sorry, neither you nor I will be going into the Hall of Fame. We’ll leave that honor to the wrestlers who come out here and lay their well being on the line for these great fans.

[Jackson Flint] Couldn’t have said it better myself!

With that Matt’s music plays. He climbs out of the ring and heads toward Emily on the entrance ramp. He is all smiles as he approaches her. She rolls her eyes and walks away before he can say anything.

[Jackson Flint] Pretty exciting news Morgan.

[Morgan Alexander] I KNEW IT!

[Jackson Flint] I believe you…anyway. Let’s get to our next match. The Two Man Mafia are former FFP Tag Team Champions, and they will be looking to win those titles again against The Headline!

[Morgan Alexander] Seriously, I knew it…

FFP Tag Team Titles
(c) American Bulldogs vs Two Man Mafia

The Two Man Mafia come to the ring first, followed by the FFP World Champions and part of The Headline, the American Bulldogs.

[Jackson Flint] Ever since Hunter Brown and Brandon Kincaide backed Anarchy in his Team Honor group, the crowd has really turned toward the Two Man Mafia. They used to be so hated by the fans.

[Morgan Alexander] They’re definitely getting all the cheers in this match.

Matt Evanston starts the match with Hunter Brown. Evanston uses European uppercuts while Hunter begins brawling with punches and forearms. The match immediately turns into a chop fest. Trading chops back and forth, and eventually dragging their opponent into their corner to let their partner get a chop in.

[Jackson Flint] These chops are killer.

[Morgan Alexander] They’re echoing throughout the building. This is crazy.

Matt Evanston gains the upperhand. He pulls Hunter Brown up onto his shoulders for what looks like his finisher, the Go to Sleep, but Hunter slips off Matt’s shoulders and hits a chop block. He drags Matt by his leg and tags in Brandon.

[Jackson Flint] Nice gameplan, going after the leg. Now Brandon is in the ring.

Brandon pulls Matt up and sends him into the ropes. He attempts a clothesline but Matt ducks it, and hits a superkick when Brandon turns around. Matt then tags in Nathan Caine. Caine climbs in and pulls Kincaide up. He hits two snap suplexes and a senton. He pulls Brandon up again and whips him into the corner. He charges and hits a back elbow before placing Brandon up on the top rope. He climbs up with him, however Kincaide hits a couple of shots to Brandon’s midsection.

[Morgan Alexander] This looks dangerous.

Kincaide now grabs Nathan and delivers an awesome powerbomb off the middle rope! He covers Nathan. 1…2… and Nathan kicks out.

[Jackson Flint] I thought that might have been it!

Nathan pulls Brandon up. He whips him into the ropes and hits an awesome clothesline. He hits the ropes, and delivers another senton. He pins Brandon again and again, gets a two count.

[Morgan Alexander] This American Bulldog tag team is awesome.

Nathan calls for the end. As Brandon gets up to his feet, Nathan sets him up for the Double Underhook Driver, but Hunter Brown enters the ring and clotheslines Nathan. This brings Matt in who takes Hunter down with a spear. Hunter and Matt brawl on the mat and eventually fall to the outside of the ring. Brandon Kincaide now pulls Nathan up. He hits a pumphandle slam and attempts a pin. 1…2… and Nathan kicks out.

Kincaide pulls Nathan up again and hits a German suplex. He attempts his finisher, the Olympic Slam, but Nathan escapes halfway through the move. He grabs Brandon and rolls him up, pulling on his tights. 1…2… and Brandon somehow kicks out.

[Jackson Flint] He had a fist full of tights and Brandon still kicked out!

Brandon gets back up quickly and hits a hard clothesline. He then rolls over to his corner where Hunter Brown had just hopped back up onto the apron. They tag and Hunter climbs in. He drops an elbow on Nathan Caine. Then he backs away as Nathan starts to fight his way back to his feet. Hunter grabs Nathan and hits his finisher, the Deal Breaker. Brown now makes the cover, but Matt Evanston climbs in and hits a hard kick to Hunter’s head. Brandon now enters the ring again and hits Matt Evanston with a clothesline from behind. He now grabs Matt and throws him through the ropes to the arena floor. Brandon and Hunter then grab Nathan and pull him up from the mat. They proceed to hit a spike powerbomb in the middle of the ring. Brandon climbs out of the ring so Hunter can make the cover.

[Morgan Alexander] Are we going to have new Tag Team Champions?!

Matt Evanston now enters the ring as the referee is about to make the count.

[Jackson Flint] He has a title belt!

Matt now levels Hunter in the back of the head with one of the FFP Tag Team Titles. The referee calls for the bell, obviously disqualifying the American Bulldogs. Brandon Kincaide enters the ring again, to help his partner, but Matt clobbers him with the belt as well.

[Morgan Alexander] The Bulldogs keep their titles!

[Jackson Flint] Come on Morgan! They got themselves disqualified because they were about to lose!

[Morgan Alexander] Doesn’t matter. Who are the champions Jackson?

Matt and Nathan quickly climb out of the ring. Still the Tag Team Champions, but looking pretty pathetic. The fans litter the entrance area with paper cups and any other trash they can find while booing the Bulldogs.

[Jackson Flint] It’s sickening. The American Bulldogs are a great tag team. They always had honor and respect, but they joined The Headline and this is what they’ve become.

[Morgan Alexander] Yes, STILL the Tag Team Champions.


The scene cuts backstage where FFP newcomer Sarah Robinson is shown talking with FFP Diamond Champion Nina Fox. Nina is obviously giving Sarah some sound advice about her upcoming match with Amanda Cortez.

Now the scene cuts to the finals of the FFP Valentine’s Day Tournament, where Amanda Cortez attacked Sarah Robinson before their match started, and after defeating Sarah, attacked her after the match.

[Jackson Flint] Last weekend was the FFP Valentine’s Day Tournament, and these two girls made it to the finals. But we just showed you what happened before and after the match. The next day Sarah Robinson was also signed to a contract with FFP, and soon after, this match was made. I’m looking forward to a good one.

[Morgan Alexander] Both of these girls are new, they’re good in the ring, and they’re hot. I’m ready!

FFP Valentine’s Day Rematch
Amanda Cortez vs Sarah Robinson

Amanda comes out to boos obviously while Sarah comes down to the crowd cheering.

[Jackson Flint] On Twitter Nina Fox has basically put her stamp of approval on Sarah. She’s a girl-next-door type and the crowd loves it.

[Morgan Alexander] Meanwhile, Amanda Cortez is a bright redheaded bad ass who will do what it takes to win.

The girls lock up, but Amanda quickly hits a couple of fists to Sarah’s ribs. Cortez sends her into the ropes and attempts a clothesline. Sarah ducks it and hits a neckbreaker. As Amanda gets back up Sarah hits a quick superkick and pins her. 1…2… and Amanda kicks out.

[Jackson Flint] I think the superkick stunned her. Sarah almost won it right there.

[Morgan Alexander] Oh Amanda is pissed.

Amanda pops back up. She grabs Sarah by her hair and throws her to the mat. She lays in a couple of kicks. Sarah is quick to fight her way back up and begins trading blows with the fiesty redhead. Sarah blocks a punch and hits an elbow to Amanda’s head. Cortez stumbles back, and Sarah approaches, hitting an STO. Sarah backs away. Amanda pushes herself back up and Sarah hits a boot to the gut and a DDT. She now pins her opponent. 1…2… and Amanda kicks out.

[Jackson Flint] Wow!

Sarah now goes to the corner. She climbs up on the middle rope. As Amanda starts to get up again, Sarah dives off the rope. However Amanda hits the Fade to Black in mid-air, slamming Sarah to the mat.

[Morgan Alexander] Oh! The Fade to Black!

Amanda now hooks Sarah’s leg. 1…2… and Sarah somehow gets her foot on the bottom rope. Amanda screams. She pulls Sarah’s leg off the rope and attempts a pin again. 1…2… and Sarah kicks out this time.

[Jackson Flint] Oh Sarah’s got heart! She isn’t going down!

Amanda pulls Sarah up. She bends her over and hits a piledriver.

[Morgan Alexander] Piledriver! You won’t see those everywhere! It’s over now.

Amanda hooks Sarah’s leg again. 1…2… KICKOUT!

[Jackson Flint] Sarah kicks out AGAIN!

Amanda stands. She looks so angry. She looks into the crowd, and back down at Sarah. Amanda then swings her arms to say, “this is it!” She pulls the blonde up to her feet and attempts the Number One Stunna, however Sarah catches her leg in mid-kick, and hits a dragon leg screw. She keeps a hold of Amanda’s leg, pulls her back up and hits another dragon leg screw. Robinson now backs away from Amanda who is holding her leg in pain.

[Jackson Flint] Impressive dragon leg screws there.

Amanda gets up to her knees, and Sarah hits a shining wizard. She waits again. Amanda begins to get back up and Sarah hits another shining wizard.

[Morgan Alexander] She’s going to kill her I think.

Sarah waits for Amanda to start to get back up. When Cortez does, Sarah charges. Attempting yet another shining wizard, Amanda somehow reverses it into a sit-down powerbomb.

[Morgan Alexander] What a counter!

Amanda pins Sarah. 1…2… SARAH KICKS OUT AGAIN!

[Jackson Flint] Oh my goodness! Sarah kicks out again and this match will continue!

[Morgan Alexander] This match is amazing!

Amanda gets up on her knees. She looks into the crowd. Anger written all over her face. She reaches into her tights and pulls out her brass knuckles.

[Jackson Flint] She’s pulling the brass knucks out. The referee is right there. This is going to be a DQ.

Amanda turns toward her opponent, but the referee steps in her way. He warns her about the knuckles. Amanda tries to step around him, but he grabs the knucks and tosses them to the mat. They slide across the ring and fall to the arena floor. Cortez turns to the referee and threatens him. Sarah has not gotten back to her feet.

[Morgan Alexander] Sarah is up!

She hits the Sassy Drop on Amanda Cortez, flipping her over and hooking her in a crossface. Sarah wrenches back hard on Amanda’s neck. The referee checks on the redhead.

Sarah lets out a scream, wrenching back harder and harder.

[Jackson Flint] Your body isn’t supposed to bend like that Morgan.

[Morgan Alexander] I don’t like this. Sarah hit this move from behind.

[Jackson Flint] Yeah, because Amanda pulled brass knuckles out.

[Morgan Alexander] Still.

[Jackson Flint] Still nothing Morgan. Amanda was going to use her brass knuckles. The referee took them. If Amanda was distracted by that, that’s her own fault!

With a look of frustration on her face, Sarah continues wrenching back, bending Amanda’s body back the way it shouldn’t go. Finally, after several grueling moments, Amanda Cortez taps out. Sarah releases the hold and rolls over to her stomach.

[Jackson Flint] What a match! And Sarah Robinson beats Amanda. That’s how the tournament final should have been. No brass knuckles, no sneak attacks, just a hard fought match!

[Morgan Alexander] Amanda was robbed.

Sarah slowly climbs to her feet. As the crowd cheers she raises her arms in the air. But the celebration is cut short when Amanda Cortez charges and delivers a running knee to the Sarah’s upper back. Sarah falls forward and tumbles through the ropes, landing on the arena floor.

[Jackson Flint] Oh come on! She can’t take a loss?!

Amanda then turns around and leaves the ring. As she backs her way up the entrance ramp, Diamond Champion Nina Fox comes out to check on Sarah. Amanda notices Nina walk by her, and follows her. By now Sarah has rolled back into the ring. Nina slides in and congratulates her on the win. Amanda Cortez slides into the ring, but Nina turns toward her. Thinking twice about trying to take both Diamonds on, Amanda simply gives them a warning, and climbs back out of the ring. She walks up the entrance ramp as Nina and Sarah embrace.


The scene cuts backstage to Adam Hyatt and Madison Castle’s locker room. There is a knock at the door. It is FFP World Champion Anarchy. Anarchy shakes Adam’s hand and asks him if they can talk. Anarchy then instructs the camera man to leave so not to hear what they are discussing.

[Jackson Flint] What was that about?

[Morgan Alexander] Probably some insurance Jackson. I bet Anarchy is asking Austin to join Team Honor. To watch his back tonight during the World Title Match. I mean, Emily Hart and her group of wrestlers aren’t something to mess around with.

[Jackson Flint] Not a bad prediction Morgan. Adam Hyatt is an amazing wrestler. And he’s chomping at the bit to get some action tonight. Maybe we’ll see him at ringside with Anarchy.

[Morgan Alexander] Maybe.

The scene cuts again and we see Seduction Inc backstage with Foxy Boxing superstar “Baby” Jo Messi. The three are chatting and seem to be getting along very well.

[Morgan Alexander] Oh my gosh I wish I could be with them right now…instead of sitting here with you!

FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Eddie Siebenthaler w/ Dallas Braun vs Jason Copeland

[Jackson Flint] Time for our next matchup. Jason Copeland won a Fatal Four Way at Wednesday Warfare to become the number one contender for the Adrenaline Title. Eddie Siebenthaler is a strong champion. Let’s see if Copeland can take it from him.

[Morgan Alexander] No way! Siebenthaler is a big bad dude man. Jason doesn’t stand a chance.

The two men come down to the with light applause from the crowd.

[Jackson Flint] It’s funny, due to The Kingdom feuding with The Headline right now, the crowd seems to be embracing Kingdom members. Wouldn’t have ever thought I’d see that.

[Morgan Alexander] The Kingdom has come a long way. The days of Veronica Clyne leading the group to take over FFP are gone and the days of Daniel Matthews trying to become the most elite stable in FFP history are here.

The superstars lock up. Eddie, using his height advantage grabs Copeland in a headlock. He forces Copeland down to one knee before hitting a knee lift to Copeland’s face. Siebenthaler hits the ropes and delivers an elbow drop.

[Jackson Flint] Man he got some air jumping for that elbow drop.

Siebenthaler makes the nonchalant pin. 1…2… and Copeland kicks out. Siebenthaler pulls Jason up and wraps him in a bear hug.

[Morgan Alexander] This is old school man! I love seeing the old screen brawling types. This is like King Kong Bundy and One Man Gang!

Siebenthaler keeps his arms wrapped around Jason, squeezing tighter and tighter. Copeland reaches for the ropes. He tries to pull or push toward the ropes. Eventually he begins using forearms to the face to try to rock the big man. Finally, Siebenthaler releases his grip. Copeland shoves him back. He hits the ropes and delivers an awesome running knee, knocking the Adrenaline Champion to the mat. Jason now grabs Eddie’s legs and locks in a figure four leg lock.

[Jackson Flint] Trying to cut the big redwood down. I like it. Work his legs and you take much of his gameplan away.

[Morgan Alexander] Using the move that Buddy Rogers made famous.

Copeland keeps the hold locked in, tighter and tighter trying to do exactly what Jackson Flint said. He eventually releases the hold and climbs to the top rope. He hits a flying elbow drop. He now attempts a pin. 1…2… and the champion kicks out.

Jason pulls Eddie up. Jason just recently changed his finishing move to the Emerald Flowsion. He scoops Eddie up, attempting the move. However Eddie’s weight it too much. The big man lands on his feet, behind Jason, keeping a hold of the challenger.

[Jackson Flint] Siebenthaler is too big to get up for that Emerald Flowsion.

Eddie now pulls Jason up and drops him on his head with a Tombstone piledriver.

[Morgan Alexander] Tombstone! That may be all she wrote for Jason Copeland. But at least he can go back home and get more tattoos right?

[Jackson Flint] What are you talking about?

Eddie Siebenthaler however doesn’t go for the pin. He pulls himself up to his feet and waits for Copeland to get back up. When Jason finally does, Eddie attempting a running big boot. Jason ducks the move and hits a chop block on the champion. Eddie goes down like a ton of bricks.

[Jackson Flint] Working on the leg again! Very smart.

Jason now grabs Eddie’s leg and hooks in a single leg lock. Eddie screams in pain, reaching for the ropes.

[Morgan Alexander] Eddie is just too tall. He’ll get the ropes.

On the outside of the ring, Dallas continues cheering her man on. Eddie scoots himself over and eventually gets to the bottom rope, grabbing it and causing Jason to break the hold.

[Morgan Alexander] Told you. He is just too tall.

Jason pulls Eddie up. He whips him into the ropes and hits a clothesline, causing Eddie to stumble backward. Jason now hits the ropes himself, however Eddie charges and hits a running big boot. Copeland falls through the ropes and lands on the arena floor. Eddie drops to his knees.

[Jackson Flint] I think that big boot hurt the big man. Jason has been working those legs over, and I think they’re feeling it.

Siebenthaler pulls himself up. Jason is doing the same, and rolls back into the ring. He crawls toward the big man before pulling himself up. He hits a couple of shots to Eddie’s chest, but Siebenthaler simply absorbs the blows. He then hits the ropes and nearly decapitates Jason with a lariat.

[Jackson Flint] OHHH!

[Morgan Alexander] He’s dead.

Eddie pulls Jason up and now hits his finisher, the Crucifix Powerbomb. Eddie now hooks Jason’s leg for the pinfall. 1…2…3!

[Morgan Alexander] Eddie Siebenthaler wins this one. And I gotta say, it was a lot closer than I thought. I figured Siebenthaler would wipe the mat with Jason. He didn’t…but he did retain that strap.

[Jackson Flint] Great effort by Jason Copeland. I really see great things for him in the future. But Eddie Siebenthaler is your winner.

[Morgan Alexander] That’s right, and I hear we have something going on in the back.


The scene cuts backstage where Daniel Matthews, dressed in jeans and an FFP shirt, is walking down one of the arena hallways with Scarlett Ducane, and an unknown woman by his side. Tyrece Beckman quickly approaches.

[Tyrece Beckman] Daniel! Daniel! I wanted to ask you about your upcoming Texas Death Match.

[Daniel Matthews] Tyrece, I’m more than ready to get in there and beat the (censored) out of Austin Briggs. He’s been running his mouth for far too long. He claims his stable is the best, that he’s the best, blah blah blah.

[Tyrece Beckman] Who is this beautiful young lady?

[Daniel Matthews] That’s Malaya. You see, I’ve always been a two-lady man. Malaya and Scarlett here are my new duo tag team. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get ready to kick someone’s ass.

Daniel and the two women walk away while Tyrece sends the broadcast back to ringside.

FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles
(c) Team FAB w/ Elena Korda vs Seduction Inc w/ “Baby” Jo Messi

[Jackson Flint] Here we go! I have to say, these next four matches are our four main events. You heard me. Four main events. Team FAB and Seduction Inc have been going at it for quite sometime now.

[Morgan Alexander] Yes they have. And then two of the incredible Foxy Boxing superstars got involved with all of this on Twitter. Elena Korda siding with Fiona Burke and Giovanni Gotch while “Baby” Jo Messi took the side of Brandi Moor and Taylor Clawson. So we’re going to be joined by two Foxy Boxers at ringside during this match. I can’t wait.

Seduction Inc’s music hits and Brandi and Taylor head down to the ring. “Baby” Jo Messi however is not by their side like advertised.

[Morgan Alexander] Where is Jo? I couldn’t wait to see her in an FFP ring.

Brandi and Taylor enter the ring. Brandi takes a microphone.

[Brandi Moore] Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve heard Matt Kraven make an announcement, we’ve seen some great in-ring action, and you people have loved every minute of it. But Seduction Inc has an announcement that will SHOCK the professional sports world. you heard me.

[Morgan Alexander] What could it be?!

[Brandi Moore] For the first time ever, Seduction Inc is welcoming another member. Seduction Inc is welcoming it’s third member! Seduction Inc is now a trio! But this member isn’t a fellow professional wrestler, no. Seduction Inc has officially went dual-sports! Because the newest member of Seduction Inc is the best and sexiest Foxy Boxer that you will ever see, “BABY” JO MESSI!

[Morgan Alexander] “Baby” Jo is a part of Seduction Inc!!!

“Baby” Jo Messi now makes her entrance, wearing tight black leather pants and a pink and black Seduction Inc t-shirt, the shirt appropriately cut very low, showing off her cleavage.

[Morgan Alexander] Look at those tattoos!

[Jackson Flint] That’s not what you’re looking at! Morgan, behave yourself!

[Morgan Alexander] I can’t help it!

Jo climbs up onto the apron. Brandi and Taylor sit on the middle rope and Jo climbs in. She walks over to Brandi, puts her hands on her hips and gives her a kiss on the lips. Brandi makes a surprised face. Jo then turns, places her hands on Taylor’s hips, and gives her a kiss as well. Obviously the crowd is applauding…as is Morgan.

[Morgan Alexander] OH YEAH!!!

Now the FFP Diamond Tag Team Champions come out. With Elena Korda by their side. Fiona Burke is carrying a microphone, and immediately begins to talk.

[Fiona Burke] Oh yeah, the old-timers have a new member. Yay! Some unknown boxer who isn’t even that good will now wear the old-timers’ crappy t-shirts to Foxy Boxing. Woo-hoo! Who freaking cares. Team FAB is where it’s at. You’re the past. We’re the now. And it’s time for the now to beat your asses!

Fiona tosses the microphone to the side. Fiona and Giovanni drop their titles and slide into the ring. Elena beside them.

[Jackson Flint] Here we go!

[Morgan Alexander] The fight is on!

Brandi takes on Fiona while Taylor takes on Giovanni. Then “Baby” Jo and Elena go one-on-one as well. Fiona catches Brandi with a hard shot to the jaw that rocks the former Diamond Champion. Fiona then tosses Brandi through the ropes and to the arena floor. Fiona then attacks Taylor from behind. Fiona and Giovanni beat her down and throw her to the arena floor on the opposite side of the ring.

About this time Jo rocks Elena with a right hand. Elena falls to the mat and rolls out of the ring. Fiona and Giovanni then grab a hold of “Baby” Jo. Fiona pulls Jo by her hair as Giovanni hits her with a hard shot to the back. Jo falls to her knees.

[Jackson Flint] This is trouble.

[Morgan Alexander] It definitely is. Jo is hurting and Team FAB has her where they want her.

Brandi now slides into the ring. She charges and levels Giovanni with a forearm from behind. Gotch falls to the mat and rolls out of the ring. Fiona goes after Brandi, but Taylor gets back in the ring and hits a running knee to the ribs. Taylor then scoops Fiona up and hits a bodyslam. “Baby” Jo now exits the ring. Brandi also exits onto the apron and the referee finally can call for the opening bell.

[Morgan Alexander] The match just started!

Taylor lays in a couple of stomps before tagging Brandi in. Moore pulls Fiona up. She whips her into the ropes and hits a clothesline. She looks over at Giovanni who just climbed onto the ring apron. Brandi blows a kiss at Giovanni and turns her attention back to Fiona. As Fiona is getting back up Brandi hooks her head and hits a DDT She pins Fiona. 1…2… and Burke kicks out.

Brandi now pulls Fiona to the corner. She steps up on the bottom rope, jumps up and drops a knee on Fiona’s head. Brandi now tags Taylor back in.

[Jackson Flint] That was a devastating knee drop! Fiona looks hurt.

Taylor pulls Fiona up. She sets her up for the Flatliner but Fiona hits a back elbow. Taylor stumbles back and Fiona hits a superkick from the side. Taylor drops to her hands and knees. Fiona now jumps forward and tags Giovanni Gotch.

[Morgan Alexander] Fiona makes the tag.

Giovanni comes in as Taylor is getting back up. She hits Taylor with a boot to the gut, and a facebuster. She rolls Taylor over and pins her. 1…2… and Taylor kicks out. Giovanni pulls her back up and delivers a snapmare, with a handful of hair. Giovanni hits the ropes and hits a hard kick to the sternum. Taylor falls to her back. Gotch hits the ropes and delivers a high jumping leg drop. She turns Taylor over and slaps on a camel clutch.

[Jackson Flint] Camel clutch.

[Morgan Alexander] Iron Sheik style!

She wrenches up on Taylor’s head. Fiona now enters the ring. She bounces off the ropes and hits a dropkick to Taylor’s face. Brandi climbs into the ring to go after Fiona, but gets backbody dropped. Fiona then kicks Brandi, rolling her to the outside of the ring. Giovanni flips Taylor over and goes for the pin. 1…2… and Taylor somehow kicks out.

Fiona now grabs Taylor by her blonde hair. She pulls her up and plants her with the Fab Drop!

[Jackson Flint] Fab Drop! That’s got to be it!

[Morgan Alexander] Taylor is out man. She’s out.

The referee now forces Fiona to her corner, demanding that she get out of the ring. Meanwhile Giovani pins Taylor. Hooking her leg, Gotch yells for the referee to make the count, but he’s busy fighting with Fiona.

[Morgan Alexander] It would have been a three count already!

[Jackson Flint] It’s Fiona’s fault. She needs to get out of the ring instead of giving the referee attitude.

Giovanni finally gets up and walks to the ref. She spins him around and yells at him to make the count. When she turns around she’s nailed with a superkick from Taylor.

[Jackson Flint] Superkicks galore here tonight.

[Morgan Alexander] It’s a great move.

Taylor now pins Giovanni, but Fiona breaks the pin up at one. Fiona finally leaves the ring as Taylor and Giovanni begin crawling to their corners.

[Morgan Alexander] Who is going to make the tag first?

Both girls make tags at the same time. Brandi and Giovanni climb into the ring, charging at one another and immediately trading shots. Brandi gains the advantage. She whips Giovanni into the ropes and hits a back body drop. She follows it up with a dropkick, then another. Giovanni rolls out of the ring to take a timeout. However Brandi bounces off the ropes and hits a suicide dive, slammming Giovanni face first into the guardrail. Brandi slides back into the ring as the crowd goes wild.

[Jackson Flint] Both of these teams came here to win!

Fiona checks on Giovanni. She then goes to the time keeper and begins to argue, trying to take one of the Diamond Tag Team Titles. She finally muscles it away from the time keeper. She rolls into the ring armed with the weapon. The referee steps in her way. Meanwhile Taylor climbs in to stop Fiona as well.

[Morgan Alexander] She’s got the belt!

As the ref grabs the title, Fiona shoves Taylor across the face. Taylor retaliates with a punch. Fiona lets go of the title and hits Taylor with a kick to the gut. She grabs Taylor’s hair and whips her through the ring ropes, causing her to fall to the apron. Brandi is now back up and approaches the brawl in the corner. Fiona hits Brandi with a back elbow. She proceeds to dive at Taylor, hitting a shoulder block, sending Taylor crashing into the commentator’s table on the outside of the ring.

[Jackson Flint] Oh! Taylor takes a spill.

[Morgan Alexander] And here comes Giovanni.

Giovanni now rolls Brandi Moore up from behind. She hooks her for the pin, grabbing a baltant hand full of tights and pulling them up. The referee makes the count, not seeing the pulling of the tights. 1…2…3!

[Jackson Flint] Oh what a cheap win.

[Morgan Alexander] Team FAB retains the titles! I wasn’t sure if they’d be able to, but they did! They’ve won the match.

[Jackson Flint] They won the match Morgan, by pulling the tights.

[Morgan Alexander] You always put too much thought into the details. Team FAB wins!

Elena Korda slides into the ring to celebrate with the Diamond Tag Team Champions. Meanwhile “Baby” Jo Messi checks on Taylor on the outside of the ring. Taylor slides back into the ring and Jo follows her. As Seduction Inc huddles in the corner Elena grabs Jo and whips her around. The two share words until fists begin to fly.

[Morgan Alexander] Oh here we go! We’ve got Foxy Boxing right here at Desperate Measures!

The two boxers trade shots, obviously rocking one another. As FFP security approaches, the brawl turns into more as Team FAB and Seduction Inc go at each other one more time.

[Jackson Flint] They need to stop this. These ladies are going to kill one another.

Security quickly gets inside the ring. After several moments of anarchy, they separate the women, although a couple of the security members get knocked on their backside for their troubles.

[Morgan Alexander] I don’t think this one is over Jackson.

[Jackson Flint] I believe you’re right Morgan. I think we will see Team FAB and Seduction Inc go to war again. This thing is far from over.


The scene cuts backstage where Emily Hart is on her cell phone. Little is heard from her, however her last remarks makes you assume that a new member of her group will be debuting soon. When Emily sees the cameraman she points for him to leave her alone.

[Jackson Flint] What was that about? Looks like Emily Hart may be welcoming a new member to her group soon.

[Morgan Alexander] Your guess is as good as mine Jackson, but that’s what it sounded like to me.

[Jackson Flint] Well, turning the attention now to the next match. Daniel Matthews and Austin Briggs have been at it for a while now. Daniel, the leader of The Kingdom feels that his stable is the best FFP has ever seen while Austin, the leader of The Headline feels his group is the best. This feud took a big turn at FFP Frost Bite when Austin Briggs came down at the main event, and blasted Daniel Matthews with a steel chair, costing him any chance he had at winning the World Title.

[Morgan Alexander] And now, we come to this, a Texas Death Match. What is a Texas Death Match you ask? Glad you asked. Anything goes. Falls count anywhere. And after you pin your opponent for a three count, the referee will administer a ten count. If your opponent can’t get to his feet by the ten count, you win. If he does reach his feet before ten, you keep going.

[Jackson Flint] That’s right. And you have to pin your opponent for the referee to start the ten count. It’s going to be exciting. And violent.

[Morgan Alexander] It’s going to be hell for these two gentlemen. And it’s going to be freaking awesome.

Texas Death Match
Daniel Matthews w/ Scarlett Ducane & Malaya vs Austin Briggs

Daniel Matthews comes down to the ring first. After stepping out onto the entrance ramp, Scarlett and FFP newcomer Malaya step to each side of Daniel. Both girls look stunning as Daniel puts his arms around them. The trio walks down the isle and they all climb into the ring.

[Morgan Alexander] Daniel is so lucky.

[Jackson Flint] I can’t disagree with you there Morgan. Those are two very attractive ladies.

Austin Briggs comes out next.

[Morgan Alexander] Both men aren’t dressed in their usual wrestling attire. Jeans, t-shirts, tape around their fists. This isn’t a wrestling match. This is a fight.

As Austin climbs into the ring Daniel attacks. Hammering Austin with fists to the face. Daniel whips Austin, however Briggs reverses and whips Daniel into the ropes. Daniel hooks his arms around the top rope, putting the brakes on. Austin then charges, but his back body dropped over the top rope. Daniel waits a moment. When Austin gets back to his feet Daniel dives through the ropes, clotheslining Briggs and flooring him. Daniel pulls him up and scoops him up on his shoulders. Matthews then plants Briggs through the commentator’s table, causing Jackson and Morgan to scurry away.

Daniel hooks Austin’s leg and the referee makes the pin. 1…2…3!

Daniel rolls away from Austin. He walks over to the time keeper while the referee begins the count.


Daniel grabs the time keeper’s chair. Apparently readying himself in case Austin gets back up.


Austin breaks the count, pushing himself up to his feet. But Daniel brings the chair back and bends it over Austin’s skull. Briggs falls back down to the arena floor, the chair wrapped around his neck. Daniel pins him again. 1…2…3!

Daniel rolls away from Briggs again. The referee begins his count.


Daniel looks into the crowd. They cheer his immediate destroying of Austin Briggs.


Austin gets back to his feet. Pulling himself up using the apron of the ring. Daniel grabs Austin and rams him into the steel ring post. Briggs falls to the arena floor once again, blood now dripping out of his forehead. Daniel reaches under the ring, reaching for something else to use against Briggs. The commentator’s finally get settled around the ruble that was their table. They get their headsets back on.

[Jackson Flint] Sorry about that! Our table was destroyed!

[Morgan Alexander] Daniel is rooting around under the ring. I think he’s trying to kill Austin. I thought it was over right here at our feet.

Daniel pulls a Singapore cane out from under the ring. Briggs has now pushed himself up onto his hands and knees. Until Daniel lights him up, cracking the cane across his back four times. Daniel then pulls Austin up by his hair and hits a suplex on the arena floor. He pins Austin again. 1…2… and Austin kicks out this time.

Daniel pulls Austin up and whips him into the nearby steel guardrail.

[Jackson Flint] I’m not sure how long these guys will be able to last in this type of match.

[Morgan Alexander] I don’t know what you mean Jackson. Daniel is whopping Austin. I don’t know how long Austin will last! But Daniel is just fine.

Daniel charges at Austin, but Briggs moves out of the way and Matthews goes shoulder first into the guardrail, tipping it over. Matthews falls on top of it. Obviously he in pain he gets up as fast as he can to pursue Austin. Briggs, now armed with a steel chair from a fan at ringside, cracks Daniel over the skull.

[Jackson Flint] Another chairshot! That was sickening. Matthews is down on the guardrail.

Austin pulls Daniel up by his dark hair. He hooks his head and DDTs him on the guardrail.

[Morgan Alexander] Wow. This is violent.

Briggs hooks Daniel’s leg. 1…2…3!

Austin rolls over, lying beside Daniel as the referee starts his count.


Daniel begins to sit up as Austin gets to his feet. Once Daniel begins to turn to get on his hands and knees, Austin hits him with a hard stomp to the head.

[Jackson Flint] See, he broke the count. He’s going to have to pin Daniel again.

Austin pulls Daniel up and drags him near the ring. He hits him with a couple of shots to the upperback before rolling him into the ring. Austin climbs onto the apron. He slingshots himself over the top rope and hits a flying elbow drop. He now rolls Daniel over and pulls him to his feet. Austin hoists Daniel up and plants him with the Brainbuster. He pins Daniel again. 1…2…3!

Austin sits up. Waiting for the referee to start the count.


Austin rolls to the outside and grabs a hold of the ring bell.

[Jackson Flint] They’re using anything they can get their hands on.

[Morgan Alexander] In a Texas Death Match, you have to!

Austin slides into the ring. He waits as the referee continues.


And Daniel gets up to his feet. Austin charges with the ring bell brought back. Daniel ducks the attack, scooping Austin back up onto his shoulders.

[Morgan Alexander] Death Valley-

Austin slides off of Daniel’s shoulders. When Matthews turns around, DING! Bell to the head. Matthews falls to the mat. Austin pins him again. 1…2…3!

[Jackson Flint] Another pinfall. Oh my God these guys are going to need medical attention.

[Morgan Alexander] Daniel is bleeding now. Both men are bleeding. Daniel has a big gash in his forehead and Austin’s face and chest are covered in blood.


Austin stares down at the ring bell. Daniel’s blood on the edge.


And Daniel again pushes himself to his feet. Wobbly, but still standing. Austin chucks the bell out of the ring. He walks over to Daniel and begins to yell at him. He hits a couple of punches. He then boots Daniel in the gut and hooks him for what looks like another Brainbuster.

[Jackson Flint] If he hits the Brainbuster here, it has to be over doesn’t it?

As Austin goes to hoist Daniel up, Matthews reverses, bringing Austin up onto his shoulders and dumping him on his head with another Death Valley Driver. Both men lie motionless on the mat.

[Jackson Flint] Daniel needs to pin him. If he doesn’t pin him, we can’t get a ten count.

[Morgan Alexander] Both men are out.

Just now The Kingdom member Levi Blake makes his way down the isle.

[Morgan Alexander] Levi Blake is coming to the ring. If he helps Daniel, it’s all over. Briggs is already hurt. He can’t beat two guys.

[Jackson Flint] What does this big man have on his mind?!

[Morgan Alexander] Where is The Headline?!

[Jackson Flint] They’ve all had hard hitting matches. There may not be any of them ready to come out here and try to take on the big man.

Levi begins to beat on the mat. Obviously rooting for Daniel to get the pin. Matthews crawls over and drapes his arm over Austin’s chest. 1…2… and Austin somehow gets a shoulder up.

[Morgan Alexander] A kick out! Wow!

Daniel looks over at Levi. He signals for him to get into the ring. Matthews then pulls Austin up. He whips Briggs toward Levi who looks to be going for a big boot, but Austin ducks the attack and floors the big man with a clothesline. Briggs turns back toward Daniel and hits him with a clothesline as well. Daniel gets back to his feet but Austin hits a hard kick to the gut. He bounces off the ropes and hits a running knee to Daniel’s head. Briggs falls backward as Matthews falls to the mat.

[Jackson Flint] Another instance of falling the wrong way. Briggs needs to get that pin.

Austin starts crawling toward Daniel, but Levi grabs his leg. Austin turns toward the big man and shoves him off with his boot. He now grabs Daniel by the hair and pulls him to his feet. Briggs hooks Matthews, hoists him up and plants him with another Brainbuster. He debates on pinning Matthews, but pulls him up again. He looks over at Levi who is getting to his feet. He winks at Levi. Blake now charges toward Austin. However Briggs moves out of the way and Levi DESTROYS Daniel Matthews with the Mudluck Clothesline.

[Jackson Flint] What?! What the-

[Morgan Alexander] Levi just killed Daniel Matthews!

Austin hooks Daniel’s leg. 1…2…3!

[Morgan Alexander] The pin…the referee starts his count.

Austin rolls off of Daniel. Levi reaches down and pulls Briggs to his feet. He wraps an arm around Austin who is having trouble standing.


Austin turns to the crowd who are booing him out of the building. Levi approaches him and pats him on the back, smiling as the referee continues.


[Jackson Flint] Levi Blake turns his back on Daniel Matthews and helps Austin Briggs win what is most likely the most violent match in FFP history.

[Morgan Alexander] I can’t believe what just happened.

Levi grabs Austin’s arm and raises it in the air. Briggs, covered in blood, raises his other arm, nearly falling to his back. Levi helps Austin out of the ring and helps him walk up the ramp. Giovanni Gotch comes out from backstage. Looking concerned she gets on the other side of Austin, hooking his arm around her trying to assist him in walking.

[Jackson Flint] Well Morgan, eight matches down and two to go. We’ve seen Levi Blake turn on Daniel Matthews. We’ve seen Team FAB, Eddie Siebenthaler and Logan Christopher defend their titles and we’ve seen Amanda Kelly destroy Lacey Abernathy. What do you think about tonight thus far?

[Morgan Alexander] It’s been crazy. Sarah Robinson beat Amanda Cortez in one hell of a match, and Riley Perkins and Courtney Cooper put the fight to The Queendom, nearly coming out on top. But these two upcoming matches could very well take the cake!

FFP Diamond Title | No Disqualification Match
(c) Nina Fox vs Quinn Delaney w/ Emily Hart

Quinn Delaney is the first to the ring with Emily Hart by her side. The crowd boos as the two come down to the ring.

But the crowd’s tune changes when the FFP Diamond Champion, Nina Fox comes to the ring.

[Jackson Flint] Nina has held the Diamond Title for 301 days. The longest Diamond Title in Full Force Pro history. Can Quinn Delaney’s end this impressive streak?

[Morgan Alexander] In a No Disqualification Match. And Quinn has Vice President Emily Hart by her side. This does not look good for Nina.

Quinn approaches Nina, reaching her hand out for a handshake. Nina looks apprehensive, for good reason. Emily Hart yells to Nina, to be a respectful champion. Of course as Nina reaches out for Quinn’s hand, Quinn nails her with a hard forearm to the face. Nina crashes to the mat and Quinn goes for the quick pin.

1…2… and Nina kicks out.

[Jackson Flint] THAT was close!

Nina shoves Quinn off and rolls to her feet. Quinn charges, but Nina counters with the Superkick!

[Morgan Alexander] Superkick! Quinn is out!

Delaney falls to the mat. Nina jumps on her, hooking her leg. 1…2…3!

Nina rolls off of Quinn and lets out a scream.

[Jackson Flint] That may have been a record. Fastest Diamond Title defense…

The referee grabs a hold of the Diamond Title, however Emily Hart quickly climbs into the ring. She pulls the Diamond Title out of the referee’s grasp. She then grabs the microphone from Katie Long.

[Emily Hart] This match is No DQ…AND TWO OUT OF THREE FALLS!

[Jackson Flint] You’ve got to be kidding me.

Nina looks pissed. She looks at Emily Hart, confused and irritated for sure. However Amanda Cortez comes out from the crowd. She slides into the ring and completely destroys Nina with a running clothesline from behind. Nina crashes to the mat.

[Emily Hart] NOW! NOW KYLIE NOW!

From the opposite side of the ring, Kylie Connelly climbs out of the crowd. She slides into the ring as Nina is beginning to get back up. Amanda and Kylie look at each other. It’s obvious that the two don’t get along, however for some reason they are working together here. Kylie grabs a hold of Nina. Her and Amanda then proceed to plant her with a devastating, and sickening spike piledriver.

Quinn Delaney now crawls over and pins Nina. 1…2…3!

[Jackson Flint] This is disgusting. This is a complete abuse of power. I can’t believe this.

Quinn gets to her feet and puts her arms up in the air. Of course the match isn’t over yet. It’s two out of three falls.

Emily demands that the three put Nina away so they can leave with Nina’s belt. But as the three circle around the champion, Sarah Robinson explodes from backstage. Robinson slides into the ring and hits Amanda Cortez with a hard spear. Cortez rolls out of the ring. Kylie now goes after Robinson, but she ducks her attack and hits a bulldog. She turns and is hit with a diving clothesline from Quinn Delaney.

[Jackson Flint] Sarah Robinson attempts to make the save. I think she helped out a little, but the damage may be done.

[Morgan Alexander] Nina is moving, but she looks hurt.

Quinn now pulls Nina up. She bends her over, hoists her up and delivers a powerbomb. She pins the champion. 1…2… and Nina somehow gets her shoulder up in time.

Quinn looks over at Emily. She looks shocked that Fox kicked out. You can hear Emily scream, “again! again!”

Quinn pulls Nina up again. She whips her into the ropes and plants her with a spinebuster. Quinn grabs Nina’s legs and lays down folding her over. 1…2… and Nina somehow kicks out again. Quinn, her eyes wide open, stares at Emily. Emily yells for Quinn to say on Nina. However Nina sits up and immediately hooks her arm around Quinn’s head. She wraps her legs around Quinn’s body to synch in the Dragon Sleeper.

[Jackson Flint] Dragon sleeper! This is the move she used to beat Veronica Clyne for the World Title!

[Morgan Alexander] Oh my God Nina is going to retain!

Nina lets out a scream, wrenching back on Quinn’s head and neck. However Kylie Connelly gets up and drops a knee on Nina’s head. Kylie now pulls Nina up and drills her with the Makeover, which is a headlock driver.

[Jackson Flint] The Makeover! That’s got to be it.

[Morgan Alexander] It ends at 301 days.

Kylie turns to grab Quinn and pull her body overtop of Nina, but Sarah Robinson reappears, hitting a running knee to Kylie’s head, knocking her flat on her back. Sarah lays in a couple of stomps and shoves Kylie out of the ring with her foot. Quinn is reaching, about to drape her arm over Nina’s motionless body, but Sarah hits an elbow drop to the back of her neck.

Sarah now grabs Nina, attempting to wake her up and get her moving again. Quinn begins to push herself back up while Sarah works on Nina. Sarah turns and grabs Quinn, but Quinn jams her thumb into Sarah’s eye. Quinn now tosses Sarah through the ring ropes to the arena floor. When Quinn turns around however, she is LEVELED with another Nina Fox Superkick!

Quinn stumbles back and falls to the mat. Nina now hooks her leg for another pin. 1…2…3!

[Jackson Flint] Oh my God she did it! Nina Fox is still your Diamond Champion!

Nina rolls off of Quinn, and lies on the mat beside her. Sarah Robinson, obviously in pain, grabs the Diamond Title and slides into the ring. She hands the title over to Nina. Amanda Cortez and Kylie Connelly begin to crawl back into the ring as Sarah helps Nina climb out. As they walk up the entrance ramp, Amanda and Kylie about come to blows, blaming each other for the match not ending the way they wanted it to.

[Jackson Flint] Obviously Emily Hart’s plan backfired.

[Morgan Alexander] These girls already don’t like each other. Amanda beat Kylie at the Valentine’s Day Tournament, but now they’re bickering about this.

Emily Hart climbs into the ring, screaming at the top of her lungs. She yells at both Amanda and Kylie and orders them to go backstage. She looks down at Quinn, shakes her head in disappointment and climbs out of the ring.

[Morgan Alexander] What was that look?

[Jackson Flint] Obviously Emily is disappointed in Quinn’s performance. I mean, three girls couldn’t get the job done. Nina Fox is still the Diamond Champion, but Emily is hell bent on making sure that title leaves Nina very soon.

[Morgan Alexander] As much as I’ve enjoyed all of these matches Jackson, the main event is up next! Anarchy and Christopher Morgan for the World Title!

[Jackson Flint] This is going to be a good one!

[Morgan Alexander] Wait. There’s something going on backstage!


The scene cuts backstage where Austin Briggs and Levi Blake are heading toward Briggs’ bus. Eddie Siebenthaler comes into the camera view screaming at Levi. Eddie approaches as Levi quickly loads Austin into the bus. The doors close and the bus pulls away as Eddie charges and begins to lay right hands in Levi’s face. The two big man begin to trade punches, clobbering each other. Grabbing each other by the shirt and continuing to trade right hands, FFP security finally jumps in and splits the two big men up.

[Jackson Flint] Eddie Siebenthaler is obviously unhappy with Levi turning his back on The Kingdom. I can’t wait to see these two big men clash!

[Morgan Alexander] Oh man those two in the ring together, it’ll be two big mean monsters going one-on-one. It’ll be awesome.

[Jackson Flint] And speaking of awesome, Morgan, let’s get to the World Title Match!

FFP World Title
(c) Anarchy vs Christopher Morgan w/ Emily Hart

Although Emily Hart just left the ring moments ago, she walks back down to the ring with Christopher Morgan. She has a tense look on her face. Obviously not a whole lot tonight has went her way.

[Jackson Flint] Morgan looks confident.

Morgan slides into the ring and stands in his corner. Sweat already building on his brow, he looks determined. And next the reigning FFP World Champion Anarchy heads down the isle. He climbs into the ring and holds the title up in the air. The crowd cheers as Anarchy stands with the title raised above his head.

[Morgan Alexander] The referee is handing the title to the time keeper, and this thing is about to kick off!

The bell rings and the superstars circle one another. They lock up. Morgan his a quick knee to Anarchy’s gut. He steps back and hits a hard right hand to Anarchy’s cheek. Anarchy falls to his knee. Morgan now bounces off the ropes and hits a leg lariat. He stands and bows to the crowd. They boo.

[Jackson Flint] Seriously? It’s for the World Title. He should have tried to make the pin.

Morgan goes over to Anarchy and forces him back to his feet. He hooks him and hits a snap suplex. Morgan then bounces off the ropes and hits a knee drop. He hooks Anarchy’s leg. 1… and Anarchy kicks out.

Morgan pulls Anarchy back up. He whips him into the ropes and attempts a clothesline. Anarchy ducks the attempt and hits a neckbreaker. He now gets to his feet, bounces off the ropes and hits a sexton.

[Morgan Alexander] Oh, Anarchy fighting back!

Anarchy waits as Morgan pushes himself up. He hits a couple of kicks to Morgan’s ribs and then delivers a back elbow, knocking the challenger down. Morgan rolls out of the ring and signals for a timeout. Emily rushes to him, giving him tips.

[Jackson Flint] What does she know about wrestling?!

[Morgan Alexander] She knows what she wants Morgan to do. Give her credit. She’s our vice-president. And could probably fire us.

Morgan slides back into the ring. Him and Anarchy go to lock up again but Morgan rakes Anarchy’s eyes. He drags Anarchy to the ropes and drags his head across the top rope. Anarchy drops to his knees. Christopher bounces off the ropes again and hits a hard kick to the face. Anarchy falls to the mat. Morgan attempts a pin. 1…2… and Anarchy kicks out.

Morgan pulls Anarchy up. He pulls Anarchy’s arms back like he’s going to attempt the Tiger Driver. Anarchy however escapes and hits an echoing open hand strike, causing Morgan to stumble backward. Anarchy hits a straight kick to Morgan’s chest, backing him into the corner. Anarchy then charges and collides with Morgan, slamming him hard into the corner. Anarchy now places Morgan up on the top turnbuckle. Anarchy attempts to climb up with him, but Morgan hits a couple of shots to the head. Christopher now leaps off the middle rope, hooking Anarchy’s head and planting him with a DDT.

[Jackson Flint] Oh what a tornado DDT.

Morgan pins Anarchy. 1…2… and Anarchy kicks out again.

Christopher calls for yet another Tiger Driver. He pulls Anarchy up but Anarchy hits a European uppercut out of nowhere. Morgan stumbles toward the side of the ring, and Anarchy clotheslines him over the top rope. Morgan gets up and walks over to confer with Emily again. They talk it over. Morgan then grabs the FFP World Title from the time keeper. He hands the strap to Emily. Emily now climbs up onto the apron. The referee is quick to step in front of her. As he argues with her, trying to not only get her down, but to give the belt back to the time keeper, Christopher Morgan grabs a steel chair.

[Jackson Flint] What is he doing with that chair?

[Morgan Alexander] I doubt he’s going to use it to sit down Jackson.

Morgan slides into the ring. Anarchy attempts to assist the referee, telling Emily to get off the apron. Morgan now cracks the chair over Anarchy’s back. Anarchy turns around in pain, and is immediately hit with a chairshot to the head. Anarchy falls to the mat. Christopher tosses the chair out of the ring and Emily drops from the apron. Morgan now pins Anarchy.

1…2… Anarchy kicks out!

[Morgan Alexander] What?! Anarchy kicks out!

Christopher looks shocked. He pulls Anarchy up by his hair. He bends him down and hooks his arms behind him again. Anarchy tries to fight out of the Tiger Driver. Morgan hits a couple of knees to Anarchy’s chest, trying to loosen him up. Morgan then brings the big man up and plants him with the Tiger Driver. Emily lets out a cheer. Morgan pins the champion.

1…2… and Anarchy kicks out again!

[Jackson Flint] He kicked out again! He kicked out again!

Christopher looks over to Emily. They both look shocked.

[Morgan Alexander] Morgan has no idea what to do. He doesn’t know how to put the big man down.

Christopher walks over to talk it over with Emily. She climbs into the ring. The referee warns her, but she shoves him. The referee falls backward. Christopher turns to Anarchy who levels him with a knife edge chop to the chest. Morgan falls to the mat. Anarchy falls to his knees, still groggy from the chairshot and Tiger Driver.

Emily now tries to tend to Christopher. However Anarchy wraps his arms around her and drops her with a backdrop suplex.

[Jackson Flint] Anarchy just suplexed Emily Hart!

[Morgan Alexander] Oh my gosh he’s fired.

Anarchy rolls away from the VP of Full Force Pro. Christopher Morgan flips over and crawls to her. As he checks on her, Anarchy lifts Morgan up and hooks him in a rear naked choke. The two fall to the mat. Anarchy keeps the hold synched in. Morgan tries to grab the ropes, but the move is locked in in the middle of the ring.

[Jackson Flint] Anarchy has that rear naked choke locked in. Morgan isn’t going anywhere.

Morgan holds on as long as he possibly can, but has to tap out.

[Morgan Alexander] Anarchy retains!

Anarchy releases the hold as the referee calls for the bell. The referee awards the title to Anarchy.

[Jackson Flint] What a title defense! I didn’t give Anarchy much chance due to Emily Hart being ringside. She was hell bent on heavily influencing this match as well as the Diamond Title match!

Christopher, who is very groggy, crawls over to Emily Hart. He picks her up and slowly carries her up the ramp, obviously taking her to get medical attention backstage.

[Morgan Alexander] Anarchy is going to get in trouble. He’s going to have to. You can’t put your hands on an executive of the company like that.

Just now, Adam Hyatt’s music hits the speakers. Adam walks down the isle with Madison Castle by his side. He climbs into the ring and shakes Anarchy’s hand. Then he takes a microphone.

[Adam Hyatt] Anarchy. Congratulations. You’re an honorable champion. You came and visited me earlier today, giving me words of encouragement. Telling me to keep on going and to not give up. And I just have to say one thing. Anarchy, I respect you. I think you’re a great champion. A fighting champion. But I want a shot at that World Championship. I told myself that 2015 would be the year that I win the World Title, and I want to do exactly that. What do you say?

Adam puts his hand out to shake Anarchy’s hand. Anarchy shakes Adam’s hand, but leans in to say something into the microphone.

[Anarchy] What the hell Adam. Let’s do it right now.

Adam looks shocked.

[Jackson Flint] What?!

[Morgan Alexander] No way.

[Adam Hyatt] Now?

[Anarchy] As long as Kraven doesn’t have a problem with it. Let’s do it.

The two superstars wait to see if Matt Kraven decides to come out and stop the impromptu World Title match. After a few moments, Anarchy shrugs to Adam Hyatt.

[Adam Hyatt] Alright, let’s do it!

The two shake hands again. Madison climbs out of the ring and Adam takes off the vest he is wearing. The referee calls for the bell.

[Jackson Flint] We have ourselves ANOTHER World Title Match!

Anarchy and Adam circle around each other. They lock up. Adam grabs a quick headlock but Anarchy reverses into a back suplex. Anarchy waits as Adam starts to get back up. He charges and hits a shining wizard. Adam falls to the mat and Anarchy pins him. 1…2… and Adam kicks out.

Anarchy hooks Adam in a headlock, looking to be trying to muscle him into a rear naked choke.

[Jackson Flint] Anarchy is dangerous with that rear naked choke.

Adam muscles his way up, hitting a couple of back elbows to Anarchy’s head, Adam now runs, bouncing off the ropes and hitting a running big boot. Anarchy falls backward but catches himself on the ropes. Adam charges again but Anarchy ducks it. Adam falls over the top but catches himself on the apron. Anarchy turns around in time to get hit with a forearm to the head. Adam then launches himself up over the top rope, connecting with a flying shoulder block.

[Morgan Alexander] Adam is definitely fresh compared to Anarchy, but this has been pretty even.

Adam waits for Anarchy to get back to his feet. When he gets there, Adam attempts the Superkick. Anarchy however ducks the attempt, hooks Adam’s arms and hits a Tiger suplex. Anarchy pulls Adam up. He adjusts Adam’s arms and now hits a Dragon suplex.

[Jackson Flint] Anarchy putting on a suplex clinic now!

[Morgan Alexander] He is a very talented and knowledgable wrestler.

He pulls Adam up but Hyatt puts the stop to it with a hard knee to the gut. Adam now hooks Anarchy and hits a Northern lights suplex. Hyatt gets back to his feet, waiting for Anarchy. Once Anarchy is up Adam hits the Superkick. He pins the World Champion.

[Jackson Flint] The Superkick. Adam has put many away with that move.

1…2… and Anarchy kicks out just in time.

[Morgan Alexander] I thought it was over.

Adam pulls Anarchy up and sends him into the corner. He runs and hits a jumping knee to the jaw. He hoists Anarchy up onto the top turnbuckle. He climbs up with Anarchy, looking as if he is going to go for a superplex.

Anarchy fights back, hitting a couple of shots to Adam’s head. Hyatt is rocked and falls off the ropes, landing on his feet. He delivers a couple more shots to Anarchy’s head. He climbs up onto the middle rope again, but again Anarchy fights back, knocking Adam down to the mat. Adam grabs Anarchy again and hits a hard European uppercut. Anarchy tries to put up a fight again, but Adam hits another European uppercut. Sweat is flying through the air as Adam hits the uppercuts. For good measure, Hyatt hits one more hard European uppercut. He climbs back up to the middle turnbuckle, pulling Anarch into a standing position. Adam tucks one of Anarchy’s arms in-between his legs.

[Jackson Flint] Oh I know what he’s going for here.

[Morgan Alexander] Wrist Clutch…

Adam now hoists Anarchy up and hits a devastating Wrist Clutch Exploder Suplex off the top rope! The force causes Anarchy to sit up for just one second before falling back to his back.

[Morgan Alexander] Anarchy is OUT!

Adam now quickly crawls over to Anarchy, hooking his leg for the pin.


[Jackson Flint] New Champion! We have a new World Champion!

[Morgan Alexander] Adam Hyatt just Wrist Clutch Exploded his way to the FFP World Championship!

The referee raises Adam’s arm up in the air. The bell rings and Adam Hyatt is presented with the FFP World Title. Madison Castle climbs into the ring and jumps in Adam’s arms. Hyatt hugs her, holding her up off the ground. He hoists the World Title up in the air as the crowd cheers.

The crowd applaudes Adam’s efforts as well as Anarchy and his reign coming to an end. Adam drops to a knee, checking on Anarchy. He rubs Anarchy’s head while he whispers something to him. Madison takes the World Title and helps Adam strap it around his waist.

[Jackson Flint] I can’t believe it. We were treated to so many great matches. And then we got treated to an extra match, and saw Adam Hyatt become the FFP World Champion!

Anarchy pushes himself up to his knees. Sweat covering his body, and still a groggy look in his eyes. Adam takes a knee beside him. Hyatt puts his hand out for Anarchy. The big man looks down at Hyatt’s hand, then back to him. They shake hands and pull each other in for an embrace. Adam then helps the former champion up to his feet. Anarchy grabs Adam’s arm and raises it up in the air. He points at Adam and looks into the crowd.

[Morgan Alexander] Obviously there is mutual respect here. And the crowd is loving every minute of it!

Anarchy now climbs out of the ring, leaving Adam to enjoy his moment. Anarchy looks back once more. He claps and points to Adam before leaving the ringside area. Adam wraps Madison in a hug and kisses her on the lips. He turns toward the crowd again and hoists the World Title up in the air. This is how the show comes to an end.


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