03/14/2015 Sadistic Saturday Night


Sadistic Saturday Night | March 14, 2015
Seattle, Washington

The show opened with a shot of Lizzy Kraven standing outside of the Tokyo Dome. Lizzy said that she came to Japan early and was taking in the sights. She said that she couldn’t wait to make her return to Full Force Pro, and had her eyes set on winning the Diamond Tournament for the second year in a row.

Next the scene cut to the ring where the FFP Diamond Tag Team Champions, Team FAB were standing inside the ring. Fiona Burke told Lizzy Kraven good luck, as she would face Fiona in the very first match of the Diamond Tournament. Giovanni Gotch then got on the microphone and guaranteed that whether they face The Queendom, or “Rowdy” Riley Perkins and Courtney Cooper at Aggravated Assault, that they would successfully defend their titles.

Fiona also got on the microphone and gave a special challenge to Foxy Boxing superstar “Baby” Jo Messi, telling her that Jo would stand no chance in beating Fiona for the FFP Diamond Boxing Championship.

Amanda Kelly vs Mona Skye

Mona gained an early advantage with a thumb to the eye of her opponent. Amanda fought back using her brawling, and laid Mona out with a big clothesline. She attempted a Powerbomb but Mona reversed out of it and hit Amanda with a chop block. Mona continued beating Amanda down until Kelly scooped her up and slammed her with a fallaway slam. Amanda then went to the middle rope to hit her patented Kelly Bomb, but Lacey Abernathy and Alexis Reed stormed the ring, knocking the big girl off the turnbuckle. The referee called for the bell as the three girls began to beat down Amanda.

Then, Kemina and Firefly, Las Bellezas Peligrosas charged the ring. Sliding in and cleaning house, knocking all three of their adversaries out of the ring. Amanda Kelly then took the microphone and challenged the three to a Six-Diamond Tag at Aggravated Assault.


Backstage we saw Christopher Morgan with Emily Hart in The Council’s locker room. Christopher asked Emily what his role would be at Aggravated Assault since he didn’t have a match. Emily told him that one, he would win the Men’s Tournament in Japan, so he could end up cashing in for the World Title. She said that she fully expects him to leave Japan the new FFP World Champion.

She also told Morgan that if he would like, he could have any match at Aggravated Assault that he wanted. He thought about it for a second, then asked her if he could take on The Kingdom member and Adrenaline Champion Eddie Siebenthaler for his title. Emily smiled and said that she would gladly set that match.

Draiden vs Hades

A hard fought match for both men. Draiden was riding a high up until losing a Cruiserweight Title match to Logan Christopher, meanwhile Hades had been somewhat quiet since The Realm of Darkness’ demise.

Draiden hit a fisherman brainbuster for a two count. He went up top but Hades got up and hit him with a jumping kick to the head. He met him up top and hit a superplex. Hades went up top again and hit a guillotine leg drop for a two count. Draiden fought back, hitting a back elbow followed by a spin wheel kick for a two count. He went up top again and this time hit a flying headbutt.

Draiden then slapped Hades in the Fade Into the Darkness. Hades stretched and reached for the bottom rope, doing everything he could to break the hold. Finally he reached up and dug his fingers into Draiden’s eyes. Draiden released the hold as the referee warned Hades. Hades quickly got up and hit Draiden with a forearm to the back of the head. He then scooped him up and planted him with the Burning Hammer. Hades hooked the leg and got the three count for the win.


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Next the scene cut to Tyrece Beckman standing by with Adrenaline Champion Eddie Siebenthaler and his girlfriend Dallas Braun. Tyrece asked Eddie what his thoughts were on putting his title on the line at Aggravated Assault against Christopher Morgan, who seemed to be Emily Hart’s golden boy. Eddie smiled. He said that he came in on fire, winning the Adrenaline Title in his first match. He said that his dominance is far from over, and that Emily’s golden boy would go down in Japan, and go down hard.

Ty Ortega vs Natalie Skye

Another hard hitting match that saw a lot of solid wrestling. Ty and Natalie began the match with a hand shake, then it was all business. Natalie hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker that seemed to be the end for Miss Ortega, but Ty kicked out at the count of one! Natalie then went for the Widow’s Peak, but Ty escaped and hit a superkick, knocking Natalie down. When Natalie got back to her feet, Ty hit her with the Moonlight Drive. Ty then hooked Natalie’s leg for the three count.

After the match Ty climbed out of the ring and celebrated up the entrance ramp. However the action in the ring wasn’t over, as the returning Diamond Valentine Perez climbed out of the crowd. She slid into the ring. As Natalie was almost to her feet, VIP grabbed her from behind and hit the VIP Treatment, planting her into the mat.

Ty Ortega stormed back out, just seeing what had happened. When she climbed back into the ring, Valentina climbed out. Ty checked on Natalie before turning back to VIP, making sure she didn’t attempt another attack. Valentina was all smiles as she walked up the entrance ramp.


The scene now cut backstage to President Matt Kraven’s office. Matt was all smiles as he announced more matches for the upcoming Aggravated Assault pay-per-view. First, he announced that he heard from Lacey Abernathy, Alexis Reed and Mona Skye and they accepted the challenge laid out by Amanda Kelly. Therefore at Aggravated Assault the two groups would go at it in a Six-Diamond Tag.

He also announced that Draiden would face off against Hades in a rematch from tonight. And lastly, he announced that Ty Ortega would face Valentine Perez!

The scene now cut to Francine Davis standing by with Rust. She asked Rust about his upcoming No Disqualification Match with Jason Copeland at Aggravated Assault. Rust said that he will climb the ladder in FFP and chose to start with Copeland. He said that the FFP audience hasn’t seen violence like they’ll see at Aggravated Assault. However he was cut off with a violent chairshot from behind courtesy of Jason Copeland. Copeland stood over his opponent and looked over at Francine. He simply said “two can play at this game”, before walking off.

Non-Title Match
Logan Christopher vs El Diablo

A back and forth match showing off both Cruiserweight’s speed and agility. El Diablo attempted the Double Stomp off the Top Rope, but Logan moved out of the way, causing Diablo to crash to the mat. Logan then hit a snap powerbomb before going up top and hitting his Shooting Star Press for the three count.

Logan continued beating on Diablo after the match, which brought his Aggravated Assault opponent Deranged out to the ring. Of course Logan retreated with his Cruiserweight Title in hand as Deranged entered the ring.

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Non-Title | Street Fight
Nina Fox vs Kylie Connelly

This fight began with fireworks. Both girls trading blows, and meaning business. Nina clotheslined Kylie over the top rope, which brought Amanda Cortez out. Nina rolled her eyes as the redhead made her way out to the ring. Obviously Fox was expecting it. So she hit the ropes and delivered an awesome suicide dive onto both girls.

The fight eventually made it’s way back into the ring where Kylie gained an advantage with a shot to the throat. Amanda then slid Nina’s Diamond Title into the ring. Kylie scooped it up and went for what would have surely been the knockout blow, but Nina ducked the attempt and hit the Superkick when Kylie turned back around.

Amanda Cortez then made her way into the ring, but before she could do anything, she was knocked down with the Superkick as well. Nina let out a yell, feeling confident that she was going to win. However Quinn Delaney had snuck out and made her way into the ring. And when Nina turned around Quinn hit the Quinn Cutter. Kylie then crawled over to Nina and laid across her. The referee made the count and Kylie Connelly won the match.

After the match Quinn helped Kylie and Amanda up. The three proceeded to lay the boots to Nina, just like many other events prior. After hitting her with kicks, stomps, punches and more, like the last two events the lights in the arena went out. And on the screen appeared:

And just one mistake
Is all it will take.
We’ll go down in history
Remember me for centuries

When the lights came back on Quinn, Kylie and Amanda had turned their attention to the screen. They turned to look out into the crowd, waiting for someone to come out. Who was behind these messages?

As they were distracted Nina grabbed a hold of her Diamond Title and left the ring.


The scene cut backstage where Francine Davis was with “Rowdy” Riley Perkins and Courtney Cooper. She asked them how they felt their chances were against The Queendom at Aggravated Assault, and if they felt that they had a good shot at not only beating them, but going on to beat Team FAB for the Diamond Tag Team Titles.

Perkins said that her and CC seemed to impress the right people on Valentine’s Day, and had worked hard ever since. CC agreed. She said that her and Riley were here to do the one thing they both love, wrestle. The two agreed that winning two matches against these two great teams would be a tough task, but vowed to do their absolute best.

6-Man Tag Match
Adam Hyatt, Anarchy & Daniel Matthews vs Christopher Morgan, Austin Briggs & Levi Blake

The match began with Daniel Matthews and Levi Blake. Daniel had unfinished business with Levi ever since he turned on Daniel in his Texas Death Match with Austin Briggs at FFP Desperate Measures. Daniel, usually a technical style wrestler, used his brawling skills to rock the big man.

Anarchy wound up coming in next, going one-on-one with Levi. He dumped him on his head before Levi tagged in Christopher Morgan. These two went at it with Christopher using a rake to the eyes to gain the upperhand. He drug Anarchy into their corner where the three men did what they could to lay shots into their opponent.

The match continued back and forth, and finally Daniel Matthews and Austin Briggs wound up in the ring together. Daniel hit the first big moves to Briggs before Austin tried tagging out. Of course Daniel didn’t let him. This brought in the other two Council members, which brought in Adam and Anarchy. A six-man brawl erupted.

Adam, Anarchy and Daniel seemed to dominate the brawl, until Christopher, Austin and Levi grabbed weapons from ringside. Christopher and Austin grabbed steel chairs while Levi grabbed the timekeeper’s bell. The two teams brawled but eventually the weapon wielders won – of course the referee threw the match out due to the weapons and brawling.

Eventually Daniel got a hold of a chair and began to beat Briggs down with it. He turned to assist his two partners, cracking Levi over the head with the chair which sent Christopher Morgan retreating. The three shook hands as their rivals left the ringside area.

Be sure to catch the entire FFP Tour of Japan starting on March 19, and wrapping up with FFP’s March pay-per-view Aggravated Assault on March 22!


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