Austin Briggs and Giovanni Gotch: Engaged!

Screen shot 2015-03-15 at 8.58.42 PMIn the world of professional wrestling we’ve seen it all. Wrestling, fighting, backstage sneak attacks, blood, chairshots, Singapore canes, title matches and more. You also will see your fair share of romance and other drama. However in most professional wrestling organizations, an engagement is either kept off television, or made into a big storyline where either the couple take over the company, or their wedding gets broadcast on television only to be ruined by a rival, or with one of the engaged persons turning on the other.

Here in Full Force Pro, we just learned that as of tonight Austin Briggs and Giovanni Gotch are engaged. We are happy to see the two Council members engaged, and wish them well in their future. Austin has been a superstar here in FFP since the beginning, even holding the World Title for a record breaking 332 days.

Giovanni has been a member of the FFP roster since December of last year. Giovanni quickly climbed the rankings in the Diamond Division, feuding with Lacey Abernathy and battling in some awesome wars. Gotch then formed the tag team Team FAB with Fiona Burke. The two are currently the reigning FFP Diamond Tag Team Champions.

Austin and Giovanni will look to continue their successful careers here in Full Force Pro, but will be able to celebrate their love together. Currently there is no wedding arrangements set just yet, but we assume we will hear that information soon. And don’t worry, we will inform you when the date is set.

Congratulations Austin Briggs and Giovanni Gotch!


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