03/21/2015 FFP Tour of Japan: Day Three

FFP Tour of Japan: Day Three | March 21, 2015
Tokyo, Japan

The show began with clips from the FFP Tour of Japan thus far, including the tournament matches leading up to tonight. Would Daniel Matthews walk away as the Tournament Champion or would Anarchy win the right to cash-in for a title one night before challenging for the World Title?

And Team FAB and Seduction Inc clash again, but in singles actions. Will Fiona Burke defeat Brandi Moore to win the Diamond Tournament? Or will Brandi Moore take “Fabulous” down?

Mona Skye vs Natalie Skye

The Skye Sisters had been in a feud for a last couple of months, however the two hadn’t seen too much in-ring time in a while. Natalie began the match with hard strikes to her sister, who put the breaks on with a thumb to the eye. Mona used her technical abilities, as well as pulling the tights to get more leverage to wear her sister down. Natalie battled back, being the more powerful of the two sisters. Finally, she put her sister down with the Widow’s Peak for the three count.


The scene cut backstage with Tyrece Beckman. Beckman said that he had just spoken with President Matt Kraven and that Matt Kraven and Emily Hart would be coming down to the ring to make a major announcement after the next match.


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Adam Black vs Draiden

A back and forth match that saw a lot of action. Draiden hit a couple of really cool high flying moves, including a swanton bomb that looked to be the end of the match, but Black kicked out. Adam went full throttle, not only taking Draiden down with a big clothesline, but then hitting another, this time clotheslining his opponent over the top rope. Black then hit a dive over the top, knocking Draiden to the arena floor.

The match found it’s way back into the ring where Adam hit a running powerbomb for a two count. He attempted another running powerbomb, this time into the corner, but Draiden escaped Adam’s grasp and hit a superkick when Adam turned back around. Draiden then pulled Adam up and hit a Michinoku Driver for the three count.

After the match Hades came down. He climbed into the ring and went face-to-face with Draiden. The two would due battle tomorrow night at FFP Aggravated Assault.


Next, President Matt Kraven came down to the ring with Vice-President Emily Hart by his side. The two entered the ring, and seemed to be in good moods. Matt took the microphone first and announced that him and Emily had a major announcement. Matt noted that all of the Diamonds in the back – which there were a lot of…needed to listen up. Kraven then handed Hart the microphone.

Emily then announced that Wednesday Warfare, albeit a good show, had come to an end. And this Wednesday night FFP would debut it’s brand new show, Woman Crush Wednesday. Emily said that this show would be an ALL DIAMOND show. That this would be the absolute best way to showcase the Diamonds of Full Force Pro. Emily noted that Diamonds would still on occasion wrestle on Sadistic Saturday Night, but that Woman Crush Wednesday would be the new home for the FFP Diamonds.


Catch Woman Crush Wednesday, debuting this Wednesday night live from Augusta, Maine!

Men’s Tournament Final
Daniel Matthews vs Anarchy

Before the match Daniel and Anarchy not only shook hands, but embraced. Obviously the two had a mutual respect for the other, and they seemed to be somewhat friends. Although this didn’t stop them from hitting each other with awesome, stiff, loud shots to the chest, head, etc. Anarchy hit a big clothesline off of an Irish whip in the corner. He followed it up with a German suplex for a two count. Daniel got back to his feet but was dropped with a Samoan drop. Anarchy then bounced off the ropes and hit a senton splash for another two count.

As Daniel got up again, Anarchy went for a t-bone suplex, but Daniel escaped out of the attempted suplex and hit a Roaring Elbow, a move he had seemed to adopt over the past couple of matches that he had. Anarchy stumbled backward and fell inbetween the top and middle rope. He pulled himself up, using the ropes, and Daniel approached. Daniel hit another Roaring Elbow, knocking Anarchy to the arena floor. Anarchy was motionless. If FFP had countouts it very well could have decided this match.

Daniel went to the outside and pulled Anarchy up. Not an easy task as he seemed to be pretty much dead weight. Matthews finally muscled the big man into the ring and followed after him. Daniel hooked the leg and got a very close two count. After the kickout Matthews looked up at the referee, asking to make sure it wasn’t a three count. As he asked the official, Anarchy reached up and wrapped Daniel in a rear naked choke, a move that seemed to be one of his go-to moves nowadays.

Daniel reached for the ropes as Anarchy sunk the hold in. It didn’t look good for Matthews. Stretching and reaching, it looked as if Anarchy would go into his World Title Match at Aggravated Assault with an opportunity to cash-in for any title, whenever he wanted.

However Matthews somehow moved the two wrestlers over and draped his foot on the bottom rope. Anarchy had to release the hold. Anarchy broke the hold and stood up. He gave Daniel a second to get up, then forced him to his feet. Anarchy whipped Daniel into the ropes and attempted what looked to be another Samoan drop, but Daniel reversed the move into a DDT, spiking Anarchy down to the mat. Daniel crawled over to Anarchy and draped his arm over him, but Anarchy kicked out at two. Anarchy and Daniel were both slow to get up. Daniel scooped Anarchy up and hit the Death Valley Driver. He attempted a pin again, and again only got a two count.

Matthews now backed away from Anarchy. As the big man pushed himself slowly up to his feet, Daniel charged and hit yet another Roaring Elbow. Daniel then hooked Anarchy’s leg and got the three count! Daniel Matthews won the Men’s Tournament, and the right to cash-in for any title at his choosing.

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Diamond Tournament Final
“Fabulous” Fiona Burke vs Brandi Moore w/ “Baby” Jo Messi

Fiona Burke was accompanied to the ring by her tag team partner Giovanni Gotch. Meanwhile, Foxy Boxing superstar “Baby” Jo Messi accompanied Brandi Moore to the ring. This match was as hard hitting as any of the men’s. And definitely gave a little preview of what we would be in store of when we see the FFP Diamonds clash every week at Woman Crush Wednesday.

Brandi spiked Fiona early with a DDT for a two count. She called for the End Game, but Fiona dodged and rolled Brandi up for a two count, even using the tights for added leverage. The two traded words in the center of the ring, before trading a few more shots. Then connecting simultaneously with a clothesline that sent them both to the mat below.

Fiona was the first up. When Brandi got to her feet Fiona hit a swinging neckbreaker. She then hit the ropes and proceeded to hit a suicide dive onto Jo Messi outside of the ring. Fiona let out a scream before heading back into the ring. She charged at Brandi again, but got slammed with a spinebuster. Brandi backed away and then hit the Fameasser. She pinned Fiona, but only got a two count.

When Jo realized what happened, she climbed up onto the apron to have words with Fiona. Brandi tried to calm Jo down, knowing outside interference could jeopardize her winning the match. Fiona charged, going after Brandi, but Moore moved out of the way and Fiona connected with a running forearm to Messi, who fell to the arena floor. Fiona turned around and got hit with a boot to the gut courtesy of Brandi. Brandi now grabbed Fiona and set her up for the Fisherman Brainbuster, however Burke kept a hold of the top rope. Brandi dropped down to hit the move, but Fiona slipped out of Brandi’s grip due to holding onto the top rope. Brandi seemed to have hit her head hard on the mat.

She slowly got back up to her feet. About this time, Jo climbed back up onto the apron. She drew back to hit Fiona with what surely would have been a knockout punch, but Fiona dodged the attempt and Jo connected with Brandi. Moore stumbled back and fell to the mat in the center of the ring. Giovanni now ran up and grabbed Jo by the pants, pulling her down off the ring apron. Fiona pulled Brandi up by her hair, and although she already seemed like she was out cold, Burke planted her with the FAB Drop. Burke then pinned Brandi for the three count.

Fiona Burke had won, and now had the opportunity to cash-in for any title that she wanted, at any time! After the match Fiona and Giovanni left the ringside area, meanwhile Jo Messi slid into the ring to check on Brandi. Taylor Clawson came down to the ring as well. Brandi was slow to come to, and seemed confused at what exactly had happened. Obviously Jo seemed sorry, apologizing to her stablemates.


The scene cut backstage where Francine Davis was hurrying to catch up with Team FAB. She asked Fiona how she felt after winning the tournament. Fiona said that she had no doubt that she would beat Brandi here tonight. She said that she kind of figured that “Baby” Jo Messi would turn out to be more of a distraction for Seduction Inc than any help.

Francine asked Fiona if she had a certain time that she planned on cashing in her opportunity, but Fiona said that she obviously wouldn’t tell anyone those plans.

FFP World Title
(c) Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Castle vs Kashimanaki

A fantastic World Title match that saw most of the arena supporting the hometown challenger. The match, much like the Daniel Matthews/Anarchy match began with a handshake. Both men showed off tremendous athleticism and technical wrestling skills. Kashimanaki pushed Adam Hyatt to the limit using his speed to wear the champion down. a suicide dive to the outside really halted Adam Hyatt, who seemed to be having trouble keeping up.

The two found their way back into the ring where Adam used a running knee to slow the challenger down. Hyatt then hit a big powerbomb for a close two count. Adam set Kashimanaki up for his Wrist Clutch Exploder suplex but Kashimanaki escaped the move and hit a devastating hard kick to Adam’s head. Hyatt fell to his knees. And with worry all over Madison Castle’s face Kashimanaki drew back and hit another hard kick to Adam’s skull. The blow echoed through the arena. Hyatt slumped over to the mat. Kashimanaki rolled Adam over and pinned him.

But Adam kicked out at two. Madison took a deep breath. However Kashimanaki grabbed Hyatt’s arms and locked him in the Cattle Mutilation. Madison screamed for Adam to hold on, and to reach for the ropes, however he could. Obviously his arms were no use.

Hyatt rocked his body back and forth, reaching and stretching his legs toward the ropes. Kashimanaki kept the hold sunk in tight, but somehow Adam’s foot barely touched the rope. The challenger had to break the hold.

Adam slowly got back to his feet. Kashimanaki went for another hard kick, but Adam caught his leg and hit a dragon leg screw. As Kashimanaki got back up Adam hit a dropkick. Hyatt then scooped Kashimanaki up and hit an overhead belly to belly suplex. Adam set Kashimanaki up for the Superkick, but Kashimanaki ducked it and hit Adam with the Kashimanaki Driver. he pinned Adam for what surely had to be the end of the match, but Hyatt kicked out.

Kashimanaki seemed unsure what to do next. Madison looked nervous as ever and Adam Hyatt was slow to get up. Kashimanaki drew back for more of his trademark lethal kicks, but Adam ducked the next. He hit a couple of knees to Kashimanaki’s ribs, set him up and dropped him with the Wrist Clutch Exploder. Hyatt was again slow to get up. By the time he got to his feet, Kashimanaki was getting back up as well. Adam grabbed the challenger again and hit him with another Wrist Clutch Exploder.

Hyatt let out a yell. He pulled Kashimanaki up and hit ANOTHER Wrist Clutch Exploder! Adam then hooked Kashimanaki’s leg and got the three count in what very well could have been the hardest fought victory of his young career.

Madison Castle climbed into the ring and wrapped Adam in a hug. The crowd applauded both men’s efforts. Adam helped Kashimanaki up and shook his head as the crowd gave them a standing ovation.


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