03/25/2015 Woman Crush Wednesday

FFP Woman Crush Wednesday | #wcw | March 25, 2015
Augusta, Maine

The show began with the former FFP World and Diamond Champion, Veronica Clyne coming down to the ring. Veronica made her surprise return at FFP Aggravated Assault coming to the aid of Nina Fox and Lizzy Kraven.

Veronica got on the microphone and thanked the FFP crowd for their support. She promised that her best was yet to come.

Afterward an announcement played that Kenzie Anderson and Juno Starr couldn’t make it to the show, so “Rowdy” Riley Perkins & Courtney Cooper would face off against Team FAB in a Non-Title Match.

#1 One Contender Match
Seduction Inc vs Las Bellezas Peligrosas

Fitting that the first match of the debut episode of FFP Woman Crush Wednesday features none other than Seduction Inc. This match was a very exciting one with many close falls. Kemina hit Brandi Moore with the Cradle Shock Driver but Moore kicked out at two. Taylor Clawson got the tag and sent Kemina into her own corner. Firefly entered the ring and the action went back and forth between Taylor and Firefly.

Fiona Burke and Giovanni Gotch came out to get a better view, however it wasn’t long before they gained the attention of both teams. But the attention that they wanted to gain was of Seduction Inc. Causing a distraction that allowed Las Bellezas Peligrosas to gain the upperhand. It wasn’t long before Firefly planted Taylor with the Crucifix Powerbomb for the pinfall. Apparently Team FAB felt more comfortable putting the titles on the line against Kemina and Firefly than Brandi Moore and Taylor Clawson.


Monika Andrews vs Jenna Kaufman

These two Diamonds made up one of the most dominant Diamond tag teams in recent memory, The Queendom. Unfortunately they split up at Aggravated Assault. This match began with the two trading punches, and it didn’t stop there. Suplex for suplex, body slam for body slam. The two went at each other, taking each other down with whatever they could.

Jenna gained the advantage hitting a devastating Spear through the ropes, both girls crashing to the arena floor. Jenna muscled Monika back up and pushed her back into the ring. She went for the pin but Monika kicked out. Jenna backed up and went for another Spear, but this time Monika reversed into a small package pin and got the three count.

After the match Monika got up to celebrate, however Jenna attacked her from behind. Jenna put the boots to Monika before going to the outside of the ring and grabbing a steel chair. She waited as Monika pushed herself up to her hands and knees, and slammed the chair across her back. Monika writhed in pain on the mat as Jenna tossed the chair to the side and trash talked her former partner.


Non-Title Match
Team FAB vs “Rowdy” Riley Perkins & Courtney Cooper

Obviously the rookie team of “Rowdy” Riley Perkins and Courtney Cooper had their work cut out for them. Team FAB had been very impressive as of late, obviously holding the FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles since the end of January.

Fiona and Giovanni really schooled Riley and Courtney in the squared circle. Not only did they use the basics to wear their opponents down, but graduated to bigger moves to really put a hurting on them. Fiona set Riley up and planted her with the FAB Drop, however before she could make the pin Seduction Inc came down the isle. Causing the distraction they had hoped for, Fiona turned and began to argue with Brandi and Taylor, demanding that they leave the ringside area.

Riley Perkins slowly got back up and rolled Fiona up with a school girl roll up pin. The referee got into position and made the count, 1, 2, 3. The rookie team had defeated the reigning FFP Diamond Tag Team Champions!


The scene cut backstage to FFP Vice-President Emily Hart. Emily said that although Las Bellezas Peligrosas won the #1 Contender Match earlier in the night, “Rowdy” Riley Perkins and Courtney Cooper just proved that they deserve a Diamond Tag Team Title shot as well. Emily then announced that at FFP All Torn Up Team FAB would defend their titles in a Triple Threat Match against Las Bellezas Peligrosas and Perkins & Cooper!

Emily then said that she had one more announcement to make regarding tonight. Emily announced that in the upcoming main event, if Quinn Delaney, Kylie Connelly or Amanda Cortez pinned Nina Fox, they would become the new FFP Diamond Champion!

Six-Diamond Tag Team Match
Nina Fox, Lizzy Kraven & Veronica Clyne vs Quinn Delaney, Kylie Connelly & Amanda Cortez

With the added stipulation, obviously Quinn, Kylie and Amanda gunned for Nina, hoping to get the pin that would win them the FFP Diamond Title. Amanda Cortez was the first to score a close fall on Nina after hitting the Fade to Black.

Veronica Clyne tagged in and took the fight to all three members of the opposition, even planting Quinn Delaney with a float over DDT that got a close two count. Veronica fought off an attack involving Kylie and Amanda before tagging in Lizzy Kraven.

Lizzy nearly decapitated Kylie Connelly with a Kraven Lariat before tossing Amanda Cortez out of the ring as well. Quinn Delaney was left, and gained the upperhand after jamming her thumb into Lizzy’s eye. Nina tagged back in and found herself on the receiving end of a Quinn Cutter. Quinn went for the pin on Nina, however Kylie and Amanda pulled her off the champion. They apparently wanted to get the pinfall so that they could win the title.

An argument obviously followed, with Quinn getting physical, shoving both Kylie and Amanda. However the two turned back and floored Quinn. They turned around in time to get hit with baseball slide dropkicks courtesy of Veronica Clyne and Lizzy Kraven. Nina Fox then drew back and hit Quinn Delaney with the Superkick for the three count. Nina, Lizzy and Veronica won the match!

After the match the winning trio celebrated inside the ring. Kylie and Amanda walked away, leaving Quinn lying in the ring. Before the show ended, Veronica Clyne requested a microphone. She told Nina Fox that she respected her and that she was so proud to see her hold the title for as long as she had. Veronica then asked Nina if she could have the honor of facing her for the FFP Diamond Championship on April 26th at FFP All Torn Up.

Lizzy looked apprehensive, almost as if she expected a brawl to break out. However Nina smiled and shook Veronica’s hand. Nina said that she and Veronica had had some kick ass matches before, and that at All Torn Up the two would blow the roof off the building!


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