Top Ten Match Stipulations You Won’t See in FFP

In FFP there hasn’t been a huge lack of wrestling match stipulations. However FFP has only featured a handful of cage matches, one Texas death match and your typical pins count anywhere or “I Quit” matches.

In this article we look at the top ten match stipulations that you will absolutely never see in Full Force Pro. (not in any particular order)

We tried to find matches that have been done more than one time. Because anyone could put the hogpen match, the triple cage match or the diaper match on this list. We wanted to feature matches that have been done multiple times before, and possibly will be done again.

Object on a Pole Match
A match where anything can be hung up in the corner. Whether it be a contract, a weapon or a weird gimmick. Some people call this match the poor man’s ladder match. Definitely not the type of match you’d see in FFP.

Flag Match
Definitely a passé match type. Something you would have seen in the 70’s or 80’s in WWE featuring the likes of Corporal Kirchner, Nikolai Volkoff or Iron Sheik. Fighting for the right to wave your flag. Maybe somewhere else, but not in FFP.

Scaffold Match
Definitely one of the most dangerous matches as you have to fall from up above the ring and crash to the mat below. Sometimes one-on-one, sometimes tag team. But you won’t find it in FFP.

Casket Match
A very macabre style of match, the casket match could be the ultimate ending to a feud. Although if this match doesn’t involve the right type of character, it just doesn’t work. And in FFP, it won’t work.

Strap Match
Another old school match type, the strap match’s main objective is to weaken your opponent until you can walk around the ring and touch all four corners. We’d rather just see this person pin the other person for a three count…or make them submit. No strap matches here.

Bra & Panties Match
We actually take pride in our women wrestling. The Diamonds are just as important to the show as the men. No bra & panties matches here. Just awesome lady wrestlers kicking butt.

Stretcher Match
Another match that is just a little too gimmicky. Beat your opponent up, put them on the stretcher and push it across the line. Is this wrestling or Double Dare? No stretcher matches in FFP.

Buried Alive Match
Kind of like the Casket Match, this match is a feud finisher that needs the right kind of evil character to compete in it. An interesting yet totally ridiculous stipulation that you’ll never see here.

Table Match
Yes, a table is a weapon. Yes, tables have been used in FFP. But having a match where the key objective is to put your opponent through a table is ridiculous. A regular match would be better. No table matches here.

Inferno Match
Possibly the most ridiculous wrestling match stipulation as obviously you won’t actually see a professional wrestler engulfed in flames. A sleeve or a boot, sure. But then what’s the point? We’ll stick to a cage or death match to end a feud, instead of a watered down “light my opponent’s leg on fire then have it immediately put out” match.

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