Nina Fox Breaks the Record for the Longest FFP Champion…EVER

581b9ae624b2e12d0da06293881c9c53_crop_northOn April 27, 2014 Nina Fox defeated April Hunter in a Triple Threat Match (also involving Ariana Chaos) to become the FFP Diamond Champion. Little did she know that that title reign would be record breaking.

Today marks the 335th day that Nina Fox has held that Diamond Championship. 335 days since she pinned April Hunter’s shoulders to the mat following an STO. And after many challenging matches and hard fought defenses, Nina rewrites the record book.

Austin Briggs was the former record holder for this very impressive record, holding the FFP World Title for 332 days. But on Wednesday night Nina Fox tied Austin’s record, and Thursday she broke it.

3df7t956ds5s5xuiiNina has definitely traveled a challenging road. Defeating the likes of Veronica Clyne, Lizzy Kraven, Brandi Moore, Quinn Delaney, Lacey Abernathy and more. Fox answered any challenge, gladly put her Diamond Title on the line. Some thought she was crazy to put her title reign in jeopardy so many times, but there is one thing you can call Nina Fox, and that is a fighting champion.

Currently it seems as if Quinn Delaney, Kylie Connelly and Amanda Cortez all have their sights on Nina and her championship. However they will have to wait until after FFP’s April pay-per-view All Torn Up where Nina Fox will put her title on the line against the woman who made her return to FFP at Aggravated Assault, Veronica Clyne. It what looks to be a respectful match instead of the hate-filled fued matches that they’ve had in the past. Now they both have the others respect, and are looking to put on the best match that they can for the crowd in Detroit, Michigan.

Congratulations Nina Fox. You’ve proven that you are a great wrestler. We look forward to watching you continue this impressive record breaking title reign continue, as well as your white hot career!

We caught up some FFP wrestlers, Diamonds, staff members and former employees to get their thoughts on Nina breaking the record for the longest title reign in FFP history. Here are some notable comments.

Matt Kraven: Nina debuted at the tail end of 2013. Then, she took 2014 by storm. She is most definitely the fastest rising star in FFP history, and a future Hall of Famer for sure. She won the Diamond Tag Titles with Samantha West against The Queendom. The next night she beat Brandi Moore for the Diamond Title. She beat Veronica Clyne for the World Title. And now she has broke the record for the longest title reign in Full Force Pro history. Congrats Nina. You are without a doubt the greatest Diamond in FFP history.

Brandi Moore: I always thought I was the greatest Diamond in FFP. And I’d like to think that I am. But Nina Fox is the real deal. The longest title reign in FFP history? She did it, and it’s still going. Congratulations Nina. You’re awesome.

97afe7b2f41958b11c5dc7844e591046Veronica Clyne: I already said that if I could pick one Diamond to break my record for longest Diamond Champion in FFP, I would have picked Nina. Did I figure she’d hold onto it even longer, and beat Austin’s World Title record? I’m not sure. I knew it was possible, but I wouldn’t have bet on it. But she did it. And I tell you what, if you get an opportunity to, put your money on Nina Fox. Great job Nina.

Lizzy Kraven: Nina Fox is a friend of mine. She’s got my respect. She’s got the Diamond Title. She’s got everything! She can wrestle, she can talk, she can look good while doing it. She is now the longest champion in FFP history, and I don’t see that streak ending anytime soon.

Fiona Burke: Nina Fox is the longest reigning champion in Full Force Pro history? Yep, because she hasn’t defended that title against anyone as good as me or Giovanni Gotch. Team FAB is going straight to the top here in FFP. And when I get my chance, I’ll cash in and beat Nina for that title. Yeah Nina, you broke the record. Enjoy it while you can. Because I have this cash in opportunity, and when I get the chance, I’m the new Diamond Champion.

Amanda Cortez: To be honest, the whole Nina thing gets on my nerves. I think she doesn’t deserve to hold the title. Put her in a singles match against me and then you’ll see who’s the real champion…and if I lose, I’ll retire.

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