03/28/2015 Sadistic Saturday Night


Sadistic Saturday Night | March 28, 2015
Boston, Massachusetts

The show opened up with Daniel Matthews. He came down to the ring and addressed Patrick McCoy attacking him after his Cage Match victory over Austin Briggs at Aggravated Assault. Daniel said that Patrick was obviously trying to find a way to make his name relevant again, and that he chose Daniel because he was on the fast track to becoming the World Champion again.

Patrick McCoy interrupted, acting like he was going to fight Daniel, however he climbed back out of the ring before the two could lock horns. Patrick smiled as he walked away from the ring, obviously playing mind games.

Levi Blake vs Eddie Siebenthaler w/ Dallas Braun

A a very physical match between two big men. Obviously Eddie wanted the win off of his Adrenaline Title loss at Aggravated Assault to Christopher Morgan. Levi ended up winning the match off of a Mudlick Clothesline.


Backstage we saw FFP Vice President Emily Hart. Emily said that she had a big announcement coming up on FFP Monday Night. She said it was an exciting time for FFP and that her announcement would only make things that much better.


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Backstage we saw Anarchy talking about how he wanted another FFP World Title shot at Adam Hyatt. Anarchy said that he respected Adam, but he felt like he could beat Hyatt for the strap. Kashimanaki then stepped in and said that he deserved the shot at the World Title. Kashimanaki talked about how he took Adam to the limit in Tokyo, and knows he can win the belt from him.

The two men stood nose-to-nose before FFP security quickly intervened.


Next the American Bulldogs came out with their FFP Tag Team Titles. They reminded everyone about their FFP Tag Team Title Open Challenge that they issued on Twitter. They said that they would continue to do this week in and week out because they have beaten every tag team in FFP.

Then, FFP newcomers Travis Banks and Teddy Wagner came out and accepted the challenge.

FFP Tag Team Titles | American Bulldogs Open Challenge
(c) American Bulldogs vs Travis Banks & Teddy Wagner

Travis and Teddy brought the fight to the American Bulldogs. Although they are both rookies, they really looked good in the ring. However after Nathan Caine dropped Travis with the Double Underhook Driver, he pinned him and the Bulldogs retained their titles.


Backstage we saw Francine Davis with Jason Copeland. Francine asked Jason about his match with Rust at Aggravated Assault and how he felt after the unfortunately loss. Jason said that it took a hellacious low blow from Rust for him to win, and that if they faced off again, he wouldn’t let it happen again. However Rust attacked Jason yet again from behind, smacking him in the back with a steel chair and leaving him groaning in pain.

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FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Christopher Morgan w/ Emily Hart vs Prince Tau

Champion vs a former Adrenaline Champion. Back and forth action. Prince Tau even hit the Spear on Christopher Morgan. It looked like Tau would take the title back, however Morgan kicked out. Morgan battled back until Prince Tau hit an awesome clothesline. However Christopher fought back again, and planted Tau with the Tiger Driver for the three count.


Backstage we saw Adam Black with Tyrece Beckman. Black demanded that he get a shot at Christopher Morgan and his Adrenaline Title on FFP Monday Night.

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Daniel Matthews vs Patrick McCoy

Another back and forth match that left the crowd on their edge of their seats. McCoy gained an advantage with a thumb to the eye and a shot to the throat. They fought to the outside of the ring where Daniel clotheslined Patrick over the steel guardrail. Matthews worked on Patrick’s legs, however he attempted the Roaring Elbow but McCoy ducked it. Patrick then rolled Daniel up with a schoolboy and pulled the tights for the three count.


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