Matt Kraven’s Announcement

President Matt Kraven met with a small group of people today to address the uncertain future of Full Force Pro. He mentioned that FFP opened up in 2008 and that he had put everything into it. Kraven also noted that he had lost it to his brother as well as numerous authority figures, but always found a way to get it back.

Matt thanked everyone for supporting his federation, his dream and his “baby”. He mentioned that the pay-per-views that FFP held were some of the best wrestling that many had ever seen, and that FFP not only was taking off, but proudly soaring as an elite professional wrestling company.

Kraven mentioned that his reality based storylines were always cutting edge and that even this last one with Matt’s car accident was all in trying to make the product cutting edge and get people interested in FFP.

Matt again thanked everyone for their support in making Full Force Pro a success. He then took a deep breath and added one last statement.

“FFP will never die. See you tonight at SSN.”


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