04/11/2015 Sadistic Saturday Night


Sadistic Saturday Night | April 11 2015
Louisville, Kentucky

The show opened with President Matt Kraven who came down to the ring and thanked the fans and wrestlers for their love for FFP. Matt then announced that the first person that will be inducted into the FFP Hall of Fame in July will be none other than Veronica Clyne!

The scene cut backstage where Seduction Inc approached Emily Hart about getting another Diamond Tag Team Title shot against Team FAB. Emily said that if Brandi and Taylor can beat Las Bellezas Peligrosas this upcoming week at Woman Crush Wednesday, they will get their title shot at FFP All Torn Up.

Quinn Delaney vs Kylie Connelly

No love loss here. Quinn was the fan favorite due to her turning from The Council. Amanda Cortez made her way to ringside however Kylie didn’t really need the help, hitting the BAB for the three count.

Kylie got on the microphone and demanded a Diamond Title match following All Torn Up. Emily Hart came out and announced a number one contender battle royal that will take place at All Torn Up. The winner wwould face the Diamond Champion at FFP Monday Night, one night after All Torn Up.


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Aiden Conrad vs Jason Copeland

A back and forth match giving the FFP fans plenty of nonstop action. Aiden Conrad hit the Beauty Maker for the three count.

Backstage we saw Matt Evanston on the phone with someone. He quickly ended the phone call when he noticed the cameras.

Backstage we saw many superstars and Diamonds congratulating Veronica Clyne, including Nina Fox, Daniel Matthews and Matt Kraven.

FFP Tag Team Titles | American Bulldog Open Challenge
(c) American Bulldogs vs ???

The tag team to challenge was Deshaun Reed and FFP newcomer “DY” Desmond Young. Deshaun and Desmond faired pretty well against the Tag Team Champions. However, the American Bulldogs’ experience came into play. Nathan Caine planted Desmond Young with the Double Undergoing Driver while Evanston sent Deshaun over the top with a clothesline. 1, 2, 3 and the match was over.

The scene cut backstage where Francine Davis was speaking with Kashimanaki. He said that he took Adam Hyatt to the limit in Japan, that he would beat Anarchy to become the number one contender, and that he would soon be the FFP World Champion.

Daniel Matthews & Eddie Siebenthaler vs Christopher Morgan & Levi Blake

Back and forth and as hard hitting as ever. Levi Blake hit Daniel with the Mudlick Clothesline but Eddie broke up the pin. Christopher went for a Tiger Driver but Daniel escaped and hit the Roaring Elbow for the pin.

After the match Patrick McCoy came out to attack Daniel but was sent packing by a big boot courtesy of Eddie Siebenthaler.


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