04/26/2015 FFP All Torn Up (PPV)


FFP All Torn Up | April 26, 2015
Detroit, Michigan

Jason Copeland vs Austin Briggs

Austin Briggs came out on fire, obviously wanting to prove himself worthy of being back into the World Title picture. Jason Copeland fought back hard, and stunned Briggs with a running knee followed by an STO. Copeland took Briggs up to the top rope and hit a superplex. Then he attempted the Emerald Flowsion, but Briggs escaped. Austin hit a hard German suplex followed by a running clothesline. He went for the Brainbuster but Jason escaped and rolled Briggs up for a two count.

Then, members of The Council headed to ringside. Aiden Conrad jumped up onto the ring apron distracting the referee. Meanwhile Levi Blake slid into the ring and nailed Jason with the Mudlick Clothesline. Austin ended up pulling Jason up and hitting the Brainbuster for the win.

However after the match Austin seemed aggravated, even audibly telling Levi that he didn’t need his help to win the match.


The scene cut backstage where Team FAB was standing by with their FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles. Fiona and Giovanni talked about how they would defend their titles tomorrow night on FFP Monday Night against Seduction Inc, and how no matter how many opportunities Seduction Inc gets, they can never beat them.


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FFP Cruiserweight Title | Ladder Match
(c) Logan Christopher vs EJ “Money” Carter

A back and forth match with an early huge bump, sending EJ crashing from the top of the ladder to the mat. Logan followed it up with a guillotine leg drop from about halfway up the ladder. EJ eventually fought back and the two traded the momentum back and forth. Both cruiserweights took the action to the outside where Carter clotheslined Logan over the steel guardrail. EJ slid back in and scurried up the ladder, however Logan followed him and knocked the ladder over.

Logan laid the ladder down and attempted to hit EJ with the Shooting Star Press on the ladder, however EJ moved out of the way and Christopher crashed to the ladder blow. EJ the hit the Bankruptcy on Logan. Money then set the ladder up, climbed up and retrieved the Cruiserweight Championship!

8 Diamond Battle Royal | Winner is #1 Contender for Diamond Title

A lot of action in the ring all at once. Obviously Kemina and Firefly teamed up as well as Kylie Connelly and Amanda Cortez. Jenna Kaufman was the first one eliminated when Amanda Kelly tossed her over the top. Lizzy Kraven was being double teamed by Kylie and Cortez, but Scarlett Ducane came to her rescue. However Scarlett wound up getting dumped over the top by the team, followed by Lizzy.

Then it seemed as if both tag teams decided to team together to eliminate Amanda Kelly, which may have been the only way they could have gotten her over the top. Then the match came down to two tag teams.

Kemina and Kylie went at it while Firefly went after Amanda. Kylie eliminated Kemina after getting her out onto the apron and hitting her with the BAB knocking her to the arena floor. Kylie and Amanda then double teamed Firefly and easily dumped her to the arena floor. The Detroit crowd seemed rather interested to see what would happen between the tag team partners. However it was quickly answered when Kylie Connelly creamed Amanda Cortez with the BAB. Kylie then tossed Amanda over the top rope to win the match.

Kylie Connelly will now be scheduled to face the FFP Diamond Champion tomorrow night at FFP Monday Night!

Daniel Matthews vs Patrick McCoy

There is a very large history between these two men, dating back to 2008 when Daniel began training Patrick. Now, both are former FFP World Champions and in a heated rivalry. Although these two are capable of putting on very technical and entertaining matches, this one was an all-out brawl. Patrick took Daniel down and leveled him with hard punches to the face. Matthews fought back with punches and forearms of his own. Before you knew it, both men had blood coming from wounds on the face.

Matthews gained the first clear cut advantage. He hoisted Patrick up and attempted the Death Valley Driver, but McCoy escaped and rolled Daniel up, pulling his tights for the pin. Daniel kicked out before the three count. He went back at McCoy and clotheslined him over the top rope. Matthews then went up top and hit an insane dive from the top, causing both men to crash to the arena floor. Both men were slow to get up, but McCoy grabbed the advantage by jamming his fingers into Daniel’s eyes. Next Patrick plante Daniel with a piledriver on the arena floor.

McCoy made his way back into the ring, and it wasn’t long before EMTs surrounded Daniel. They loaded him onto a stretcher and began to take him toward the back, but Daniel fought the EMTs off and returned to the ring. Unfortunately for him he immediately got hit with a boot to the gut and a neckbreaker courtesy of Patrick. McCoy then hit the Kryptonite Krunch for the three count.


The scene cut backstage where Francine Davis was standing by with Kylie Connelly. Francine asked Kylie how she thought she’d fair tomorrow night at FFP Monday Night when she would wrestle for the Diamond Title. She also asked her if she had a preference on who she’d like to face.

Kylie said that she is absolutely ready for the opportunity. She said that it didn’t matter who she’d face, but if she absolutely had to choose, it would be Nina as she wants to be the one to end Nina’s title-reign.

FFP Tag Team Titles
American Bulldog Open Challenge

The American Bulldogs came down to the ring, Matt accompanied by his new girlfriend Delta Madison. Nathan and Matt bragged about how long they had been doing the American Bulldog Open Challenge with no end in sight. They spoke about how they had faced and beaten every tag team imaginable.

However they were interrupted by President Matt Kraven. Matt told the Bulldogs that there was one tag team that they hadn’t faced, and that tonight would be the night that they could cement their legacy as the greatest tag team in the world. Then, Matt Kraven shocked the world when he introduced his brother, Chris Kraven. The Kraven Brothers were back, and they were back in FFP!

Chris began the match with Nathan. A lot of quick tags between both teams, as well as some great technical wrestling. Chris went for his Jumping Piledriver on Nathan Caine, who escaped the move and hit a leg lariat. Caine then attempted the Double Underhook Driver but Chris escaped and hit a superkick, shades of his brother. Matt eventually tagged in to go one-on-one with Matt Evanston. Evanston gained the upperhand with a thumb to the eyes and went for the Go to  Sleep. Matt Kraven escaped the finishing move attempt and ended up hitting his Superkick.

Kraven pinned Evanston, but he kicked out. The match continued on. Eventually the Kravens hit Nathan Caine with an awesome double superplex. Matt Evanston charged, but Matt Kraven back body dropped him over the top. Kraven hit the ropes and hit a suicide dive onto Evanston on the outside. Chris Kraven then planted Nathan with the Jumping Piledriver for the three count!

After the match Matt and Chris embraced in the center of the ring. The two brothers had reunited, and were finally on the same page. For the first time ever, the Kraven Brothers were FFP Tag Team Champions!

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Winner is #1 Contender for World Title
Anarchy vs Kashimanaki

Another back and forth match with a lot of stiff, brutal and loud chops, kicks and other strikes. Kashimanaki wore Anarchy’s legs out with hard kicks. Anarchy dumped Kashimanaki on the back of his head with a t-bone suplex. Anarchy then slapped in the Rear Naked Choke. It looked to be over, but Kashimanaki somehow reached the ropes. Kashimanaki went back to his kicks, however Anarchy caught one and hit a dragon screw followed by a German suplex. Anarchy called for the Rear Naked Choke. He slapped in on in the center of the ring.

Then, there was some commotion on the outside of the ring. Apparently former FFP Diamond Bianca Hunt had climbed over the guardrail and onto the ring apron. As the referee struggled to get her off the ring apron, FFP newcomer “The Russian Lion” Mikhail Vakhrov entered the ring. He leveled Anarchy with a hard blow to the back of the head. Vakhrov then pulled Anarchy up and hit him with a spinning STO. The big Russian slid out of the ring and Kashimanaki crawled to Anarchy and made the cover. Bianca then hopped off the ring apron and the referee made the pin. Kashimanaki was the winner.

After the match Bianca and Mikhail joined Kashimanaki in the ring. They celebrated Kashimanaki’s win and the fact that he was the new number one contender for the World Title.

World Champion vs Adrenaline Champion | Non-Title Match
Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Castle vs Christopher Morgan w/ Emily Hart

Lacey Abernathy chose to join the FFP commentators at ringside. Although this match wasn’t for any titles, these two guys really wanted to beat the other one, not only for themselves, but to elevate their titles. Adam Hyatt was the first to hit his finisher, the Wrist Clutch Exploder, but Morgan kicked out. Morgan fought back and planted Hyatt with the Tiger Driver. However the World Champion kicked out.

The match went on, the two superstars showcasing some awesome moves to the Detroit crowd, as well as the pay-per-view viewers. Christopher Morgan hit a crazy suplex into a neckbreaker to his knee and slapped in the Crippler Crossface. Adam fought and fought and eventually got to the ropes. Morgan kept the hold on and broke just before the five-count.

Adam fought back again and floored Morgan with a Superkick out of nowhere. But he only got a two count. Morgan fought back but Adam hit the Superkick again. Again, Christopher kicked out. Finally Adam set Christopher up and planted him with another Wrist Clutch Exploder. This time Adam got the three count.

After the match both men lie on the mat. Emily Hart checked on her man while Madison Castle checked on hers. Lacey Abernathy left the commentators table and slid into the ring. She crawled over and began to check on Adam Hyatt as well. Madison was quick to take notice, and tell Lacey to get away. But Abernathy continued checking on the World Champion, putting her hands on his chest. Finally Madison grabbed Lacey by the hair and threw her off of her fiance.

Madison turned her attention back to Adam, but Lacey attacked her from behind. The two redheads immediately grabbed handfuls of the others hair and began to roll around on the ring in what could be best described as a catfight.

FFP security quickly stormed the ring to separate the two females.


The scene cut to Matt Kraven’s office. Kraven announced that tomorrow night at FFP Monday Night, “The Russian Lion” Mikhail Vakhrov would take on Anarchy!

FFP Diamond Title | 4-Diamond Ladder Match
(c) Nina Fox vs Brandi Moore vs Taylor Clawson vs Monika Andrews

A hard hitting Diamond match that showcased the skills and high risk abilities of all four women. Brandi Moore planted Monika Andrews with the Fisherman Brainbuster and climbed up the ladder, however Nina pulled her down. Brandi and Taylor double teamed Nina and began to climb up the ladder together.

The crowd waited to see what would happen when Seduction Inc made it to the top of the ladder, but Monika Andrews tipped it over, sending Brandi and Taylor crashing over the top rope and to the arena floor!

Monika then set Nina up for the Curb Stomp, but Nina dodged and hit the Superkick. Fox began climbing up the ladder. However Taylor entered the ring again. Slowly she approached the ladder as Nina got higher on it. As she reached out for the title, Taylor grabbed her foot and pulled her to the mat. Nina landed funny on her foot, seeming to hurt her ankle. Taylor then planted Nina with the Flatliner. Again Seduction Inc both began to climb up the ladder.

When the two teammates finally met at the top of the ladder, Monika wasn’t far behind them, on the same side as Brandi. Monika tried fighting one or both members of Seduction Inc off the ladder. Finally Monika grabbed Brandi and hit a back suplex off the ladder. By now Nina had grabbed the ladder and was beginning her climb again. Taylor reached up for the belt, but Nina grabbed her leg through the ladder steps. Taylor tried grabbing Nina, but Fox pulled Clawson’s leg, causing her to not only fall, but become stuck inbetween the ladder steps. Nina then reached up and pulled the FFP Diamond Title down. Somehow, Nina had retained her title.

After the match Nina climbed down and hugged her title. She was obviously in pain, favoring her left ankle. Taylor got herself off of the ladder and joined Brandi on the mat. Seduction Inc pulled Nina up and congratulated her on her victory. Obviously Nina and her record breaking title reign had gained the respect of Seduction Inc. Monika Andrews shook Nina’s hand as well.

As the three let Nina have her moment in the squared circle, Fiona Burke walked down the isle. Burke took the microphone and announced that tonight she would be cashing in her opportunity, and beating Nina for the Diamond Title.

Fiona then attacked, nailing Nina with a dropkick to the left leg. Nina fell to the mat as the match began.

FFP Diamond Title | Fiona Burke Cashes In
(c) Nina Fox vs Fiona Burke

Fiona pulled Nina up and planted her with the FAB Drop. Fiona then hooked Nina’s leg. Fox kicked out at two. Fiona looked shocked. She pulled Nina up and set her up for another FAB Drop. However Nina broke loose and hit the Superkick. Nina fell to her knees because of the weight on her ankle. She crawled over and pinned Fiona, but Burke showed heart, kicking out at two.

Nina pulled Fiona up, but Fiona hit a knee to Nina’s gut. Fiona hooked Nina up for another FAB Drop attempt. This time though, Nina not only escaped, but swung her arm around Fiona and sunk in the Dragon Sleeper. In the center of the ring Nina wrenched back hard on Fiona’s neck. Fiona reached and stretched for the ropes. Obviously in pain she tried hard to get to the side of the ring. However the pain was too much. Fiona Burke tapped out and Nina Fox again, retained her title!


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