04/29/2015 Woman Crush Wednesday


Woman Crush Wednesday | April 29, 2015
Minneapolis, Minnesota

The show opened up as promised, with the Kylie Connelly NEW Diamond Champion Celebration. Balloons And confetti falling from the arena ceiling and of course, the footage of Kylie’s submission victory over Nina Fox.

Kylie spoke as well as Emily Hart and Amanda Cortez, who wished the champ her best in her title-reign.

The celebration was cut short by none other than former champion Nina Fox however. Fox congratulated Kylie, announced that she needed some time off to heal her ankle, but promised to return and once again win the Diamond Title again.

Kylie spoke about who would be next in line for a title shot. Which brought out Quinn Delaney, saying she deserved a title shot. This brought out Kemina, Monika Andrews and Brandi Moore who all also volunteered to be next in line. However Matt Kraven came out and announced a 16-Diamond Tournament to determine the new number one contender for the strap. And he announced that the tournament would start next week at Woman Crush Wednesday!

Michelle “Hard Candy” Storm vs Alexis Reed

Michelle Storm took part in the FFP Valentine’s Day Tournament, however at that time she was simply known as Candy.

Candy used her striking skill she learned from boxing to gain an edge on Alexis Reed until Reed resorted to a cheap thumb to the eye followed by a violent irish whip by Michelle’s hair.

However Alexis’ cocky nature got the best of her when the FFP rookie blindsided her with the Candy Crush for the three count.

After the match Alexis attacked Michelle from behind, with a hard clothesline to the back followed by the Burning Hammer.


The scene cut backstage to Tyrece Beckman, joined with Valentina Perez. VIP issued an open challenge for next week’s #wcw.

Next we saw an announcement that Michelle “Hard Candy” Storm wanted another match with Alexis Reed after Reed’s attack after the match. They will face off again at next week’s #wcw.

Merlot Ayano vs Mona Skye

A back and forth match with plenty of near falls. Merlot hit a super kick that got her a two count. She went up top but Mona stopped her by hitting her legs, causing her to fall to the turnbuckle below. Mona then went up top and hit a superplex.

Skye went for a frog splash but Merlot put her knees up. Then she caught Mona by surprise grabbing her and flipping her over into a pin for the three count.


Quinn Delaney is shown. She says that she knows that she can beat Kylie Connelly. She says that she will win the tournament and go on to become the new FFP Diamond Champion.

“Baby” Jo Messi vs Amanda Kelly

In this match it was obvious that Jo Messi was trying to keep out of reach of Amanda Kelly. Using boxing style jabs and punches to keep a distance, Jo went for a punch to the head, but Amanda ducked it and hit an awesome German suplex. Next Amanda went for a splash, but Messi rolled out of the way. Then she layed into Amanda with punches.

Amanda fought her way back up but Jo kept on her. Hitting shot after shot. No then hit the ropes, attempting another hard punch to the head. But Amanda reversed into a big Thesz press. Kelly then pulled Jo up and hit the powerbomb before hitting the Kelly Bomb for the pin.

After the match Amanda got on the microphone and announced, “Team FAB 1, Seduction Inc 0”.


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Firefly vs Jenna Kaufman

These two girls had been involved in feuds once before between The Queendom and Las Bellezas Peligrosas.

Jenna hit an early Spear that shocked the crowd, and took steam out of Firefly. But the masked Diamond fought back. Hitting some hard kicks on Kaufman, Firefly hit an awesome moonsault for a two count. Jenna fought back, gaining the offensive again. She called for another Spear, however Firefly blasted her with a kick to the head during the attempt. Firefly then planted Jenna with a brainbuster for the three count.

Francine Davis is shown backstage with Lizzy Kraven and FFP newcomer Suki Okada.

Lizzy said that they became great friends in Japan and couldn’t wait to take the Diamond Tag Division by storm. Suki agreed, and said it wouldn’t be long for them to become champions.

FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles
(c) Team FAB vs Seduction Inc

These teams tore into each other. Brandi Moore spent most of the middle of the match on the outside of the ring. Getting hit by Fiona, Giovanni or even Amanda Kelly when the ref wasn’t looking.

Taylor had the first big break for Seduction Inc, hitting a spinning powerbomb on Fiona for a two countries. “Baby” Jo Messi brawled with Amanda Kelly after she got involved with the match.

Unfortunately Amanda squashed Jo on the outside. However Seduction Inc took the offensive, tossing Fiona Burke out of the ring.

Taylor hit Giovanni Gotch with the Flatliner. Then she tagged Brandi one. Brandi planted Gotch with the Fisherman Brainbuster. As she covered Giovanni, surely for the victory and the titles, Amanda entered the ring and hit Brandi with an elbow drop to the back of the head.

The referee disqualified Team FAB, although that didn’t stop Taylor and Jo from entering the ring. Amanda knocked them both down with a clothesline for each. Then she helped Giovanni get out of the ring.

They met Fiona at the bottom of the entrance ramp, with Diamond Tag Titles in hand. Team FAB celebrated their title defense (although they lost the match a title can’t change hands on disqualification). Seduction Inc were left in the ring, winners of the match but not feeling fulfilled. Surely this can’t be the end of this rivalry!


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