Full Force Pro to the United Kingdom!


For two years straight now Full Force Pro has put on a Tour of Japan in the month of March. This year we have decided to take our professional wrestling action to the United Kingdom. We say that FFP is the very best in professional wrestling, and would like to showcase our wrestling around the world.

Our superstars and Diamonds will head to the United Kingdom in the very beginning of June and put on the first show on June 4, live from Belfast, Ireland. The next day (6/5) we will head to Glasgow, Scotland. On our third straight day of events (6/6), we will be in Manchester, England.

From there, we will take the weekend off but present the first ever FFP Monday Night from overseas (on 6/8), live in Birmingham, England. After that show, we will take another two days off and head to London. On June 10th we will have another show, however take the next few days off.

Our superstars and Diamonds will be able to enjoy the sights in London, however on June 14th Full Force Pro will present it’s first pay-per-view from the United Kingdom with FFP Uprising, live from London. “Uprising has always been one of our bigger pay-per-views,” the owner and president of FFP, Matt Kraven said Sunday night. “We strive to put on the biggest and best pay-per-views in our sport, however Uprising from London, England will definitely be one of the biggest of 2015. I can assure you that.”

With this being FFP’s first tour of the United Kingdom, we are really looking forward to it being quite an incredible experience. We are very much looking forward to performing in Ireland, Scotland and England and will hopefully make this an annual tour!



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