05/25/2015 FFP Monday Night

FFP Monday Night | May 25, 2015
Miami, Florida

The show began with the FFP Diamond Champion Kylie Connelly coming down to the ring with her twin sister Katrina. Kylie bragged about retaining her title, and said that even though she had prepared for Taylor and had to face Kemina, that she still walked out champion.

She was interrupted however by Kemina. Kemina came out and said that if it weren’t for her sister interfering, that she would have beaten Kylie and taken the title from her. Kylie strongly disagreed. Kemina demanded a rematch.

This brought out Taylor Clawson, who won the #1 Contender Tournament, but was injured last night before her championship match. Taylor, wearing a brace in her knee and obviously limping, said that although she was injured last night, and saw Brandi and Dallas celebrate with the titles, that she wanted a shot at Kylie and the Diamond Title, and since she didn’t get it last night, she wanted it as soon as possible.

As they bickered about who should be the actual number one contender, a familiar song hit the sound system. Then, Nina Fox came out and climbed into the ring. Nina said that she had her rematch, and that she wanted to use it as soon as possible.

Finally Matt Kraven came out. He announced that at FFP Uprising live from London, England that we would see Kylie Connelly put her Diamond Title on the line against Kemina, Taylor Clawson and Nina Fox in a Four-Way Match…with the first pin being the end of the match! That meant that Kylie could lose her title without even getting her shoulders pinned to the mat!

Deshaun Reed & Desmond York vs Two Man Mafia

A very competitive tag team match with some impressive moves by the new tag team of Deshaun Reed and Desmond York. You would think that the experience of the Two Man Mafia would lead them to an easy victory over the newer tag team, but that was not the case. In fact, after Desmond York connected with a Blue Thunder Bomb on Hunter Brown, Deshaun Reed cut Brandon Kincaide off from making the save and the new tag team got the pinfall victory.

From June 4 to June 14 Full Force Pro will be taking part in the first ever FFP UK Tour! The last event on the tour will be FFP’s June pay-per-view, Uprising. Be sure to catch all of the action, live from the United Kingdom!


Matt Kraven came back out to the ring. He said that the crowd will probably get sick of seeing him tonight. He talked about Veronica Clyne’s neck injury that she suffered last night at Guilty Pleasures at the hands of Amanda Cortez. Matt then announced that he had no other choice but to fire Amanda Cortez.

Lizzy Kraven then came out to the ring. Lizzy told Matt that firing Amanda wouldn’t be the right thing to do. Lizzy said that Amanda needed to be taught a lesson, and if she isn’t taught a lesson and just fired, that she’ll go and injure someone else, at another federation. Lizzy then told Matt to book her against Amanda and let Lizzy teach her a lesson.

Matt said that Lizzy made a good point, and he would think about exactly what he wanted to do.

Merlot Ayano vs Kenzie Anderson

a really entertaining match between two up and coming Diamonds. Merlot hit a sweet ribbreaker off the middle rope for a two count.

Kenzie fought back but was knocked silly with a spinning clothesline. Ayano then backed away and went for a running maneuver but Kenzie countered with the Busaiku Knee for the three count!

After the match the two girls shook hands.


Backstage we saw Francine Davis with Fiona Burke. Francine asked Fiona about Team FAB losing their titles last night. Fiona said that she was going to address the title loss out in the ring later tonight.

Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Castle vs Anarchy w/ Mikhail Vakhrov, Kashimanaki & Bianca Hunt

Adam put up one hell of a fight, but the fact that Anarchy had Mikhail and Kashimanaki at ringside definitely was an advantage.

Hyatt did hit a successful suicide dive on the other two before getting back into the ring and hitting Anarchy with the Superkick. Hyatt then attempted the Wrist Clutch Exploder, but Mikhail and Kashimanaki entered the ring and began beating Hyatt down.

Obviously the referee disqualified Anarchy because of the outside interference.

The assault continued, until FFP rookies Travis Banks and Teddy Wagner stormed the ring. They fought Anarchy, Mikhail and Kashimanaki off and helped the former World Champion up.


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Fiona Burke now came out to the ring. She said that the reason that Team FAB lost their titles was because Giovanni Gotch had her mind too much on Austin Briggs and not Team FAB.

Giovanni came out and told Fiona that she was dead wrong. Gotch told Fiona that the business with her and Austin was being taken care of in private and that Team FAB would win their titles back when they get their rematch.

Firefly vs Ielahaih

Both of these Diamonds had the ability to pit on a great technical match, but due to the attack dished out by Ielahiah last night, Firefly came for a fight.

The two really tore into each other. Firefly gained the upperhand with solid kicks. She attempted the Crucifix Powerbomb but Ielahiah slid out of Firefly’s grip and hit a devastating running elbow. She then locked Firefly in the Bleeding Rose. Firefly fought and fought for the ropes, but couldn’t reach them. After several moments of excruciating pain, she passed out.

The victory wasn’t enough for Ielahiah as she sat Firefly up and began to unlace her mask. As the tattooed beauty attempted to unmask the only masked Diamond in FFP, Firefly’s tag team partner Kemina rushed to the ring. Ielahiah threw Firefly back down to the mat and exited the ring. But also promised that next time she would get the mask.


The scene cut backstage where Brandi Moore was standing with Dallas. Brandi had one of the FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles. They stood talking as Taylor Clawson walked up. Clawson, holding the other title, thanked Dallas for being there for Brandi last night when she couldn’t be. Dallas assured her that it was no problem. Taylor and Dallas then embraced. Brandi joined in in the embrace.

FFP Adrenaline Title | Caleb Newstead’s Last Match
(c) Christopher Morgan vs Caleb Newstead

This was a very exciting, very back and forth and competitive match. Caleb Newstead put everything on the line, and left everything out in the ring for this one. Since it would be his last, how nice would it be to go out as the Adrenaline Champion?

The former partners really went at it. Backbreakers, suplexes, a superplex and a missile dropkick. Christopher Morgan gained the upperhand with a running knee to the midsection then planted his former Simply the Best partner with the Tiger Driver. Morgan pinned Newstead, but Caleb kicked out!

Newstead fought back but once again was stopped by a hard clothesline. Morgan went for another Tiger Driver, but Caleb escaped it and planted Morgan with the Fisherman Brainbuster! He hooked Morgan’s leg but Morgan kicked out just before the two count.

Caleb went up to the top now. He attempted an Eddie Guerrero Frog Splash, but Christopher Morgan raised his knees. Caleb crashed down on Christopher’s knees and rolled around in pain. Morgan then quickly pulled him up and planted himwith another Tiger Driver. This time he hooked Newstead’s leg and got the three count. Caleb Newstead’s career was over.

After the match the referee presented the title to Christopher, but he set it to the side and pulled Caleb up. The two had some rocky times, but it was emotional to see the two parting ways for good. Morgan wrapped Newstead in a hug. Logan Christopher joined them in the ring. Logan was in the first match in FFP against Caleb and they had a heated rivalry. And in a shocking moment, Brandi Moore also came down to the ring and embraced Caleb, saying goodbye.

FFP’s developmental territory, the Ohio Wrestling Federation will open in the beginning of July! Are you ready for the stars of tomorrow, today?!


Next, President Matt Kraven came down to the ring. Kraven said that it was time for the big announcement. He reminded everyone of FFP’s new developmental territory the Ohio Wrestling Federation, which will be opening in July of 2015. Then he announced that due to a very busy schedule and other engagements, Emily Hart would no longer be able to serve as the Vice-President of Full Force Pro. Matt thanked Emily for everything she had done for FFP. He also said that Emily named her own replacement, and would still have a hand in helping this new Vice-President. Kraven announced that the new Vice-President was Emily’s niece, Beatrice Jillian Keenan.

Beatrice came down to the ring and thanked Matt for letting her take Emily’s spot. Beatrice then announced that although she would be the Vice-President of FFP that her main focus would be the OWF. She said that she would still make decisions that will affect FFP, but ultimately that her and Matt agreed that she could be the main authority figure overseeing the OWF in Cincinnati.

Then she announced that her first act as new Vice-President was only moments ago. She signed Caleb Newstead to be a trainer at the Ohio Wrestling Federation!

Matt said that he was very excited about this new addition and that FFP continues to grow and continues to excel, just like the OWF will.

FFP World Title
(c) Patrick McCoy w/ Scarlett Ducane vs Daniel Matthews

Both wrestlers came out looking confident and ready to walk away with the FFP World Championship.

Daniel relied on his technical wrestling skills. Being the one who trained McCoy, Matthews seemed to know a lot of McCoy’s offense.

Daniel got Patrick up and planted him with the death valley driver. But he only got a two count.

Patrick fought back and hit a big spinebuster followed by a springboard flying elbow drop from the apron. McCoy then planted Matthews with a spinning fisherman brainbuster for a two count.

McCoy attempted to take the top turnbuckle pad off, obviously to use the turnbuckle as a weapon, but the referee stopped him. Of course this opened the window for Scarlett Ducane to grab McCoy’s World Title and slide it into him.

Patrick picked the title up and attempted to crack Daniel with it, but Daniel ducked it and floored Patrick with a high kick to the side of the head. McCoy dropped the title to the mat. Matthews then dropped Patrick with a DDT on the belt. He quickly slid the belt out of the ring as the referee finally finished tying the turnbuckle pad back on the turnbuckle. Matthews went for the pin but Scarlett slid into the ring. She ran to Daniel who turned to her and began leading her to the ropes.

The referee took over getting Scarlett out of the ring, and this gave McCoy the opportunity to hit Daniel with a hard kick to the groin. He then scooped Daniel up and hit the Kryptonite Krunch. McCoy pinned Daniel and hooked his leg. The referee made the count and Patrick retained his title.

After the match Patrick embraced Scarlett. They quickly grabbed his World Title and left ringside.


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