Three Injured at Guilty Pleasures

 If you didn’t catch last night’s Guilty Pleasures pay-per-view, we definitely recommend that you do. There was some very exciting all-woman pro wrestling action that you’d only be able to find at Full Force Pro.

However, with our Diamonds attempting to (and being successful at) showing the world that they can do it just as good as the men, things got very physical.

At last night’s show we saw Veronica Clyne stretchered out with an apparent neck injury after Amanda Cortez stuff her head into a steel chair and slammed it shut. We also saw Taylor Clawson get her knee chop blocked, then violently wrenched around the steel ring post in a ring post figure four by Fiona Burke. And finally, Quinn Delaney got her head slammed into the mat from the top rope courtesy of Valentina Perez. Perez then added fuel to the fire by hitting Quinn a couple of times, then throwing her over the top rope, causing her to crash to the arena floor.

All of this, not including Firefly who was attacked by the newest (surprise) FFP Diamond signee, Ielahiah, who slammed Firefly into the steel ring steps before delivering a vertabreaker on the outside of the ring. EMTs attempted to take Firefly to the hospital, however she refused treatment.

As of this writing, President Matt Kraven is in the hospital in Miami, Florida waiting to hear about each injured Diamond. He will continue to keep everyone posted on Twitter.

Our thoughts and prayers are with these three fan favorite Diamonds as they hopefully make full recoveries from their injuries.


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