05/30/2015 Sadistic Saturday Night


Sadistic Saturday Night | May 30, 2015
Charlotte, North Carolina

The show opened up with President Matt Kraven in the ring. Matt promised an awesome night of FFP action before packing up and heading to the UK.

Matt then announced the signing of a new backstage interviewer, the popular swimsuit model, Lex Colloway. She came down to the ring and thanked Matt for the introduction. She said that she is excited to work for FFP and hopes that everyone enjoys her work.

Six-Man Tag Match
Adam Hyatt, Teddy Wagner & Travis Banks vs Hunt Enterprises (Anarchy, Milhail Vakhrov & Kashimanaki)

Both teams put up great efforts to win. At one point Hunt Enterprises had all three members of the opposition down, and took Travis Banks and Teddy Wagner to the outside and slammed them doen on the arena floor.

Adam Hyatt and Anarchy went one-on-one in the middle of the ring. As Hyatt gained the upperhand, his tag partners overtook Mikhail and Kashimanaki on the outside. Then Hyatt hit the Wrist Clutch Exploder on Anarchy for the pin.


Backstage we sas Michelle “Hard Candy” Storm telling Nina Fox good luck in her match tonight. Michelle told Nina that if she needed any help tonight that she would be there for her. Nina told her that she appreciated it.


Next Fiona Burke came down to the ring. Burke talked about her ending the relationship that she had with Giovanni Gotch. She said that she was carrying dead weight and was so glad to be on her own now.

Fiona said that if Giovanni had been here tonight that she would have loved to dump her on her head again.

Gotch then emerged from the crowd and attacked Fiona in the ring. Gotch hit a hard kick to the gut followed by a facebuster using Fiona’s hair to slam her into the mat. Gotch then hooked in the Koji Clutch.

Fiona screamed in pain, finally tapping out feom the pain. However Gotch kept the move on. Finally FFP security came down and separated the former teammates.

FFP’s developmental territory, the Ohio Wrestling Federation will open in the beginning of July! Are you ready for the stars of tomorrow, today?!

FFP Cruiserweight Title
(c) EJ “Money” Carter vs El Diablo

Diablo put up a good fight, hitting EJ with move after move. He looked to have the match in hand after hitting a modified Go to Sleep. El Diablo followed it up with a shooting star press attempt but EJ raised his knees, slamming them into Diablo’s ribs. Next Carter hit the Bankruptcy for the three count, retaining his title.


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Last Diamond Standing Match
Lizzy Kraven vs Amanda Cortez

This match was a war. Back and forth. In the ring and out. At one point these two Diamonds battled through the crowd. Slamming each other into the ringside steel guardrail as well as rows of chairs.

Lizzy Kraven hit a DDT on the arena floor which Amanda stayed down for eight seconds. Cortez fought back, relying on her old trusty brass knuckles which seemed to knock Lizzy out cold. However Kraven got up just as the ref counted to nine.

The match eventually found its way back into the rinf where Lizzy hit a Kraven Lariat. But when Amanda showed signs of life, Lizzy pulled her up and hit another Kraven Lariat.

When Amanda showed signs of life again, Lizzy relied on a steel chair, slamming it into Amanda’s back. Lizzy then targeted Amanda’s bad knee. Ramming the edge of the chair into Amanda’s knee before finally placing the injured knee in the chair, climbing to the top rope and performing a dive onto the chair.

Similar to what Amanda did to Veronica Clyne, the chair slammed shut with Amanda’s leg inside.

Lizzy backed away and the referee began the count. Amanda lay in the middle of the ring obviously in pain as the referee completed the ten count. Lizzy Kraven was your winner.


The scene cut backstage where Lex Colloway was standing by with Christopher Morgan. She asked Christopher if he had any preferred opponents for his upcoming open challenge. Morgan said that he is a fighting champion and that he wouls gladly defend the title against all challengers.

Lex thanked Christopher for his time and wished him luck in his upcoming match.

FFP Adrenaline Title | Open Challenge
(c) Christopher Morgan vs ???

Christopher Morgan came down to the ring first. He took the microphone and asked anyone to come out and face him. After a moment, FFP newcomer Desmond York answered the challenge.

Desmond came out on fire, lighting Morgan up with big clotheslines, a t-bone suplex and an overhead belly to belly suplex feom the middle rope. But his mistake was attempting a flying headbutt. Morgan moved out of the way and York slamed to the mat. When he got back up Christopher hit him with a gruesome German suplex, then followed it up with the Tiger Driver for the three count.

From June 4 to June 14 Full Force Pro will be taking part in the first ever FFP UK Tour! The last event on the tour will be FFP’s June pay-per-view, Uprising. Be sure to catch all of the action, live from the United Kingdom!

If Nina Fox Loses, Katrina gets her Diamond Title Spot at FFP Uprising
Nina Fox vs Katrina Connelly w/ Kylie Connelly

Nina showed that she obviously had much greater experience than Katrina, who will be wrestling for FFP’s developmental territory in July.

Katrina’s twin sister Kylie did get involved, distracting the referee while sliding her Diamond Title to Katrina. Nina’s friend Michelle rushed to the ring and pulled Kylie off the ring apron. However this was still enough to keep the referee distracted. Katrina attempted to hit Nina with the Diamond Title but Nina ducked it and hit her Superkick. However Kylie and Katrina’s friend Lacey Abernathy came out of the crowd and slid into the ring. She took possession of Diamond Title and cracked Nina in the head with it. Lacey then pulled Katrina into a siting position, helping her wake up.

Katrina pulled Nina up and surprisingly hit her with an impressive F5. Katrina then hooked Nina’s leg for the three count.

Katrina would now take Nina’s spot in the Diamond Title Four-Way Match at Uprising.

After the match the trio celebrated in the ring. However Nina and Michelle cut the celebration short, nailing the them with clotheslines before tossing them out of the ring.

The show came to an end as Nina and Michelle dared Kylie, Katrina and Lacey to get back into the ring.


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