Ariana Chaos is Back in FFP

Last night on Day Three of the FFP UK Tour, Beatrice Keenan came out and explained that because of Lizzy Kraven’s actions, which injured Amanda Cortez, that actions needed to be taken. Because in late December of last year when Ariana Chaos injured Lizzy, Chaos was fired that day.

Apparently Ariana had been in contact with a legal representative, and threatened action of punishment was not dealt. Chaos then proposed that if she be hired back by FFP, and take Lizzy’s spot in the 10-Diamond Battle Royal for the Diamond Triple-Case (which will take place FFP Uprising next Sunday), she wouldn’t take any further legal action.

Backed up against a wall, Matt Kraven and Beatrice Keenan made the decision to bring Ariana back.

We haven’t gotten a response from Lizzy Kraven yet, but we do not think she will have too much nice to say.

Ariana is a former FFP Diamond Champion, beating Nina Fox to end her first Diamond Title reign, and losing it to April Hunter.

She also teamed with Brandi Moore during Brandi’s feud with Taylor Clawson, and also was a member of The Lifestyle.

It will be interesting to see her FFP return, as well as the reaction of the FFP roster.


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