Morgan Alexander’s Uprising Predictions

morganThis Sunday Full Force Pro brings you it’s June pay-per-view, FFP Uprising. Live from London, England, it will be FFP’s first pay-per-view from the United Kingdom. And the lineup for the event is nothing short of excellent.

And tonight, I Morgan Alexander will give you my predictions for this epic event. I must warn you, I’ve got a great mind for this sport of professional wrestling. This is your warning, I will most likely get all predictions correct, and spoil the whole event for you. But even if I get all the matches correct, you are still in for some great in-ring action!

Without further ado, here are my predictions for this Sunday’s FFP Uprising…

Adam Hyatt will do battle with Anarchy with the winner going on to face Patrick McCoy for the FFP World Championship at the end of the night. Anarchy has the weight advantage, and he also quite possibly could have members of Hunt Enterprises present to assist him in picking up the victory. I’ve got to go with him.

Lacey Abernathy is going to issue an open challenge this Sunday since her good friends Kylie and Katrina Connelly are already set for a match. This is a total shot in the dark, but I see one of the OWF Women wrestlers answering Lacey’s open challenge, and Lacey submitting them with the Code Red Armbar.

Team FAB was without a doubt my favorite Diamond tag team. And in my opinion they were close to becoming one of the best, possibly just as good as Seduction Inc. Now it seems these two hate each other. Both come from wrestling families and definitely have skills inside the squared circle. But I’ve got to go with Fiona Burke this Sunday.

This Sunday the FFP Television Title returns with the Tournament Final of Aiden Conrad vs Jason Copeland. Both of these guys know how to get it done in the ring. I believe that both of these guys will be in FFP for a long time. I could see the match going either way, but I pick Aiden Conrad to become the new Television Champ.

I love this feud! Ielahiah debuted attacking Firefly, and haven’t left her alone since. Ielahiah has went after Firefly’s mask a few times, and I feel she will do the same Sunday. But I see her putting too much effort into taking Firefly’s mask and I think somehow Firefly will capitalize and win the match.

EJ “Money” Carter has had a successful title reign thus far. But a four-way ladder match doesn’t put him in the best of positions. This match could definitely be match of the night. I see it either going the way of the champion or of arguably FFP’s greatest Cruiserweight Champion, Kashimanaki. I can’t pick between the two, but I see one of them leaving London with the title.

Ten Diamonds battling for the Triple-A Case. I like it. I think this will be an entertaining battle royal and honestly, it’s hard to pick this kind of match. Brandi Moore, Nina Fox, Christina Wiig and the recently re-hired Ariana Chaos have a lot of experience so I have to go with one of them. I guess if I had to pick one, I’d go ahead and pick the longest Diamond Champion in FFP history, Nina Fox.

Another tough one to pick! Ten guys going at it for the Triple-A Case. A lot of talent. A lot of strength, size and power in the ring at the same time. In this one I have to go with the one of the big men because they’ll be bringing the power to take out the competition. I see Eddie Siebenthaler throwing out his good friend Daniel Matthews to win this battle royal, and the case.

This very well could be the two greatest tag teams in FFP history going at it for the titles. Will the Kravens retain, or the Bulldogs take back what was once theirs? This is another one that has match of the night potential on it. Matt and Chris have always been a great tag team – when they were getting along. Will they be able to stay on the same page this Sunday? If so, I believe they will win this thing hands down. But if things go awry, we could see the Bulldogs pull out the victory. My pick… I have to go with the Kravens.

Kylie will have her sister in this match, there to assist her in any way possible. I think Kemina is an up and coming Diamond that has a bright future ahead of her. I also believe that Taylor Clawson is one of the best, and will definitely hold the Diamond Title again in FFP. But this Sunday, Kylie Connelly walks out with the Diamond Title.

That is, until Nina Fox cashes in her Triple-A Case and beats Kylie to regain the Diamond Title!

And to end the night I believe we will see Patrick McCoy somehow find a way to beat Anarchy and retain his FFP World Title.


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