06/24/2015 Woman Crush Wednesday


Woman Crush Wednesday | June 24, 2015
Nashville, Tennessee

The show began with Kylie Connelly coming out with her twin sister Katrina by her side, and of course the FFP Diamond Championship on her shoulder. Kylie talked about how tonight she would defeat Kemina and at the FFP 4th of July Event she would just be able to enjoy the fireworks instead of having to beat another challenger for her title.

Katrina also guaranteed victory for her sister, and talked about how her sister was not only the best Diamond in FFP currently, but of all time.

Alexis Reed vs Lacey Abernathy

Lacey worked on Alexis’ arm obviously trying to set her up for the Code Red Armbar. Reed used her power and natural athleticism to not only escape, but to hit Lacey with the Domination Spinebuster for the win.

After the match Jenna Kaufman interupted, telling Alexis that she only got lucky eliminating her in the Triple-A Case battle royal. Jenna said that Alexis was a nobody and her having the case was a waste. Alexis invited Jenna down and the two began to brawl. Jenna ducked a strike attempt and flattened Alexis with thr Spear. Then she stood over Alexis holding the Triple-A Case up in the air. Then she placed it on Alexis’ chest and left the ring.

The Ohio Wrestling Federation: The Stars of Tomorrow, Today!

Firefly vs Ariana Chaos

These two Diamonds always seem to create magic when they face off. This night was no different. Ariana went for the Impaler early, but Firefly reversed out and hit a superkick for a two count. Firefly hit a springboard moonsault for another two count. Chaos went back on the offensive hitting a running knee to the midsection of her masked opponent.

Ariana went for a frog splash but Firefly got her knees up. As it looked like Firefly would take the upperhand again, Ielahiah came down to ringside. Firefly turned her attention to her tattooed rival. This opened up the opportunity for Ariana to lock Firefly’s arms and plant her with the Impaler. Chaos then got the three count.

After the match Ielahiah slid into the ring. She took a microphone and challenged Firefly to a match at the FFP 4th of July Event. Ielahiah promised at that night to take Firefly’s mask.


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The scene cut backstage where President Matt Kraven and Vice-President Beatrice Keenan were joined with most of the Ohio Wrestling Federation roster. The OWF trainees seemed to be enjoying themselves as the President and VP showed them around and introduced them to FFP superstars.

Fiona Burke vs Christina Wiig

This was a very competitive match against an in-ring veteran and a promising up and comer. Fiona looked rather impressive against Christina, nearly getting a three count off of a hurricanrana off the top rope.

The momentum changer was when Fiona went for the FAB Drop, but Christina reversed it into a Northern lights suplex for a two count. Fiona argued with the referee for a moment and turned around in time to get hit with a Stunner courtesy of Wiig. Christina then made the pin for the victory.

After the match Christina celebrated, however Fiona was quick to attack her from behind, not only hitting her with a shot from behind, but then dropping her with the FAB Drop and leaving her lying in the middle of the ring. Burke then got on the microphone and told Christina that her time was done and that she needed to call it quits, step aside and let the young people take the stage.

In a little over one week FFP will present the FFP 4th of July Event! A great night of professional wrestling action that will have fireworks not only in the ring, but also presented following the event! Check it out on July 4th, live from Louisville, Kentucky!

Nina Fox vs Tasha Martinez

These girls went to battle, and it began before the bell could even ring. Nina and Tasha tore into each other, trading punches all around the ring. Eventually the fight made it’s way up the entrance ramp where Nina swung Tasha into one of the steel stage pieces. The referee pleaded with the two to get back into the ring where the match could officially start. However Tasha speared Nina through the entrance curtain, and the fight continued backstage.

Battling back and forth, knocking over tables and passing by FFP crew members as well as some fellow wrestlers, the brawl finally wound up in catering. It was there where Tasha attempted to threw Nina into a vending machine, only for Nina to reverse and whip Tasha into it. When Martinez turned back around Nina cracked her with the Superkick.

Fox then took possession of a nearby chair. With rage in her eyes she obviously had the worst intentions, however FFP security and officials finally intervened, and pulled Nina away, thankfully ending the violent fight. The match never officially started, therefore no winner could be announced.


Backstage we saw Firefly talking with Kemina. She asked Kemina if she wanted her to accompany her to the ring tonight when she faced Kylie. Kemina told Firefly that she knew that she’d have to deal with Katrina being on the outside of the ring, but she didn’t want Kylie to have any excuses after she beats her and earns a shot at the Diamond Title. Firefly said she understood and embraced her tag team partner.

FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles
(c) Seduction Inc vs Skye Sisters

This was a feud that took place years ago, and although the teams hadn’t went at it in a rivalry type fashion, it seemed to never stop. Natalie and Mona relied on brawling while Seduction Inc did their best to do what they usually do, win matches.

Brandi Moore really went at it with Natalie until Mona got tagged in. Mona gained the upperhand on Brandi, but Taylor got tagged in and got the best of Mona. Eventually Brandi and Natalie found themselves back in the ring with each other, and Brandi looked to have the match well in hand.

However the big screen on the FFP entrance stage fired up showing FFP Diamond Ginger Fields backstage, approaching Logan Christopher. Logan, who was watching his girlfriend Brandi and Taylor in their tag match, seemed a little startled to hear from Ginger. Ginger talked to Logan about how he trained Brandi, and how she just wanted to be like Brandi. She asked if Logan would please train her so she could be a better wrestler. Logan seemed hesitant, but Ginger kept on and kept on. Finally Logan agreed to train her.

Obviously Brandi was shown in the ring, audibly telling Logan to say no. However, off of the distraction Natalie Skye rolled Brandi Moore up. The referee made the count, and somehow Brandi just couldn’t get her shoulder up in time. FFP had new Diamond Tag Team Champions coming off of the distraction by Ginger Fields!

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If Kemina Wins She Gets a Title Shot at the 4th of July Show
Kylie Connelly w/ Katrina vs Kemina

A fantastic main event for the crowd in Nashville. Kemina seemed to try and try for the match ending move, especially as the match went on and on. Even attempting her Cradle Shock Driver to no avail.

Kylie fought back, hitting the BAB although the force of the move knocked Kemina out of the ring. Kylie went to go after her opponent, but the referee stopped her. But that didn’t stop Kylie’s twin sister from pulling Kemina up by her blonde hair and rolling her back into the ring.

Katrina tried getting involved once more when Kemina took the upperhand later in the match. But Kemina outsmarted the twins, Irish whipping Kylie into her sister, causing them to crash together. Katrina crashed to the arena floor, while Kemina scooped Kylie up and planted her with the Cradle Shock Driver. However, Kemina opted not to go for the pin, and instead went up top. After hitting an absolutely beautiful moonsault, Kemina hooked Kylie’s leg and got the three count! She earned her match with Kylie for the FFP Diamond Title July 4th at the FFP 4th of July Event!

The event ended with Firefly rushing to the ring to celebrate with her tag team partner.


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