Morgan Alexander’s FFP 4th of July Event Predictions

morganOnce, or maybe twice a month I give you all a huge gift, and it’s absolutely free. That’s right, it’s time for my FFP 4th of July Event predictions. You’re very welcome.

This event will take place this Saturday live from Louisville, Kentucky, and not only will we see some great FFP action, but we will also see OWF trainee Mason Wolfe take on FFP veteran Austin Briggs. And speaking of OWF, the live crowd in Louisville will get to see a six-man tag team match featuring all OWF talent. Of course that match will take place before the actual show begins. Also, that’s breaking news…that’s what I bring to you people.

Speaking of Austin Briggs vs Mason Wolfe, we’ll begin with that match. Honestly, Mason bit off a little more than he could chew here. I’m sure he’ll be a talented wrestler once he’s had time to develop in the OWF. That’s why it’s called developmental. Briggs will plant him with the Brainbuster and get an easy victory.
Morgan’s Prediction: Austin Briggs

I honestly think it was a huge mistake for Alexis to put her Triple-A Case on the line against Jenna in this match. Obviously Jenna manipulated Alexis into doing so. Kudos to Jenna. Alexis hasn’t been what you’d call a victorious Diamond, losing MUCH more than she wins. Jenna will Spear her and take her case away.
Morgan’s Prediction: Jenna Kaufman

Christinia Wiig is a great Diamond wrestler. But she’s climbing the ladder of retirement, and I agree with Fiona Burke, maybe it’s Christina’s time to hang up the boots. Fiona will drop her with the FAB Drop and prove that she is the Diamond of the (near) future.
Morgan’s Prediction: Fiona Burke

We don’t know too much about either one of these wrestlers, but they have quite the feud going on since Ares interfered in Stigma’s match at FFP Uprising. Ares seems to get the upperhand in every meeting they have. But, Stigma throwing this stipulation out obviously means he’s familiar with the Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match. Maybe Ares does too, but I’ve got to go with my gut, and go with Stigma.
Morgan’s Prediction: Stigma

Although I disagree with not having Prince Tau & Jackson Pearce as well as the Two Man Mafia in this match, I think it will be quite the gauntlet match. I have to go with brute strength and power though. Mikhail Vakhrov is known as “The Russian Lion”. He and Anarchy will beat every team thrown in their way and become the #1 contenders.
Morgan’s Prediction: Hunt Enterprises
And on a side note, I predict they will go on to beat the Kraven Brothers at the FFP Mid-Summer Classic!

Another feud that was violently shoved into personal status. Ielahiah has gotten the best of Firefly everytime they have went face-to-face. I don’t believe on the 4th of July it’ll be any different. Ielahiah will bring her violent side like she always does, and will beat the masked Diamond.
Morgan’s Prediction: Ielahiah

I believe that Aiden Conrad is the superstar of the future. I see Conrad beating Adam Black, and continuing what will be an amazing reign as the FFP Television Champion.
Morgan’s Prediction: Aiden Conrad

The Skye Sisters pulled one over on Seduction Inc due to Ginger Fields’ distraction, trying to talk Logan Christopher into training her. I think that Seduction Inc will be all business this Saturday and will win back the Diamond Tag Team Titles, making them the 8-time champs!
Morgan’s Prediction: Seduction Inc

The semi-main event of Kylie Connelly defending her title against Kemina will be a great one. An excellent contest that will give the men a run for their money. Kylie Connelly is hands-down the best FFP Diamond on the roster right now. Kemina is good, but Kylie is great. Kylie successfully retains, with or without the help of the Drop Dead Diamond Trio.
Morgan’s Prediction: Kylie Connelly

Come on guys. Patrick McCoy is the FFP World Champion. Christopher Morgan is the FFP Adrenaline Champion. Logan Christopher and Daniel Matthews hold no championships at all right now. None. Patrick and Christopher Morgan will school Logan and Daniel in the main event of the 4th of the July Event and celebrate with their championships held high in the air.
Morgan’s Prediction: Patrick McCoy & Christopher Morgan


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