07/01/2015 Woman Crush Wednesday


Woman Crush Wednesday | July 1, 2015
Memphis, Tennessee

Kylie Connelly, Katrina Connelly and Lacey Abernathy, now known as the Drop Dead Gorgeous Trio opened the show up already in the ring. Kylie talked about her match with Kemina this weekend, and about how she got to choose the stipulation. to no one’s surprise she chose No Disqualification, meaning Katrina and Lacey could get involved.

Kylie guaranteed victory and spoke about the Drop Dead Gorgeous Trio already being on their way to the FFP Hall of Fame.

Suki Okada vs Valentina Perez

Both girls seemed to have something to prove, neither beig featured as much as they’d prefer.

Suki hit some really hard strikes on VIP. VIP hit a tornado DDT for a two count. Suki battled back hitting a big clothesline and a German suplex. However it was VIP hitting the VIP Treatment for the pinfall.


Backstage we saw Francine Davis alongside Alexis Reed. Francine asked Alexis if it was a mistake to put her Triple-A Case on the line against Jenna Kaufman. Of course Alexis said no, and talked about how she will beat Jenna and prove that she belongs.


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The scene now cut backstage to Brandi Moore. Brandi talked about how her and Taylor would defeat the Skye Sisters this Saturday at the 4th of July Event and once again regain the Diamond Tag Team Titles.

Taylor Clawson vs Fiona Burke

A back and forth affair that was main event worthy. Plenty of near falls. Also Taylor Clawson locked in a modified camel clutch that really seemed to take down the sails of Fiona Burke.

Burke fought back with some impressive suplexes. She went for the FAB Drop, but Taylor escaped and hit the Flatliner for the pin.

After the match Valentina Perez came out clapping for Taylor. Obviously the clapping was not intending to be a compliment, but a sarcastic reaction to Taylor’s win.

This Saturday, FFP will present the FFP 4th of July Event! A great night of professional wrestling action that will have fireworks not only in the ring, but also presented following the event! Check it out this Saturday, live from Louisville, Kentucky!

Non-Title Match
Skye Sisters vs Kenzie Anderson & Juno Frost

The Skye Sisters have chips on their shoulders the size of New York. Although they won the Diamond Tag Titles from Seduction Inc, it was under questionable circumstances.

Natalie and Mona clicked very well. Kenzie and Juno had flashes of offense, but the Skye Sisters owned the match. Natalie hit Juno with the Widow’s Peak for the three count.

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Backstage we saw Merlot Ayano talking with her friend Lizzy Kraven about Lizzy’s upcoming Cruiserweight Title defense at the FFP Mid-Summer Classic against Ariana Chaos. Merlot wished Lizzy good luck and gave her a hug.

Tasha Martinez vs Firefly

Coming off of her violent battle with Nina Fox, Tasha had some pent up frustration. Of course Firefly having Ielahiah be a thorn in her side didn’t help her either.

This was a battle with both girls hitting some hard shots on the other. Tasha hit a powerbomb for a two count. She went for a splash feom the top but Firefly got her knees up. As Firefly set up for the Crucifix Powerbomb Ielahiah came to the ring.

Ielahiah attacked Firefly, forcing the referee to disqualify Tasha. However the two teamed up on the masked Diamond. That is until Nina Fox rushed to the ring. Evening things up ans getting the upperhand on Ielahiah, sending her over the top rope.


Backstage we saw Quinn Delaney standing by with Tyrece Beckman. Quinn made the announcement that next week at Woman Crush Wednesday Quinn would be back in action!

Nina Fox vs Ielahiah

Another violent match which began right after Firefly and Tasha Martinez left ringside. Although these two have the ability to put on entertaining and competitive technical matches, this was a brawl like the last one.

Ielahiah went for the Velvet Disaster but Nina escaped and hit the Superkick. As she went for the cover Tasha Martinez hit the ring again. After attacking Nina, the referee called for the bell again, ending this match as well because of disqualification.

Firefly returned the favor, coming to the ring to assist Nina Fox. The fight went back and forth until finally Nina and Firefly cleared the ring. They embraced in the middle of the ring as Ielahiah and Tasha headed backstage.


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