07/08/2015 Woman Crush Wednesday


Woman Crush Wednesday | July 8, 2015
Charleston, West Virginia

The show began with Kylie Connelly along with Katrina and Lacey Abernathy in the ring. Kylie demanded that Kemina come to the ring and give Kylie the Diamond Championship back.

Matt Kraven came out next to mediate. Then Kemina came out with the title. Kraven kept peace as Kylie continued demanding the title. Kemina promised Kylie that she would take the belt back at the Mid-Summer Classic, then handed Kylie the title.

Quinn Delaney Returns!
Quinn Delaney vs Lacey Abernathy

A fast paced back and forth match with the crowd solidly behind the returning Quinn Delaney. Quinn hit a flipping neckbreaker from the middle rope for a two count. Lacey battled back, hitting a powerbomb into a pin and using the ropes for leverage, however only getting a two count. Lacey went for a dive from the middle rope but Quinn reversed it into the Quinn Cutter for the pin.


The scene cut backstage where Brandi Moore was waiting with Logan Christopher. Obviously she was waiting for Ginger Fields to show her face. As Brandi waited, with Logan trying to calm her, Logan got a phone call from Ginger. She explained that she wouldn’t be able to make it to the show. Brandi was very frustrated as she wanted to confront Ginger over her distracting Seduction Inc on two different occasions.

In the Ring

Michelle “Hard Candy” Storm came out and issued a challenge, saying that the only way she would climb the ladder in FFP is to take on any challengers. As she spoke she was interrupted by Amanda Kelly. Amanda let Michelle speak for only a moment, then flattened her with a big clothesline. Amanda then hit the Kelly Bomb. She took the microphone and told Michelle that she wouldn’t be climbing up any ladder in FFP as long as Amanda was in her way.


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Fiona Burke vs Firefly

A highly entertaining match with Fiona targeting Firefly, obviously setting her up for the FAB Drop. Firefly fought back and hit a blue thunder bomb for a two count. Firefly went up top but Fiona stopped her, and hit a superplex. Burke then went for the FAB Drop but Firefly reversed into a small package, surprising Fiona and getting the three count.

After the match Fiona stayed in the ring looking angry. Giovanni Gotch came out much like she did at the 4th of July Event. Fiona rolled her eyes at Gotch and stormed away.

In the Ring

In the ring, Jenna Kaufman stood with Alexis Reed’s Triple-A Case in her hand. Jenna said that even though Alexis got lucky at the 4th of July Event, Jenna still deserved the case. Alexis then came out, telling Jenna to hand the case over. Of course the conversation turned physical with Jenna using the case as a weapon, and escaping from Alexis.


Backstage we saw Francine Davis catching up with Jenna Kaufman. Francine asked Jenna what exactly her plan was. Jenna said she simply is keeping the case so Alexis can’t cash-in and use an opportunity that he didn’t deserve.

On July 25, 2015 the FFP will present the FFP Hall of Fame. And in the FFP’s first ever class in it’s Hall of Fame, we will welcome Veronica Clyne, April Hunter, Christopher Morgan, Daniel Matthews and Seduction Inc into this elite class!

And only one night later, FFP will present it’s July pay-per-view FFP Mid-Summer Classic! In the main event of the Mid-Summer Classic we will see Patrick McCoy put his World Title on the line against Logan Christopher. We will also see The Kraven Brothers defend the Tag Team Titles against Hunt Enterprises, as well as see some of the Ohio Wrestling Federation Titles determined! You won’t want to miss it!

FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles
(c) Skye Sisters vs Lizzy Kraven & Suki Okada

Another back and forth match with plenty of near falls. Suki Okada really brought her best on this night, not only getting a near fall on Natalie Skye, but Mona as well. Lizzy Kraven flattened Mona Skye with a Kraven Lariat, but Mona rolled out of the ring.

When it looked as if Lizzy and Suki were going to take the Diamond Tag Titles, Natalie rolled Lizzy up and pulled on her tights to win the match.

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Non-Title Match
Kylie Connelly w/ Katrina vs Nina Fox

These two ladies gave the Charleston, West Virginia crowd one hell of a main event. Kylie attempted to end the match early with a small package, but only got a two count. Nina fought back, hitting a modified fisherman brainbuster for a two count.

The two Diamonds wound up on the top turnbuckle where Nina three Kylie down to the mat, then hit a missile dropkick. She went for her Superkick, but Kylie ducked and rolled Nina up, pulling the tights. But Nina kicked out at two.

Kylie now went for the BAB, but Nina countered with a clothesline/STO combo. Nina then stepped back, getting ready to attempt the Superkick again. However just before she could attempt her finisher, Katrina and Lacey Abernathy stormed the ring. Blindsiding Nina, they knocked her down and put the boots to her.

The referee called for the bell, disqualifying the Diamond Champion. But that didn’t stop the beating.

However, when Kemina and Firefly rushed to the ring, they were quick to clear the ring and check on Fox.

Kylie took the microphone and challenged the three to take on the Drop Dead Diamond Trio this weekend at Sadistic Saturday Night. Nina and Las Bellezas Peligrosas gladly accepted the challenge.


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