2015 FFP Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

2015 FFP Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
July 25, 2015 | Cincinnati, Ohio

The FFP and OWF superstars showed up dressed to the nines. Everyone seemed to be thrilled to be in attendance for the first ever FFP Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

Seduction Inc (Brandi Moore & Taylor Clawson)
inducted by Matt Kraven

The first induction was arguably the greatest tag team in Full Force Pro, Seduction Inc. Inducting, was the Owner and President of FFP, Matt Kraven. Matt said that he could say a lot about Seduction Inc. But talked about they possibly surpassed the popularity of all other FFP superstars very quickly. He talked about his relationship with Brandi Moore, and about how he is close friends with both of these women.

Brandi and Taylor came out on the stage looking beautiful. They thanked everyone for supporting them throughout their time in FFP. They both promised that Seduction Inc wasn’t done and that they would climb back to the top of the Diamond Division, they would hold the FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles again, and that they both would hold the FFP Diamond Championship again. They talked about their love for FFP, and said that there is no place they’d rather be.

Christopher Morgan
inducted by Caleb Newstead

Caleb Newstead came out and talked about bringing Christopher into the professional wrestling industry. He said that Christopher had a very natural ability in the ring, and that it was easy to bring him in. He said that Christopher was supposed to be his sidekick, but he very rapidly surpassed Newstead.

Christopher came out and thanked Caleb. He said that maybe one day Newstead could come back for one more match, against Morgan. Newstead smiled and they agreed that that would be one hell of a match. Christopher spoke about his Adrenaline Title reign and how he felt that he was elevating the title. He talked about his multiple World Title reigns, and said that he would eventually get back to the top of the mountain. He said that when he joined FFP that his goal was to be the absolute best, and even if he isn’t quite the absolute best, he’s on his way there.

April Hunter
inducted by Lizzy Kraven

Lizzy Kraven came out and spoke about how April Hunter was not only a bad ass in the ring, but also a drop dead gorgeous chick who had a killer bod, and the ability to beat up guys! Lizzy said that April was an inspiration for women in this sport, to be beautiful but be strong as well. Lizzy spoke about how April was the very first high profile superstar to sign with Full Force Pro, opening the door for the likes of Missy Hyatt, Sunny and the Impact Players.

April came out and thanked Lizzy for the induction. She also thanked Matt Kraven for bringing her into Full Force Pro. April talked about her time in FFP, making a surprise debut and defeating Ariana Chaos to win the Diamond Title, losing the title to Nina Fox, who ended up holding it for one year, as well as teaming with Ariana Chaos, then becoming the manager of The Queendom. April said that FFP was a very fun place to work, and that she very well could find herself back in the company. April smiled and said that if she were to come back, she’d come back for a second Diamond Title run.

Daniel Matthews
inducted by Veronica Clyne

Veronica Clyne came out and talked about how she knew Daniel Matthews better than most. She said he was a quiet guy who was straight to the point, but he was absolutely the best wrestler that Full Force Pro had ever seen. She spoke about how he trained her (as well as Patrick McCoy). She talked about his training. About how he’d treat her like anyone else, and expect nothing but the best. She talked about him being the first FFP World Champion, as well as him winning the Adrenaline, Television and Tag Team Titles as well. She said that Christopher Morgan said that he was on his way to becoming the absolute best wrestler in FFP, but that Daniel Matthews WAS the absolute best, and he wouldn’t be giving that spot up anytime soon.

Daniel wrapped Veronica up in a hug and kissed her on the head. He thanked her for her induction, and talked about how he signed with Full Force Pro on day one. He talked about forming friendships with Matt Kraven, Patrick McCoy, Veronica Clyne, Brandi Moore, Taylor Clawson and more. He said that his time in FFP is far from up, and that he still expects to accomplish much much more. He thanked the fans for the support, through his good times and his bad. He promised that at the FFP Mid-Summer Classic he would leave with the Adrenaline Title, and show the world that he is without a doubt the best in FFP. Matthews thanked everyone again. He thanked Matt for giving him the opportunity to work in FFP, he thanked the fans, and he thanked all the wrestlers in FFP for working so hard to make FFP what it is today.

Veronica Clyne
inducted by Nina Fox

Nina Fox talked about the rich history she has with Veronica Clyne. She spoke about looking up to Veronica when she was dreaming of being a wrestler. She talked about being trained by Veronica Clyne (as well as Matt Kraven). She talked about Veronica creating The Kingdom, and trying to destroy Matt Kraven and Nina herself. She spoke about their epic match at last year’s Blaze of Glory where they stole the show with the final match of their epic rivalry. Nina said that she absolutely respects Veronica, and she is proud to not only be her friend once again, but proud to be inducting her into the FFP Hall of Fame. Nina said that Veronica single handedly beat Seduction Inc, she had the greatest rivalry in FFP history with Brandi Moore, she won the Diamond Title, the Diamond Tag Titles, and of course she was the first ever woman FFP World Champion! Then she introduced Veronica, who she called, “the best woman wrestler EVER!”

Veronica came out and hugged Nina. They shared words that no one else could hear. Veronica thanked everyone for everything. She talked about all of her injuries, and several scares of possibly never being able to do this again. She talked about her rivalry with Brandi Moore, and said that she has never seen another rivalry quite like it. She talked about FFP returning, and her winning the World Title in a 5-Spot Ladder Match. She talked about giving the title up, but coming back to win it again from Lizzy Kraven. She thanked Matt Kraven and FFP for inducting her. She said that out of all of her accomplishments, this was the very best one. She said that she doesn’t know what she would have done without FFP, but that without FFP her life would not be even as close to as good as what it is.

Veronica thanked Nina for her kind words. She said that out of all of her students that Nina is her favorite, and the one that she is most proud of. She noted that Nina said she was the best woman wrestler ever, but disagreed, and told Nina that Nina was in fact the best woman wrestler ever. With a tear in her eye she thanked the FFP crowd once more. Then she announced that at FFP Blaze of Glory 2015 that she would finally make her return to the squared circle!

The crowd gave a standing ovation as Veronica wrapped up her speech. Then, the rest of the inductees joined Veronica on the stage. The crowd continued with the standing ovation, applauding the very first class in the FFP Hall of Fame.


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