08/22/2015 Sadistic Saturday Night


Sadistic Saturday Night | August 22, 2015
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The show began with the FFP Vice-President Beatrice Keenan. She talked about Matt Kraven still being out because of the beating he got courtesy of Mason Wolfe and Dexter Murdoch last weekend.

She also announced thet Daniel Matthews was injured as well, and would not be in attendance tonight.

Backstage we saw the record breaking Adrenaline Champion Christopher Morgan. Morgan bragged once again about his title reign, and announced an open challenge this Wednesday with his title on the line.

Travis Banks & Teddy Wagner vs Two Man Mafia
Obviously the tag teams of FFP were being tested. In this match Travis Banks and Teddy Wagner brought their best, but the experience of the Two Man Mafia was too much to overcome. Hunter Brown hit the Deal Breaker on Travis Banks for the pin.

Backstage Nikki Navarro was joined by Seduction Inc. Brandi Moore and Taylor Clawson talked about how Kylie Connelly seemed too big for her britches. Taylor then reminded the world that she beat Kylie laat week at FFP Wednesday Night.

Austin Briggs vs Xavier Scott
Austin Briggs came out looking impressive after a small vacation. Using his technical skills to wear Xavier down, it was the Brainbuster that got him the three count and the victory.


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Logan Christopher w/ Brandi Moore vs Hades
A very technical wrestling match that was very exciting for the Milwaukee crowd. Hades hit a double stomp off the top for a two count. He went for the Burning Hammer, but Logan reversed into an impressive swinging DDT. Logan then hit the Shooting Star Press for the three count.

In the Ring
The Queendom came down to the ring and talked about how they hadn’t seem Team FAB. They spoke about hiw Fiona and Giovanni were scared of them. However, to their surprise, Fiona and Giovanni came through the crowd and put a beating on their bitter rivals.

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Deshaun Reed & Desmond York vs Prince Tau & Adam Black
Another back and forth tag team match featuring a couple of established stars as well as up and comers. Desmond York hit the Blue Thunder Bomb on Adam Black for the three count.

Beatrice Keenan then came out and announced that the winners of tonight’s tag team matches, the Two Man Mafia and Deshaun Reed & Desmond York, would square off at FFP Wednesday Night to determine the number one contenders for the Tag Team Titles.

Nikki Navarro was now shown with Team FAB. Before Nikki could complete her first question however, The Queendom attacked. The four Diamonds went at it, brawling around the hallway until FFP security intervened.

“The Russian Lion” Mikhail Vakhrov w/ Bianca Hunt vs Eddie Siebenthaler
Eddie Siebenthaler hadn’t seen a lot of success after his Adrenaline Title reign. Unfortunately, tonight was no different, with Mikhail hitting From Russia With Love for the three count.

On August 30th FFP presents Blaze of Glory. On the show we will see multiple battle royals to determine new number one contenders, Veronica Clyne return to action after a four month absence, and Team FAB vs The Queendom. Be sure to order FFP Blaze of Glory on pay-per-view or catch it on the FFP Network!

Tyrece Beckman was joined by FFP Cruiserweight Champion Lizzy Kraven and Suki Okada. The two friends suggested that they face Vanity and Demoness for the FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles.

FFP Women’s Title
(c) Kylie Connelly w/ Katrina Connelly vs Christina Wiig

A battle between two former stablemates although Wiig wasn’t a part of the 4 Drop Dead Diamonds for very long. Katrina came down to the ring with her sister.

Christina came out on fire, obviously looking for revenge on Kylie. Kylie fought back, using a cheap shot to the throat to gain the advantage.

Christina kicked out of Kylie’s finishing move the BAB which seemed to shock a lot of people. Wiig fought back and hit her finisher, the Stunner. She then went for the pin but Kylie got her foot on the bottom rope right before the three count.

Christina now went for a running powerbomb but Kylie escaped and smashed Christina with the BAB again. She then pinned Christina for the three count.

After the match Taylor Clawson came out. She said that she beat Kylie last Wednesday and feels like she deserves a title shot. Kylie argued but Taylor continued, talking about how if Kylie had any guts she’d defend the title against her this Wednesday. After a little taunting, Kylie agreed to put the title on the line this Wednesday against Taylor Clawson.

In the Ring
The FFP World Champion Patrick McCoy came down to the ring with Scarlett Ducane. He talked about how he had defended against pretty much everyone and that he was the greatest World Champion in FFP history. He mentioned him and Scarlett being FFP’s power couple.

Of course that brought Adam Hyatt and Madison Castle out to the ring. The two couples argued about who was the real Power Couple. The confrontation ended with Adam Hyatt flooring McCoy with the Superkick and Madison spearing Scarlett. The show ended with Adam and Madison standing tall in the middle of the ring.


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