08/26/2015 FFP Wednesday Night

FFP Wednesday Night | August 26, 2015
St Paul, Minnesota

The show opened up with FFP Adrenaline Champion Christopher Morgan talking about his open challenge and who may answer it. Matt Evanston then came out and said he would love the opportunity. Morgan accepted and the match was set.

The scene cut backstage where Beatrice Keenan was hanging out with her boyfriend, the OWF Champion Mason Wolfe. They talked about the matches set for tonight. Beatrice spoke about having Mason make a special appearance at Blaze of Glory this Sunday.

#1 Contenders Match
Two Man Mafia vs Deshaun Reed & Desmond York

A very competitive opening match which really got the Minnesota crowd going. Desmond Young hit an impressive backbreaker on Hunter Brown for a near fall. However Brown wound up hitting the Deal Breaker for the three count.

On August 30th FFP presents Blaze of Glory. On the show we will see multiple battle royals to determine new number one contenders, Veronica Clyne return to action after a four month absence, and Team FAB vs The Queendom. Be sure to order FFP Blaze of Glory on pay-per-view or catch it on the FFP Network!

El Diablo vs EJ “Money” Carter
A fast paced and exciting cruiserweight bout that had the crowd into it the whole time. Diablo locked in a Dragon Clutch but Money hit the Bankruptcy for the pin.

Backstage we saw Nikki Navarro attempting to get a word with Team FAB, but in the midst, The Queendom interupted and a brawl broke out. These two teams will go at it Sunday at Blaze of Glory.

FFP Adrenaline Title | Open Challenge
(c) Christopher Morgan vs Matt Evanston

This was a hard hitting stiff match that had both men showcase their amazing technical wrestling skills.

This match surely proved that Matt Evanston would no doubt become an FFP main eventer one day. Evanston hit the Go to Sleep, which looked to knock the Adrenaline Champ out. But before Evanston could make the pin, Nathan Caine slid into the ring and attacked his former tag partner and now rival.

The referee called for the bell, disqualifying Christopher Morgan for the outside interference, but that didn’t stop Nathan from planting Matt with two DDTs and a Double Underhook Driver.

Nikki Navarro was now shown. She broke the news that next week at FFP Wednesday Night, Lizzy Kraven and Suki Okada would challenge Vanity and Demoness for the Diamond Tag Team Titles.

FFP Diamond Title
(c) Kylie Connelly vs Taylor Clawson

A match in which both Diamonds showed their natural ability. The former Diamond Champion Taylor Clawson found herself at the end of a dropkick to the knee that sent her crashing to the outside and left her limping for most of the match.

A Kylie Connelly BAB looked like the end for Tayloe Clawson, but the Seduction Inc member kicked out just before the three count.

Katrina Connelly, Lacey Abernathy and Alexis Reed made their way out to the ring, which brought out Seduction Inc members Brandi Moore and “Baby” Jo Messi.

Eventually one of the Four Drop Dead Diamonds attempted to distract the referee while another tried getting involved. Of course this forced Seduction Inc to take action. As a brawl broke out on the outside of the ring, Taylor Clawson gained the advantage and hit the Flatliner on the Diamond Champion. However Kylie was able to kick out at two.

As Brandi took care of Katrina and Jo Messi took down Alexis, Lacey Abernathy climbed onto the apron. However Taylor whipped her opponent into the redhead, knocking Abernathy to the arena floor. Taylor then planted Kylie with an impressive jumping piledriver. Clawson hooked Kylie’s leg and got the three count! Taylor Clawson had won the FFP Diamond Championship for the second time in her career.

Brandi and “Baby” Jo climbed into the ring and celebrated with Taylor. It was Seduction Inc’s night. And more importantly, Taylor Clawson had defeated the seemingly unstoppable Kylie Connelly!


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