08/30/2015 FFP Blaze of Glory (PPV)

FFP Blaze of Glory
August 30, 2015 | Minneapolis, Minnesota

The show opened up with the return of FFP Owner and President Matt Kraven. Matt promised that tonight would be an epic night of Full Force Pro action. He promoted the FFP Network again, and also announced that he would not be taking part in the FFP World Title #1 Contender Battle Royal. He thanked the crowd and promised some big announcements regarding Full Force Pro this week.

Last Man Standing Match
Nathan Caine w/ Delta Madison vs Matt Evanston

Before the match could begin, Delta Madison got on the microphone and said that she was over this whole feud. She said that she dumped Matt Evanston because she was unimpressed, and said that as far as she cared, the two could tear each other apart for the Minneapolis crowd. She then left ringside.

The two former partners still tore into each other. Even though Delta was a key component of their break up, the Bulldogs still had a violent break up that left them both disliking the other. Matt Evanston put Nathan through a table with a running powerbomb, but Nathan answered the ten count. Caine fought back and speared Matt to the outside of the ring. He viciously whipped Matt into the steel guardrail many times before leveling him with the ring bell.

Matt fought back and hit a DDT onto the exposed concrete floor, busting Nathan open. The blood spewed out of Nathan’s forehead. And like a moth to a flame, Matt continued attacking Nathan’s wound. Evanston continuously slammed Nathan head first into the steel ring post before hitting a devastating piledriver on the arena floor. The referee counted the ten count, and Matt Evanston was proclaimed the winner.


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Former FFP Television Champion Battle Royal
Winner is #1 Contender

Featuring: Daniel Matthews, Nathan Caine, Madison Grey, Hunter Brown and Aiden Conrad
One of the quicker battle royals as it only featured five FFP superstars. Aiden Conrad was first eliminated, surprisingly by Madison Grey. Grey was then dumped out by Nathan Caine. Daniel Matthews went head to head with Hunter Brown as the crowd cheered big for Daniel and booed Hunter Brown. Nathan Caine tried getting involved but found himself eliminated by Daniel and Hunter. Daniel then back body dropped Hunter over the top and onto the ring apron. Matthews hit a superkick sending Hunter crashing to the arena floor. Daniel earned the chance to face Anarchy for the Television Title later tonight.

Nikki Navarro was standing by with Lacey Abernathy and Alexis Reed. The two members of the 4 Drop Dead Diamonds talked about how Kylie would absolutely win the battle royal tonight and reclaim her Diamond Title. They also talked about how they would like another chance at the FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles after Lizzy Kraven and Suki Okada get their title match.

Former FFP Cruiserweight Champion Battle Royal
Winner is #1 Contender

Featuring: Deranged, Kashimanaki, Logan Christopher, Hades, El Diablo and EJ “Money” Carter
Another somewhat quick battle royal, saw Deranged get eliminated first, by his former teammate Hades. EJ Carter eliminated El Diablo while former tag team partners Kashimanaki and Logan Christopher went at it. Logan Christopher ended up being dumped over when Kashimanaki and Hades teamed up. EJ Carter seemed to have the odds stacked against him, however he tossed Kashimanaki out of the ring, leaving himself open for Hades to sneak up from behind him and dump him over the top as well. Hades would go on to face the first ever woman FFP Cruiserweight Champion, Lizzy Kraven.

Who will be Miss FFP 2015?
President Matt Kraven came back out to present this year’s Miss FFP. First, Matt brought out the 2014 Miss FFP, Brandi Moore. He asked Brandi who she thought would win. Obviously Brandi said she was hoping she would win it two years in a row, but said that if she had to pick someone else it would obviously be her tag team partner, and reigning Diamond Champion Taylor Clawson.

Matt announced that there were five women who had the highest votes. He announced that in fifth place with 14% of the vote was Giovanni Gotch. In fourth place with 15% of the vote was Scarlett Ducane. In third place with 19% of the vote was Brandi Moore. In second place with 22% of the vote was Kylie Connelly. And lastly, he announced that this year’s Miss FFP, with 23% of the vote, was Nina Fox!

Nina Fox came out to the ring and graciously accepted the honor. She was congratulated by Matt Kraven as well as Brandi Moore. Nina then took the microphone and thanked everyone for their votes. She said that all she ever wanted to do here was wrestle, and that all she ever wanted to be was a top woman wrestler. She thanked everyone again and promised to do her best to do good things as Miss FFP 2015.

Team FAB vs The Queendom
These two teams tore into one another. The Queendom obviously had the experience against the younger Team FAB, however Fiona Burke and Giovanni Gotch, rich with a family history in professional wrestling, were no push over.

Jenna Kaufman hit Giovanni Gotch with the Spear that looked like it could spell the end for Team FAB, but Fiona dispatched Jenna out of the ring, and planted Monika with the FAB Drop. All hell broke out with all four women going at it.

Once order was maintained, Jenna Kaufman went for another Spear, this time on Fiona, but Burke dodged and hit a back elbow. Fiona then tagged in Giovanni who continued keeping the upperhand on The Queendom, eventually locking Jenna in the Koji Clutch. Jenna held on, trying extremely hard to get a tag, but eventually had to tap out.

After the match Monika stormed in going after Giovanni, but Fiona got in to back up her tag partner, and Monika left the ring. Team FAB stood tall in the middle of the ring.

Former FFP Adrenaline Champion Battle Royal
Winner is #1 Contender

Featuring: Adam Hyatt, Prince Tau and Eddie Siebenthaler
Because Daniel Matthews won the Television Title #1 Contender Battle Royal, he was ineligible for this one. Adam Hyatt and Prince Tau teamed up to eliminate Eddie Siebenthaler. The two then went head to head in a hard hitting affair. Prince Tau eventually hit the Spear, and tossed Adam over the top rope, earning his chance at Christopher Morgan and his record breaking Adrenaline Title reign.

Former FFP Diamond Champion Battle Royal
Winner is #1 Contender

Featuring: Nina Fox, Brandi Moore, Kylie Connelly, Monika Andrews, Christi Carter, Rochelle, April Hunter, Kemina, Synn & Ariana Chaos
This battle royal by far featured the most former FFP stars. Notably, Christi Carter, Rochelle, April Hunter and Synn were taking part in the battle royal. Ariana Chaos was the first eliminated by Rochelle, who then went after Kemina. Christi Carter squared off with Monika Andrews. Christi and Monika were both then eliminated by April Hunter. April was next eliminated by Brandi Moore, who also eliminated Rochelle. Synn and Kemina went at it while Nina Fox went after Kylie Connelly. Brandi teamed with Nina to dump the former Diamond Champion out of the ring. Of course Kylie threw a fit, very unhappy at being eliminated. Synn was the next to go, courtesy of Kemina. Kemina was then tossed out by Brandi Moore. Nina and Brandi were the final two, and squared off against the other. Eventually they both knocked the other out onto the apron and continued doing battle. The match ended when Brandi got back into the ring, hit the ropes and leveled Nina with a running European uppercut sending her crashing to the arena floor. Brandi Moore would now go on to face off against her best friend, and Seduction Inc co-creator Taylor Clawson.

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Former FFP World Champion Battle Royal
Winner is #1 Contender

Featuring: Austin Briggs, Veronica Clyne, Adam Hyatt, Blood Reign, Nina Fox & Chris Kraven
Daniel Matthews was ineligible for this battle royal as well, and Matt Kraven did not participate. Austin Briggs and Adam Hyatt went at it while Chris Kraven went after Blood Reign. Unfortunately for Chris, Blood Reign tossed him out with ease. Adam Hyatt then hit Blood Reign with the Superkick. Adam and Veronica Clyne teamed up and dumped Blood Reign over the top. Nina Fox and Veronica Clyne looked like they may go at it, but before they could Austin Briggs got involved. Briggs was the next eliminated by both of the women. Adam Hyatt then dumped Nina Fox over the top rope. It was down to Adam and Veronica Clyne. The two battled back and forth, with Adam not wanting to get too physical, but trying to toss the former World and Diamond Champion out of the ring. Veronica wound up back body dropping Adam over the top and dropkicking him, but Hyatt held onto the top rope. He got back into the ring, but was scooped up and stunned by Veronica’s finisher the Go to Sleep. Veronica then hit the ropes, and clotheslined Adam over the top rope. She would go on to face off against her former stablemate Patrick McCoy for the FFP World Title.

FFP Television Title
(c) Anarchy w/ Bianca Hunt vs Daniel Matthews

These two have had many run-ins inside the squared circle before. Anytime they would go one on one they would put on great matches. Tonight was no different. Anarchy attempted to lock Daniel into a rear naked choke, and the STF early, but Daniel had too much fight in him, and was able to muscle his way out. Anarchy began using hard strikes, most notably kicks to the midsection to wear Daniel down. Matthews fought back, hitting hard strikes as well. Daniel muscled Anarchy up onto his shoulders and went for his Death Valley Driver, but Anarchy slipped off of Daniel’s shoulders and locked in the rear naked choke. Daniel held on, gritting his teeth and reaching for the ropes. He attempted to push Anarchy’s arms, sliding his chin out from his strong grip, but Daniel couldn’t escape. He was forced to submit to the Television Champion.

The scene cut backstage where Kylie Connelly was still throwing a fit over not winning the #1 Contender Battle Royal. Quinn Delaney, who we haven’t seen in a while, walked up telling Kylie to stop. Quinn reminded Kylie that she was once one of her groupies, and told her to get over the fact that she had lost her title and didn’t win the battle royal. Quinn said that Kylie is lucky to have won the Diamond Title, and said that if she had just come off of a successful title reign that she wouldn’t be throwing a fit like a baby.

Quinn turned to walk away but Kylie quickly attacked her, knocking her to the concrete floor and laying in kicks and stomps to her back. FFP security pulled Kylie off of her downed foe as the medical staff checked on Quinn.

FFP Cruiserweight Title
(c) Lizzy Kraven vs Hades

Hades attacked Lizzy as she entered the ring. He didn’t let up even after receiving a warning from the referee. Placing a knee in the back of Lizzy’s head Hades forced her throat up against the middle rope, choking her until the referee was close to calling for the bell. Hades hoisted Lizzy up for the Burning Hammer, but she slipped out of his grip, hit the ropes and delivered with the Kraven Lariat. After the beating she had taken, she crawled over to Hades to make the pin, but he got his shoulder up before the three count.

The two got back to their feet at the same time. Lizzy hit the ropes again, attempting another Kraven Lariat, but Hades ducked it and hit a backflip kick connecting right to Lizzy’s head. She stumbled back and fell to her hands and knees. As she raised her head back up, Hades hit the ropes and connected with a dropkick to the face. He then pulled Lizzy up by her bright red hair, scooped her up onto his shoulders and planted her with the Burning Hammer. Hades then made the pin and won the FFP Cruiserweight Championship for a second time.

FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Christopher Morgan vs Prince Tau

Christopher Morgan obviously had the advantage when it came to technical wrestling skill, but what Prince Tau lacked in skill, he made up for with his brute strength and aggression. The two wrestlers traded blows which echoed throughout the arena. The crowd was strongly supporting Prince Tau. Although they respected Christopher’s long title reign, his cockiness was enough to make them hate him.

Prince Tau hit the Spear late in the match, however Morgan somehow kicked out. Tau looked at the referee to make sure he got the count right. Tau then hoisted Morgan up for his other finishing move, the F5. He spun Christopher, dropping him toward the mat, however Christopher caught himself, landing on his feet in the center of the ring. Morgan then hit an impressive spinning leg lariat, knocking Tau to his back. Morgan hit the ropes and connected with a senton. Then he pulled Prince Tau up and planted him with the Tiger Driver. Christopher hooked Prince’s leg and got the three count, successfully defending his title.

After the match, Beatrice Keenan came out onto the stage with the OWF Champion Mason Wolfe. Beatrice talked about how Mason was so dominant in the OWF and that he would definitely be called up onto the main roster very soon. Mason then told Christopher that his title reign was impressive, but that Mason’s would be extremely more impressive. Christopher told Mason that not only was he talking to the record breaking Adrenaline Champion, but one of the first FFP World Champion. Mason continued trash talking Christopher, who eventually challenged Mason to come down to the ring and prove how good he really is.

Beatrice stopped Mason from approaching the ring, and announced that this Saturday at OWF #16 Mason Wolfe would gladly face Christopher Morgan in a non-title match in Cincinnati. Christopher smiled at the announcement, and told Mason to get ready to lose on Saturday.

FFP Diamond Title
(c) Taylor Clawson vs Brandi Moore

In one of the most intriguing matchups of the night, we saw the two best friends and tag team partners, Taylor Clawson and Brandi Moore go at it for the FFP Diamond Title. The match began with a handshake and a hug. Brandi obviously wanted to win the Diamond Title for an unprecedented seventh time. And Taylor wanted to be sure that her second Diamond Title reign didn’t come to an end in only four days.

The match was back and forth. Obviously both girls knew each other extremely well. They countered each other very well, and although at different times of the match either woman seemed frustrated, they never let it affect the way they wrestled the other. No hard punches thrown, no cheap shots, no cheating. Just skill on skill.

Brandi connected with her old finisher, the Fameasser but only got a two count. She hooked Taylor up for the Fisherman Brainbuster, but Taylor escaped out and hit a hard clothesline for a two count. Clawson backed up and went for another clothesline, but Brandi ducked it and hit a neckbreaker. Brandi then pulled Taylor up and hit the Fisherman Brainbuster. She pinned Taylor, but Clawson kicked out at two. Brandi called for the end. She hooked Taylor up for another Fisherman Brainbuster, but Taylor reversed and rolled Brandi up in a small package. The referee made the count, and Brandi kicked out just before the three count.

The match continued. Eventually the two wound up on the top rope together. Brandi hooked Taylor up like she was going to go for a Fisherman Brainbuster off the top rope, but Taylor gained the advantage. Taylor rocked Brandi with a European uppercut. Taylor then leap frogged Brandi, delivering a devastating powerbomb out of the corner. Taylor then pulled Brandi up and hit the Flatliner for the three count.

After the match Taylor checked on her tag team partner. She helped Brandi up and the two shook hands again. Brandi then pulled Taylor in and embraced her, raising her arm up in the air and congratulating her.

The scene cut backstage where Nikki Navarro was standing by with Daniel Matthews. She asked Daniel about the upcoming main event and both of these superstars being his former students. Daniel said that he had much respect for both of them, although Patrick had turned from a young up and coming good guy to a stable leader that will do whatever they can do to win. Nikki asked who he thought would win, and who he would be rooting for. Daniel smiled. He said that it would be like choosing between his kids, but that if he were going to pick who he wanted to, and thought would win, he would absolutely go with Veronica Clyne.

FFP World Title
(c) Patrick McCoy w/ Scarlett Ducane vs Veronica Clyne

In another intriguing matchup, the former Soul Assassins stablemates, as well as The Kingdom stablemates went head to head for the FFP World Championship. The crowd was absolutely behind the former Kingdom leader Veronica Clyne, who didn’t show any signs of ring rust. Veronica laid into the World Champion, not only hitting some hard chops, but punches and elbows that knocked the sweat right off of him.

Patrick took the advantage after Scarlett Ducane climbed up onto the apron and received a superkick courtesy of Veronica for her trouble. McCoy hooked Veronica up for the Kryptonite Krunch, but Veronica reversed into a roll up for a two count. After the kickout McCoy hit a hard kick to Veronica’s head. Coming off of a concussion injury, it wasn’t what anyone wanted to see. But Veronica kept going, obviously pushing toward her goal of once again winning the FFP World Title.

Veronica took the momentum, and the upperhand, eventually hitting McCoy with a running elbow that knocked McCoy to the outside of the ring. Veronica took a moment to get her breath back in the middle of the ring. As she did this, Natural Selection came out to check on their stable leader. Elijah and Noah helped Patrick up and were checking on him when Veronica noticed them at ringside. She thought for a moment, then hit the ropes and connected with an impressive suicide dive knocking all three men down. She got back into the ring and let out a yell as the Minneapolis crowd cheered her on.

Scarlett Ducane climbed onto the apron again, the referee demanded she get down. McCoy slid back into the ring but Veronica was quick to lift him onto her shoulders and hit the Go to Sleep. The momentum was on her side. That is until she turned around and was nearly beheaded by the Double Superkick from Elijah and Noah Miller. The brothers grabbed Patrick and pulled him over Veronica’s motionless body. They quickly slid out of the ring as Scarlett climbed off the apron. The referee turned around to see Patrick pinning Veronica. He made the count and Patrick McCoy successfully defended his World Title – although it took a great deal of help to do so.

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