What Should be FFP’s “Big One” Pay-Per-View?

imageFFP is in the hunt for which pay-per-view should be the “big one”. WWE has WrestleMania. WCW had Starrcade. Surely TNA had something. So what should FFP’s big show be?

We would love your feedback! Vote as many times as you’d like, and maybe whichever event gets the most votes will be our big show.

Originally Matt Kraven intended on having Blaze of Glory be the big event that everyone waited year around to see. However FFP has put an emphasis on having all of it’s pay-per-views be just as big as the next.

Rebirth is another strong candidate. The November PPV is right around the time that FFP started back up in 2013. The Mid-Summer Classic is also a possibility, which takes place the same time as the FFP Hall of Fame Ceremony, although Kraven said that the HoF Ceremony date could change if need be.

We are always interested to find out just what our fans are thinking, and with this decision that is again the case. Please vote as often as you’d like and let us know which event should be the “Super Bowl of FFP”.


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