09/02/2015 FFP Wednesday Night

FFP Wednesday Night | September 2, 2015
Knoxville, Tennessee

The show began with FFP Diamond Champion Taylor Clawson. Taylor spoke about how she felt that her friend Brandi Moore deserved a rematch for the Diamond Title. Taylor said that they tore the house down at Blaze of Glory, and said they ought to do it again.

Former champion Kylie Connelly then came out and said that she still had her rematch and that she would be damned if Brandi got another shot before her. Taylor told Kylie that she would gladly defend the Diamond Title against her whenever she wanted.

Kylie Connelly vs Quinn Delaney
A very high quality match. Quinn hit a superplex and a t-bone suplex for a two count. Kylie fought back with a hard clothesline and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Quinn hit a hard kick and went for the Quinn Cutter, but Kylie wrapped her up into a dragon clutch. Kylie backed up and attempted her BAB, but Quinn dodged and this time successfully hit the Quinn Cutter. Quinn went for the pin and got the three count.

After the match as Quinn celebrated, Kylie got to her feet and leveled Quinn with the BAB. Kylie then stood over Quinn with her arms crossed.

We saw Nikki Navarro standing by with Matt Kraven. Matt Kraven announces that at SSN we will see an elimination four-way match to determine the new number one contender for the Cruiserweight Title. He announces the participants as EJ “Money” Carter, Kashimanaki, Logan Christopher and OWF superstar El Desconocido!

Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Castle vs Matt Evanston
Another high quality match that saw some great technical wrestling. The crowd seemed split, seeing both wrestlers grow into stars here in FFP. Matt Evanston caught Adam Hyatt off of an attempted cross body block. He planted him with a slam, then followed it up with the Go to Sleep for the three count.

After the match Nathan Caine came out and said that their feud was far from over. Matt invited Nathan down to the ring, but Caine shrugged it off and walked away.

Backstage The Queendom demanded another match with Team FAB. President Matt Kraven booked them for Saturday at SSn. He also announced at SSN that Taylor Clawson would defend the Diamond Title against Kylie Connelly.

Prince Tau & Adam Black vs Teddy Wagner & Travis Banks
Prince Tau and Adam Black were rather impressive for being a fairly new tag team. Teddy and Travis showed flashes of brilliance but Prince Tau flattened Banks with the Spear for the pin.

Backstage we saw Nikki Navarro with FFP World Champion Patrick McCoy. McCoy hyped his title defense against Veronica Clyne this Saturday at SSN. He said that Lizzy Kraven beat him last year for this title, and he wouldn’t let another woman do that again.

FFP Diamond Tag Team Titles
(c) Vanity & Demoness vs Lizzy Kraven & Suki Okada

This was a tough match. A lot of hard hits, stiff kicks and gruesome chops. Lizzy Kraven hit the Kraven Lariat on Vanity, but it didn’t even knock her down. Suki helped Lizzy out, hitting a couple of kicks before the second Kraven Lariat. Demoness entered the ring but got a double team beating as well. Vanity wound up planting Suki with a hellacious DDT before hitting Lizzy with the Verticutter. Demoness then bounced off the ropes and hit a big splash in Lizzy for the pinfall victory.


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