09/05/2015 Sadistic Saturday Night


Sadistic Saturday Night | September 5, 2015
Memphis, Tennessee

The show opened up with President Matt Kraven already standing inside the ring. Matt said that he had a major announcement tonight, and would be revealing it later on in the night.

Next, after Matt Kraven had left the ring, Brandi Moore made her entrance. Brandi hyped tonight’s Diamond Title match in which her partner Taylor Clawson would defend the title against Kylie Connelly. Brandi then called out Katrina Connelly, who had just been called up to the FFP roster from the OWF.

Katrina came out and the two traded words. Brandi then challenged Katrina to a match tonight. Katrina smiled and accepted the challenge.

Daniel Matthews vs Aiden Conrad
Daniel Matthews had much more in-ring experience than Aiden Conrad and it showed. Conrad did hit some impressive moves on the FFP Hall of Famer, but it was Daniel hitting the Roaring Elbow on Aiden Conrad for the three count.


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Toni DeLuca vs Hunter Brown w/ Madison Grey
A highly entertaining match that almost seemed to be a stalemate. Hunter hit an impressive tornado DDT followed by a flying leg drop for a two count. Toni battled back using his strength, and hit the Pop-Up European Uppercut, but Madison Grey climbed onto the apron and distracted the referee. Hunter then hit Toni with an illegal low blow, then rolled him up for a pinfall. The referee made the count while Hunter pulled hard on the tights, ensuring himself a victory.

After the match Hunter hugged Madison and the duo left ringside.

The Queendom vs Team FAB
This match was proof that both of these teams deserved future shots at the Diamond Tag Team Titles. Monika Andrews hit the Curb Stomp on Fiona Burke, but Giovanni Gotch broke up the pin attempt. The match broke out into a brawl.

Eventually the referee gained control when Jenna Kaufman and Fiona were the legal women. Monika and Giovanni ended up going at it again, and wound up brawling on the outside.

Jenna Kaufman gained the advantage on Fiona and flattened her with the Spear. She hooked the leg and got the three count for The Queendom.


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FFP Cruiserweight Title #1 Contended Elimination Four-Way Match
EJ “Money” Carter vs Kashimanaki vs Logan Christopher vs El Desconocido

A very fun match with many high spots. One, a double superplex delivered to Kashimanaki from Logan Christopher and EJ Carter. EJ then pinned Kashimanaki to eliminate him.

Logan was next eliminated after being hit with a Swanton Bomb feom OWF superstar El Desconocido.

Next Desconocido and EJ Carter went at it. EJ attempted the Bankruptcy on his masked opponent, but Desconocido escaped and hit a hard kick to the head. He then took “Money” to the top rope and hit the Reverse Hurricanrana Off the Top for the pin. He would go on to face Hades for the FFP Cruiserweight Championship!

Brandi Moore vs Katrina Connelly
Both of these Diamonds were capable of wrestling very competitive and technical matches, but they tore into each other. The brawl went to the outside of the ring where they took turns slamming each other into the steel guardrail.

They finally got back into the ring where Katrina planted Brandi with a powerbomb. She pulled Moore up and attempted the F5, but Brandi reversed it, hooked Katrina’s leg and delivered the Fisherman Brainbuster. As Brandi went for the pin the other three members of the 4 Drop Dead Diamonds stormed the ring. Kylie blasted Brandi with a shot to the back of the head. Of course this brought out Taylor Clawson who went after Kylie. FFP security has to rush to the ring to stop the fight as the 4 Drop Dead Diamonds were getting the best of the two members of Seduction Inc.

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FFP Television Title
(c) Anarchy vs El Diablo

A hard fought match for El Diablo. He put up his best effort even hitting Anarchy with a springboard stunner for a two count. He then went up top but Anarchy stopped him, hitting a t-bone suplex off the top. Anarchy then locked in the STF and forced Diablo to tap out.

Backstage we saw Nikki Navarro standing by with Matt Kraven. She asked Matt if he could give a hint about his announcement. He said that the announcement had to do with championships. Nikki asked him to elaborate, but he faked a phone call and stepped away.

FFP Diamond Title
(c) Taylor Clawson vs Kylie Connelly

Brandi Moore came out with Taylor while Katrina Connelly, Lacey Abernathy and Alexis Reed came out with Kylie. The match went back and forth while the crowd heavily favored Taylor. At one point Taylor was knocked out of the ring and Katrina, Lacey and Alexis surrounded her. Brandi came to Taylor’s aid.

Kylie bounced off the ropes and hit a suicide dive on both members of Seduction Inc. Kylie shoved Taylor into the ring and spat on Brandi. As she climbed up onto the apron Taylor leveled her with a superkick, sending her crashing to the arena floor. As the Drop Dead Diamonds helped their leader up, Taylor delivered a suicide dive of her own, taking down the whole group.

Taylor got back into the ring. As she waited for Kylie, Kylie instructed her group to attack. The three Diamonds entered the ring, but Brandi was quick to jump into the mix as well. A brawl broke out and the match was thrown out. Seduction Inc held their own, and in fact cleared the ring. They stared down Kylie as she retreated up the ramp. She turned around only to be laid out by a right hand courtesy of Quinn Delaney. Quinn stood over Kylie and talked a little smack before leaving her lie on the entrance stage.

Inside the Ring
Once the match ended and the Diamonds left the ring, Matt Kraven came out. Kraven announced that it was time to make some changes here in FFP. So he announced that soon the FFP would debut the FFP Women’s Title! He said that FFP will do away with the Diamond Title, and the way that they will crown the first ever FFP Women’s Champion would be an 16-woman tournament, with the winner facing the Diamond Champion, and the winner becoming the first Women’s Champion.

Matt announced that there would also be the FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles and the way they would crown those champions would be in a similar way, but he would get into that at a different time.

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FFP World Title
(c) Patrick McCoy w/ Scarlett Ducane vs Veronica Clyne

Patrick was accompanied by not only Scarlett Ducane, but Elijah and Noah Miller as well. Veronica avoided the distractions and put a beating on Patrick McCoy. After hitting a death valley driver she pulled her former stablemate up and hit a German suplex for a two count.

She called for the Go to Sleep, but Scarlett jumped onto the apron. Veronica grabbed her pink hair and scooped her up onto her shoulders. Then, Elijah and Noah began to climb onto the apron, however Veronica tossed Scarlett off her shoulders and onto the approaching tag team. As a result, Patrick’s three cohorts fell to the arena floor.

As the referee was distracted as the three superstars who just crashed to the floor, Patrick picked up the FFP World Title – during the mayhem, one of the Miller brothers set the belt on the apron. As Veronica turned around, she was BLASTED by the championship. Patrick then hooked Clyne’s leg and the referee turned and made the count. He could have counted to 100, Patrick retained the title.

McCoy grabbed his title and held it up in the air, screaming and celebrating his victory. Scarlett and Natural Selection joined him in the ring, hoisting him up in the air and cheering him on.


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