09/09/2015 FFP Wednesday Night

FFP Wednesday Night | September 9, 2015
Atlanta, Georgia

The show began with President Matt Kraven presenting the FFP Women’s Title Tournament brackets.

He also reminded the crowd about the OWF Women’s battle royal with the winner taking a spot in the Women’s Title Tournament.

Matt also announced a six-man tag match tonight between the teams of Patrick McCoy and Natural Selection and Logan Christopher and Assault & Battery.

FFP Women’s Title Tournament Match
Brandi Moore vs Quinn Delaney

The match began with a handshake. It was the veteran against an up and comer. A very solid match with a lot of high impact moves. Brandi got a two count with a powerbomb. She followed it up with the Fameasser for another two count.

Quinn battled back and hit the Quinn Cutter but couldn’t make the pin quick enough. Quinn stood up and called for her finisher again. However before she could attempt her move Kylie Connelly ran to the ring. Quinn became distracted by Kylie. She went at Kylie but she dropped off the apron. When Quinn turned around Brandi, who had just got back up, hit a boot to the gut and the Fisherman Brainbuster for the three count.

Backstage we saw Nikki Navarro speaking with Katrina Connelly. Nikki asked Katrina if her and Kylie were possibly going to pursue the new FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles once they debut. Katrina said that her and her twin sister, along with Lacey Abernathy and Alexis Reed would take over the FFP Women’s Division and do whatever they’d like.

FFP Women’s Title Tournament Match
Firefly vs Giovanni Gotch

A fast paced match with both ladies putting forth their greatest efforts. Both women had never held a singles title in FFP and were very much wanting to become the first ever FFP Women’s Champion.

Giovanni did lock Firefly into the Koji Clutch, but Firefly got to the ropes. Firefly gained the advantage hitting an awesome superkick. She then hit the Crucifix Powerbomb for the three count.

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Patrick McCoy & Natural Selection vs Logan Christopher & Assault & Battery
This was a wild match with brawling all over the place. The Atlanta crowd was obviously solidly behind Logan and the OWF Tag Team Champions. However it was Natural Selection connecting with the Double Superkick on Gregory Hart for the pinfall victory.

In the Ring
Next Adam Hyatt came down to the ring with Madison Castle by his side. Hyatt took the microphone and promised that he and Madison were about to start a wrestling movement that would become the best that FFP has to offer. He teased, telling everyone to stay tuned.

OWF Women’s Battle Royal
An action packed battle royal with a lot of alliances. Obviously Kenzie and Juno helped each other out while Adira and Jacinta teamed up, as well as 2Hott and the Satsujin Triad.

The final four women were Jacinta Stutz, Ava Miller, Juno Frost and Malaya Diyosa. Ava ended up eliminating Malaya while Juno dumped Ava out of the ring. Ava and Juno went at it with Juno gaining the upperhand after hitting Ava with a clothesline from behind then choking her nearly unconscious. Juno dumped Ava over the top, but the young blonde star landed on the apron.

Juno and Ava traded blows until Juno finally hit a superkick, knocking Miller to the outside and advancing to the FFP Women’s Title Tournament.

Now we sas Nikki Navarro standing by Bianca Hunt and the Tag Team Champions, Anarchy and Mikhail Vakhrov. Nikkia asked about the tag team competition. Bianca talked her boys up, talking about his they could beat any tag team FFP has. Prince Tau and Adam Black entered the picture. Tau said that he didn’t think her boys could successfully defend against them. Bianca glared, telling them that Anarchy and Mikhail could easily flatten them.

FFP Women’s Title Tournament Match
Lizzy Kraven vs Monika Andrews

A hard hitting matchup between two former Diamond Champions. Monika gained the advantage early and attempted the Curb Stomp, but Lizzy dodged and hammered Monika with the Kraven Lariat, knocking Monika out of the ring.

Monika fought back after raking Lizzy in the eyes, and planted her with her old finisher, the Pedigree. Monika went for another Curb Stomp but Lizzy instead connected with an awesome spewr, followed by the Kraven Lariat for the three count.


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FFP Women’s Title Tournament Match
Kylie Connelly vs Nina Fox

These two have a history and it showed. The match began with both women feeling each other out trying to gain the advantage. The first big move was Nina hitting a DDT. Kylie fought back, using kicks to Nina’s leg to try to soften her up.

A big clothesline sent Kylie out of the ring. Nina then hit a suicide dive. The two brawled a little on the outside before Kylie hit a facebuster in the center of the ring. Kylie backed away, setting Nina up for the BAB, however Quinn Delaney made her way down the isle. Kylie was distracted by Quinn for a moment, but shrugged her off. She went for the BAB but Nina countered, hitting the Superkick. Nina then pinned Kylie for the three count.

After the match Quinn grabbed a microphone and told Kylie that since she distracted her in her match with Brandi, that Quinn did the same thing right now.

Kylie got to her feet and went after Quinn. The two proceeded beating each other with punches to the face. FFP security came down and attempted several times to pull the two women apart.

President Matt Kraven came down and announced that Kylie and Quinn would do battle at FFP Lethal Injection.


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