Seven Years and Counting

Today Full Force Pro turns seven. That’s right. Seven years ago today FFP put on it’s first show. And no one in that lockerroom, whether it be Brandi Moore, Daniel Matthews, Christopher Morgan or even Matt Kraven himself, knew that seven years later FFP would still be running strong, with it’s own online network (the FFP Network), a developmental territory based out of Cincinnati (the Ohio Wrestling Federation), a Hall of Fame, a t-shirt featured on the Pro Wrestling Tees website and a roster filled with FFP alumni as well as so many up and comers that any other promotion would be jealous.

FFP Hall of Famer Brandi Moore

“I was there day one,” Brandi Moore said Sunday afternoon. “I saw all the hardships Matt fought through. I saw his personal life take hits, I saw wrestlers leave angry. I’ve seen it all. And I’m so glad that I’ve been here for it all. This is absolutely the greatest wrestling promotion in the world. And it’s the best place to work. The best.”

Brandi Moore has not only been a part of one of the most popular stables/tag teams in FFP in Seduction Inc, but she was also a part of one of the most memorable feuds. Brandi Moore vs Veronica Clyne. Brandi started her career as a manager and valet, and has worked her way up to one of the best woman wrestlers in the companies history.

FFP Hall of Famer Daniel Matthews

“I was in the first main event,” Daniel Matthews recollected. “That first show we had no idea what this thing would become. Christopher Morgan and I wrestled in the first main event. And it’s still one of my favorite matches. But we had no idea that seven years from then we would still be a part of it, and be in the Hall of Fame.”

Every FFP superstar loves their job in FFP, seems to enjoy their time working with President Matt Kraven, is proud of the product they showcase in the ring and is proud of the product that Full Force Pro showcases week in and week out. And with wrestlers like that, FFP will only ascend higher and higher.

FFP’s first ever event began with Logan Christopher with Brandi Moore by his side battling Caleb Newstead (now a trainer for the OWF). Brandi Moore was an important part of this opening match as Caleb Newstead accidentally crashed into her, distracting Logan Christopher. Newstead took advantage of the distraction and won the match. Not even a month later, Brandi would turn on Logan and team with Caleb and his stable, Simply the Best.

FFP Hall of Famer Taylor Clawson

Soon after, Brandi would introduce the world to Taylor Clawson, and Seduction Inc was born.

“I only wish I could have debuted in the very beginning,” Taylor Clawson commented. “I love being here. I love FFP, I love Brandi, I love Matt and I love what I do. I could never be happy doing anything else.”

FFP’s very first show ended with Daniel Matthews taking on Christopher Morgan. The two would clash later in the month for the FFP World Title. Both matches ended with the same result. Daniel Matthews coming out on top.

FFP Hall of Famer Christopher Morgan

“Seven years is a long time,” Christopher Morgan said. “Currently I’m the Adrenaline Champion. And I’m so proud of that. But I’m also so proud to be a part of the FFP roster. I’m proud to be a part of the FFP Hall of Fame. I’m proud to call myself a former FFP World Champion. I can’t imagine wrestling anywhere else.”

The future for FFP only has gotten brighter. With the FFP Network FFP fans can stream any and all FFP shows from any cell phone computer or whatever else you use for internet entertainment. With FFP’s developmental territory they are sure to continue breeding top notch professional wrestlers. And with Matt Kraven’s vision and work ethic, the company’s future seems
to be in good hands.

“This place is my baby,” Matt said smiling. “I’ve had so many people try to take it from me. I’ve had so many other feds try to compete and take FFP down. It just makes me push on. I definitely didn’t know how awesome this place would become, but I can assure you, the best is yet to come.”

Matt Kraven says the best is yet to come. And why in the world wouldn’t we believe him?!


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