09/16/2015 FFP Wednesday Night

FFP Wednesday Night | September 16, 2015
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The show began with the Vice-President of FFP, Beatrice Keenan in the ring. She announced that Matt Kraven couldn’t make the show, but that she was there to make sure everything went well. The crowd booed at the news. Beatrice then reminded the crowd that Matt Kraven promised to name Christopher Morgan’s opponent for the FFP Adrenaline Title Match at FFP Lethal Injection. She said that Matt told her who it was and she couldn’t wait to announce who it was.

Christopher Morgan then came out. Of course with the Adrenaline Title on his waist. He said that no matter who it was, that he would defeat them this Sunday. Beatrice then announced his opponent, the returning Jason Copeland! Copeland came out onto the stage and pointed at Morgan. The two had wrestled many times before, and Christopher looked somewhat worried.

FFP Women’s Title Tournament Match
Kemina vs Suki Okada
A very technically sound match. Kemina and Suki both hit some power moves as well as stunning strikes. Suki hitting a diving tornado DDT that planted Kemina, however she only got a two count. Suki then attempted to lock in the Muta Lock, but Kemina reversed into a small package, but Suki kicked out at two. Kemina fought back, hitting a superkick. She then hit Suki with the Cradle Shock Driver for the pin.


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FFP Women’s Title Tournament Match
Lizzy Kraven vs Firefly
Another hard hitting women’s match. Firefly has been with FFP since the very first show, but the Diamond Title has always alluded her. She put up one hell of a fight against Matt Kraven’s little cousin Lizzy. Firefly hit a beautiful moonsault for a two count. She attempted the Crucifix Powerbomb but Lizzy escaped and blasted Firefly with the Kraven Lariat. However, Firefly kicked out at two.

Lizzy went for another Kraven Lariat, but this time Firefly ducked it and hit a jumping knee to the chin. Firefly then hit the Crucifix Powerbomb on Lizzy. But, the former Cruiserweight champion kicked out just before the two count. Firefly next went to the top. However, Lizzy stopped her in her tracks, climbed up onto the ropes with the masked wrestler, and planted her with a death valley driver from the top rope. Lizzy then hooked Firefly’s leg and got the three count.

The scene cut backstage where Nikki Navarro was standing by with Prince Tau and Adam Black. She asked them about their upcoming Tag Team Title match at Lethal Injection. Tau and Black said that they have meshed very well as a tag team, and that they have no intentions but to leave Lethal Injection this Sunday the new FFP Tag Team Champions.

Toni DeLuca vs Hunter Brown w/ Madison Grey
This match has been a little bit of a feud with Hunter beating Toni using Madison Grey as a distraction. This thing was a brawl nearly the whole match. Hunter clotheslined Toni over the top rope and attempted a suicide dive, but Toni moved out of the way. DeLuca laid into Hunter, who had crashed to the arena floor, whipping him into the steel guardrail. The match found it’s way back into the ring where Hunter gained the advantage with a rake of the eyes. He then attempted the Deal Breaker, however DeLuca hit an elbow to Hunter’s ribs and hit him with the Pop-Up European Uppercut. Toni went for the pin, but his Lethal Injection opponent Aiden Conrad rushed to the ring. He hit Toni from behind. The referee called for the bell, awarding the match to Toni for outside interference.

Aiden beat Toni down and hit the Beauty Maker. He stood over Toni, possibly an omen of what will happen between the two this Sunday at Lethal Injection.

FFP Lethal Injection comes to you live on September 20th from Mexico City, Mexico! Check out the official preview as well as all Lethal Injection history on the Lethal Injection page. FFP Lethal Injection.

In the Ring
Adam Hyatt was standing inside the ring with Madison Castle. Hyatt talked about how he was bringing wrestling back to Full Force Pro. He said that with the help of two friends, they were going to show the world what professional wrestling is all about, and it starts at Lethal Injection.

The scene cut backstage where we saw a split screen of Brandi Moore and Katrina Connelly heading toward the entrance area. The night had been filled with incredible matchups like this one.

FFP Women’s Title Tournament Match
Katrina Connelly vs Brandi Moore
Katrina Connelly has been nothing but impressive since arriving in the OWF in the summer. She didn’t disappoint, giving the FFP Hall of Famer Brandi Moore a run for her money. Katrina used a mixture of power and technical moves to wear the Seduction Inc leader down. But Brandi turned the match around with a spear. Moore stepped back and went for a superkick, but Katrina ducked and delivered the F5. The force of Brandi hitting the mat caused her to roll out of the ring before Katrina could make the cover.

Katrina had to go to the outside and force Brandi back in. She attempted to pull Brandi back up but Moore hooked Katrina in a small package. Katrina kicked out at two. Brandi pulled Katrina up and hooked her leg, going for the Fisherman Brainbuster, but Katrina reversed, bringing Brandi up onto her shoulders again. Katrina attempted another F5 but Brandi reversed, landing on her feet and hitting Katrina with a kick to the gut and a DDT. Moore backed away, going for her old finisher the End Game. She charged at Katrina, but Connelly jumped up and hit an awesome leg lariat. Katrina pulled Brandi up and brought her up onto her shoulders again. This time, Brandi slipped off of Katrina’s shoulders and delivered a devastating German Suplex. She pulled Katrina back up and quickly planted her with the Fisherman Brainbuster.

But she wasn’t done yet. She pulled Katrina up yet again, and planted her once more with the Fisherman Brainbuster. Brandi then hooked Katrina’s leg and got the three count. The crowd gave both women a huge ovation.

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FFP Women’s Title Tournament Match
Nina Fox vs Fiona Burke
Hard to compete with the match that went on prior to this one. But Nina and Fiona were up for the challenge. They battled back and forth, high intensity from bell to bell. Fiona knocked Nina out of the ring with a running knee. She hit the ropes and delivered a suicide dive inbetween the top and middle ropes. They continued brawling on the outside where Fiona slammed Nina into the steel ring steps. Fiona backed away and charged. However Nina delivered a drop toe hold, causing Fiona to slam into the steps.

Nina pulled Fiona back up and shoved her back into the ring. She climbed to the top rope. However Fiona was quick to shake the top rope, causing Nina to crash to mat below. Fiona laid a couple of boots into the former Diamond Champion before pulling her up, sending her into the ropes and hitting a strong clothesline. She pulled Nina up once again and attempted a piledriver, but Nina escaped out of the attempt and hit the Superkick. She stumbled to Fiona’s body and made the cover. But Nina kicked out after the two count.

Nina pulled Fiona up and hit a double underhook backbreaker for another two count. She then hit a German suplex for another two. Nina also hit a gut wrench powerbomb for yet another two count. Nina looked frustrated. She grabbed Fiona and attempted to lock in the Dragon Clutch, but Fiona pulled Nina’s hair and hooked her into an impressive roll up pin. Nina kicked out at two. Fiona hit a couple of forearms and attempted to lock Nina up for the FAB Drop. Nina reversed out of the move and hit another Superkick. Fiona stumbled back into the corner. Nina charged and hit ANOTHER Superkick. Fiona stumbled forward and fell to the mat. Nina hooked her leg and got the pinfall victory.

After the match Nina helped Fiona up. They shared words. Then shook hands. Nina took Fiona’s hand and lifted it up in the air. Fiona thanked her and left Nina in the ring alone, the victor.

The scene cut backstage again where Nikki Navarro was standing by with the FFP World Champion Patrick McCoy and his girlfriend Scarlett Ducane. She asked them about the main event of Lethal Injection. McCoy said that there was no chance in hell that they would lose against Logan Christopher and Brandi Moore, saying he would bet his house on it.

Just then, Beatrice Keenan came into view. She said that Matt Kraven told her to announce that if Logan Christopher and Brandi Moore beat Patrick McCoy and Scarlett Ducane at Lethal Injection, that Logan Christopher would get another World Title shot, this time at FFP The Haunting in October. McCoy seemed aggravated, but still confident, saying that Logan can’t beat him.

FFP Television Title
(c) Anarchy w/ Bianca Hunt vs Desmond York
A hard fought match for both men. They hit each other with several stiff shots, brawling around the ring hitting power move after power move. Desmond impressed the Baton Rouge crowd with a powerbomb for a two count. Anarchy fought back, hitting a European uppercut, then hooking Desmond in a rear naked choke. Desmond reached for the ropes, but couldn’t seem to get there.

York finally reached the bottom rope. Anarchy released the hold, staying on the challenger, hitting a couple of boots. Desmond fought back up but was a victim of several open hand strikes. Anarchy sent Desmond into the ropes and charged after him, but Desmond ducked a clothesline attempt and hit an awesome spinebuster. York pulled Anarchy up and hit a DDT. He hit a couple of stomps before hooking in a camel clutch. Anarchy fought and eventually got to the ropes. Desmond waited for Anarchy to get back to his feet, hit a hard kick and brought the big man up to his shoulders. Anarchy escaped off of York’s shoulders, however Desmond hit the big man with an impressive Blue Thunder Bomb! Desmond then hooked Anarchy’s leg and got the three count! He won the FFP Television Title!

Desmond was presented the FFP Television Title. Deshaun Reed hurried down to the ring to embrace his partner. Reed lifted Desmond’s arm up in the air as York put the title belt on his shoulder. The event ended as the friends celebrated in the ring.


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