09/26/2015 Sadistic Saturday Night


Sadistic Saturday Night | September 26, 2015
El Paso, Texas

The show began with the FFP World Champion and his whole stable in the ring. Patrick guaranteed victory over Logan Christopher at The Haunting and spoke about how he is the greatest FFP World Champion in history.

Logan Christopher interrupted, telling Patrick to put his money where his mouth was. Elijah Miller took the microphone and demanded that he face Logan right now. Logan laughed and accepted the challenge.

Logan Christopher vs Elijah Miller
This match was obviously a set up by Patrick. Not even a minute in Patrick and Noah climbed in the ring and beat Logan down. Patrick grabbed his title and threatened to hit Logan with it.

Brandi Moore rushed to the ring. She slid in and got doen next to Logan, checking on him. Patrick, Elijah and Noah looked at each other, then grabbed the former Diamond Champion. Patrick got on the microphone and said that they were sending a message to Logan. However before they could do anything to Brandi, the OWF Tag Team Champions Assault & Battery stormed the ring. McCoy and his group quickly exited the ring and headed backstage.

Valentina Perez vs Suki Okada
A high pace match with two FFP women who have great potential. Suki Okada ended up pulling out the W by submission with the Muta Lock.

The scene cut backstage where Nikki Navarro was standing by with Prince Tau and Adam Black. They talked about how they were meshing as a tag team and how they felt they could beat Hunt Enterprises for the Tag Team Titles.

Triple Threat Match Presented by the WRESTLE Squad
Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Castle vs Matt Evanston vs Austin Briggs

Another very good Triple Threat presented by the WRESTLE Squad. Matt and Austin teamed up on Adam Hyatt and pinned him after hitting an awesome dropkick into a German suplex combo.

Matt and Austin went at it giving the El Paso crowd an awesome wrestling match. Matt hit an inverted suplex for a two count. However it was Austin Briggs hitting the Brainbuster for the three count.


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FFP Adrenaline Championship Open Challenge
(c) Christopher Morgan vs ???

Christopher Morgan came out talking about how impressive his title reign was. Hunter Brown answered the challenge with Madison Grey by his side. This one was definitely a candidate for match of the night.

The match went back and forth, looking as if either of the wrestlers could leave with the championship. That is until Hunter went for a hard spear in the corner. Morgan moved and Hunter’s shoulder connected with the steel ring post. Morgan continued working on Hunter’s shoulder until he finally planted him with the Tiger Driver to successfully defend his title.

On October 25 we will present FFP The Haunting! At The Haunting we will witness Patrick McCoy put the FFP World Title on the line against Logan Christopher in a Ladder Match! Also Hades will defend the Cruiserweight Title against Kashimanaki, and more!

Non-Title Match
Veronica Clyne & Lizzy Kraven vs Kylie & Katrina Connelly

Kylie and Katrina came out to prove a point. To prove that they not only deserved a shot at the new FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles, but that they were the very best women in FFP.

Veronica and Lizzy however had other plans. Kylie and Katrina put up one hell of a fight, but it was Lizzy Kraven flattening Katrina with the Kraven Lariat that seemed to be the end of the match.

But the end was when Vanity and Demoness made their way out to the ring where they took down both teams. This led to Kemina and Firefly rushing to the ring to join the fight. A huge brawl broke out between the four teams. The show ended as FFP security tried to separate the teams.


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