09/30/2015 FFP Wednesday Night

FFP Wednesday Night | September 30, 2015
Albuquerque, New Mexico

The show began with Quinn Delaney in the ring. She talked about issuing an open challenge earlier in the day on Twitter. She asked who wanted to answer.

Then, Katrina Connelly came out. She laughed at Quinn’s challenge and told her that she’d take a few minutes out of her night to beat her.

Quinn Delaney vs Katrina Connelly
A hard hitting women’s match. Both took turns holding the upperhand. Katrina went for the F5, but Quinn escaped and hit a running knee for a two count. Later Quinn went for the Quinn Cutter, but Katrina rolled her up pulling the tights and getting the three count.

On October 25 we will present FFP The Haunting! At The Haunting we will witness Patrick McCoy put the FFP World Title on the line against Logan Christopher in a Ladder Match! Also Hades will defend the Cruiserweight Title against Kashimanaki, and more!

Logan Christopher w/ Brandi Moore vs Aiden Conrad
A fast paced match with both men using some aerial skills to gain advantages on the other. Aiden Conrad lifted his knees when Logan attemped his Shooting Star Press. Conrad followed it up with a German suplex for a two count. Aiden then attempted the Beauty Maker but Logan dodged and hit a spin kick followed by a gut wrench suplex. Logan went up to the top again but was cut off by Aiden. The two brawled on the top until Logan hit a hard kick to the head, then successfully delivered the Shooting Star Press for the three count.

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Veronica Clyne vs Vanity
A hard fought battle for both women. Both possess strong brawling skills. However Veronica’s technical skills were the difference. Veronica worked on Vanity’s leg, but ended the match with the Go to Sleep, winning by pinfall.

Backstage we saw OWF Women’s Tag Team Champion Farrah Clements. Brandi Moore approached. The conversation was civil, but a Seduction Inc vs 2Hott match was discussed, and seemed very possible.

Presented by the WRESTLE Squad
Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Castle vs Matt Evanston

Austin Briggs came down to witness the matchup. A very technical match, back and forth to the very end. Hyatt hit the Superkick for a two count. Matt fought back and hit a split-legged death valley driver. Evanston went up top and attempted a flying headbutt, but Hyatt moved out of the way and hit Matt with the Wrist Clutch Exploder for the three count.

Austin got in the ring and congratulated both men. The Albuquerque crowd cheered for the group.

The scene cut backstage where Nikki Navarro was standing by with Daniel Matthews. She asked Daniel where he had been. Daniel said he had been working on some things such as his and Matt Kraven’s bar, BodySlammerz. Matthews said that his brief “vacation” was over and he was ready to get back into the ring.

Lizzy Kraven vs Kylie Connelly
Another hard hitting match that saw Kylie knock Lizzy out of the ring, then hit a suicide dive. The two women battled back and forth as the referee made the count. Before the 20 count was up Lizzy and Kylie reentered the ring. Lizzy attempted the Kraven Lariat but Kylie ducked it and hit the BAB for the three count.


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#1 Contender Match
Deshaun Reed & Desmond York vs Teddy Wagner & Travis Banks

A very competitive tag match. Deshaun and Desmond made frequent tags, cutting the ring in half. Young hit a backbreaker on Teddy Wagner abd set him up for the Crash Landing, but Travis hit Young with a superkick. Teddy then hit the TV Champion with the Victoria Bomb for the three count.

Teddy and Travis celebrated in the ring, knowing they would soon get a shot at Hunt Enterprises and the FFP Tag Team Titles.


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