10/03/2015 Sadistic Saturday Night


Sadistic Saturday Night | October 3, 2015
Phoenix, Arizona

The first Sadistic Saturday Night in October began with FFP World Champion Patrick McCoy coming out to the ring with his stable consisting of Scarlett Ducane, Elijah and Noah Miller. Juno was apparently in Cincinnati for the OWF 23 show.

Patrick spoke about him and Scarlett winning Superstar and Manager of the Year last year at the FFP Awards and how they’d do the same this year.

Patrick also talked about Logan Christopher and how at The Haunting Logan didn’t stand a chance at taking the World Title from Logan.

Battle Royal | Winner faces Christopher Morgan for Adrenaline Title
The battle royal featured many top FFP stars. Stars such as Daniel Matthews, Logan Christopher, Aiden Conrad, Hunter Brown and every member of the WRESTLE Squad.

Obviously the WRESTLE Squad worked together, recording many eliminations. The final four wound up being Daniel Matthews, Hunter Brown, Austin Briggs and Matt Evanston. Evanston was eliminated by Hunter, who got tossed out by Daniel Matthews. Austin Briggs won the battle royal lastly eliminating Daniel Matthews.

On October 25 we will present FFP The Haunting! At The Haunting we will witness Patrick McCoy put the FFP World Title on the line against Logan Christopher in a Ladder Match! Also Hades will defend the Cruiserweight Title against Kashimanaki. Plus, Nina Fox defends the Women’s Title againat Taylor Clawson who will be accompanied to the ring by none other than Sunny! And much more!

Fiona Burke vs Lacey Abernathy
A hard fough match by both women who seemed very eager to prove their dominance. Both women absolutely ready to take another step up the ladder and toward the FFP Women’s Championship.

Lacey looked to lock in her Code Red Armbar and gain a submission victory on the Team FAB member, however it was Fiona who planted Lacey with the FAB Drop. But before Fiona could make the cover Alexis Reed rushed to the ring, sliding in and attacking Fiona.

As the referee called for the bell, disqualifying Lacey, Giovanni Gotch charged the ring as well. A brawl broke out with Team FAB clearing the ring of Lacey and Alexis.


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Non-Title Match
Nina Fox vs Taylor Clawson

A match filled with a lot of animosity as Taylor had to use the Women’s Title belt to gain an advantage over Taylor when she won the title. These two battle back and forth, with Nina working Taylor down setting her up for the Dragon Clutch.

Taylor shut Nina down, hitting one of Nina’s finishers, the Superkick. She followed up with a fisherman suplex for a two count. Next Taylor successfully hit her finisher, the Flatliner. She crawled to Nina and hooked her leg, but somehow Nina kicked out just before the three count.

Taylor brought Nina up and looked for another Flatliner, but Nina escaped and floored Taylor with a clothesline. Nina then went to the outside and grabbed her Women’s Title. Despite many warnings from the referee Nina nailed Taylor with the belt. The referee called for the bell as Nina continued the assault.

Taylor’s tag partner Brandi Moore stormed the ring. She grabbed Nina by her black hair and slammed her to the mat. Nina rolled out of the ring and retreated as Brandi checked on Taylor.

The scene cut backstage where we saw President Matt Kraven. He announced that at FFP Wednesday Night we would see Lacey Abernathy and Alexis Reed take on Team FAB. He also announced Las Bellezas Peligrosas vs Vanity and Demoness with the winners challenging Veronica Clyne and Lizzy Kraven for the Women’s Tag Team Titles at The Haunting.

FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Christopher Morgan vs Austin Briggs

This match definitely had the potential to be great. A back and forth contest seeing the Phoenix crowd nearly split down the middle.

The first big move, a superplex by the reigning champion. He followed it up with a running knee and a belly to belly for a two count. Briggs fought back with a couple of hard rights and a swinging neckbreaker. A tornado DDT and a German suplex looked to possibly be the end for Christopher, but he kicked out from a close two countries.

Briggs, the most experienced member of the WRESTLE Squad shocked the crowd with an impressive hurricanes a off the top rope. He followed it up with a Frog Splash, but Christopher escaped the pin by the skin of his teeth. Briggs continued with his unanticipated high flying attack after hitting a missile dropkick he ascended back up top and went for another Frog Splash. However as he came crashing down onto our Adrenaline Champion, Morgan lifted his knees, knocking the air right out of the challenger. Morgan then pulled Briggs up and hit him with a devastating Tiger Driver for the three count, successfully retaining the Adrenaline Championship.


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