10/07/2015 FFP Wednesday Night


FFP Wednesday Night | October 7, 2015
Flagstaff, Arizona

The show began with the FFP Women’s Champion Nina Fox. Nina talked about her upcoming title match at FFP The Haunting, facing Taylor Clawson who would be accompanied by Sunny. Nina said that Sunny posed no threat to her and honestly neither did Taylor Clawson. Nina said that Taylor was good, but Nina was the best and wouldn’t lose the title anytime soon.

Team FAB vs Lacey Abernathy & Alexis Reed
A very competitive match that really got the Flagstaff crowd on their feet. Lacey Abernathy targeted Giovanni Gotch’s are attempting to lock on the Code Red Armbar. Gotch, a submissionist herself, hooked Lacey in the Koji Clutch.

A brawl broke out when Alexis broke the submission up. Fiona knocked Alexis out of the ring and hit an impressive suicide dive. Meanwhile Giovanni hit a swinging neckbreaker then hooked in the Koji Clutch, forcing Lacey to tap out.

The scene cut backstage where Nikki Navarro was standing by with Kylie Connelly. Kylie said that she was looking forward to seeing Nina Fox defend her title against Taylor Clawson and said that she would love a shot at the winner.

FFP Television Title
(c) Desmond York vs Hunter Brown w/ Madison Grey

Hunter Brown came out on fire. A spear looked to rock Desmond. Hunter went for the Deal Breaker, but Desmond reversed and hit an STO. After Hunter kicked out Desmond took Brown to the top rope and hit an overhead belly to belly off the turnbuckle.

Desmond went for the Blue Thunder Bomb but Hunter escaped and hit a running knee. Hunter then successfully hit the Deal Breaker. He hooked York’s leg, but Desmond somehow kicked out. Hunter pulled the TV Champion back up, going for another Deal Breaker, but Desmond hit a back elbow causing Hunter to lose his grip. Desmond then hit a rib breaker followed by the Blue Thunder Bomb for the three count.

On October 25 we will present FFP The Haunting! At The Haunting we will witness Patrick McCoy put the FFP World Title on the line against Logan Christopher in a Ladder Match! Also Hades will defend the Cruiserweight Title against Kashimanaki. Plus, Nina Fox defends the Women’s Title againat Taylor Clawson who will be accompanied to the ring by none other than Sunny! And much more!

#1 Contender Match
Las Bellezas Peligrosas vs Vanity & Demoness

Another very exciting and exciting women’s tag match. Both teams were battling to face Veronica Clyne and Lizzy Kraven for the Women’s Tag Team Titles at The Haunting.

Vanity hit a gorilla press on Kemina. Next Demoness hit a big splash. It looked as if that was the end, but somehow Kemina reached the ropes.

Eventually Kemina rocked Vanity and made the tag to Firefly. The masked woman superstar used her speed to wear down the bigger opponents. After hitting a diving DDT off the middle rope, she hit a devastating double stomp off the top for the three count.

The scene cut to Kashimanaki who hyped his upcoming Cruiserweight Title match at The Haunting. Kashimanaki said that he was surely up against a tough opponent, but that he would win the Cruiserweight Title once again.

FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Christopher Morgan vs Adam Black

Adam Black immediately went at the Adrenaline Champion, using his brawling skills to try to work Morgan down. Black beat Christopher down and hit an impressive running powerbomb. Black then went up top and attempted a flying double axehandle. Christopher dodged the attempt, ducked behind Black and hit three consecutive German suplexes. When Black got back to his feet Christopher hit a leg lariat. Then he planted Adam with the Tiger Driver for a three count, successfully defending his title in a very impressive way.


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FFP World Title
(c) Patrick McCoy w/ Scarlett Ducane vs Veronica Clyne

Patrick came out very cocky. Not sure why as Veronica had given him close calls before. She went for the Go to Sleep early but McCoy used elbows to escape, then hit an awesome shining wizard. After a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker McCoy scooped Veronica up for the Kryptonite Krunch. But Veronica reversed into a roll up for a two count.

When Patrick got back up to his knees, Veronica leveled him with a hard kick to the head. She then scooped him up and hit the Go to Sleep. She hooked his leg, but somehow the Champion kicked out. Veronica pulled him up to attempt another Go to Sleep. However this time Patrick raked her eyes and threw her through the ropes to the arena floor.

McCoy used the nearby steel guardrail, slamming Veronica into it. They got dangerously close to suffering a double count out, but they got back into the ring. Veronica gained the advantage with a superkick, knocking Patrick down. Veronica then went for a shining wizard. However Patrick reversed it by catching Veronica in the air and hitting a running powerbomb. He immediately picked her up after impact and planted her with the Kryptonite Krunch. He hooked her leg and auccessfully defended his title.

Scarlett joined Patrick in the ring, embracing him and giving him a kiss.


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