10/21/2015 FFP Wednesday Night


FFP Wednesday Night | October 21, 2015
Denver, Colorado

The show began outside of the arena. A DeLorean pulled up outside of the arena. The door opened and out stepped Daniel Matthews, with a Back to the Future shirt on. He looked down at the camera before quoted the famous movie, “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads”.

In the Ring
The reigning and defending FFP Women’s Champion Nina Fox came down to the ring with the Women’s Title on her shoulder. Fox hyped her match with Taylor Clawson this Sunday at The Haunting. Nina spoke about how it would be Sunny’s big FFP return, and how Nina would ruin it, by not only defeating Taylor, but if need be, knocking Sunny straight into next week.

Taylor Clawson interrupted the Champion, saying that Nina could talk all the trash that she wanted, but that Sunday the talk was done, and that Taylor would Flatline her way to the championship.

Travis Banks & Teddy Wagner vs Deranged & El Diablo
One-Fall | 30 Minute Time-Limit | 20 Second Count Out
A very fast paced match between a fairly new rookie tag team and an established team that once held the FFP Tag Team Titles. Although it seemed like the advantage went to the veterans, it was Travis Banks and Teddy Wagner who pulled out the opening match when Teddy hit Deranged with the Victoria Bomb for the pin.

lucha_london_logo_skinnyNews broke today that the owner of Full Force Pro Matt Kraven has purchased one of the UK’s most popular professional wrestling organizations, Lucha London. Read all about this ground breaking purchase here.

Alexis Reed vs Quinn Delaney
One-Fall | 30 Minute Time-Limit | 20 Second Count Out
A solid women’s match with two women who are ready to climb up the ladder and earn themselves a Women’s Title match. Alexis Reed hit a running powerbomb for a two count. She went up top but was stopped. Quinn then hit a hurricanrana off the top. Quinn went for the pin but Alexis kicked out at two. Alexis fought back and finally hit the Domination Spinebuster for the pinfall victory.

The scene cut backstage to Nikki Navarro who was standing by with Daniel Matthews. Nikki said that on Twitter Daniel promised that he would be booked for this Sunday’s The Haunting pay-per-view. She asked him what his plans were. However Daniel smiled and said that we will all see later. Daniel then entered the office of interim-President Duncan Wright.

The Queendom vs Vanity & Demoness
One-Fall | 30 Minute Time-Limit | 20 Second Count Out
A back and forth matchup that first saw Vanity and Demoness really beat down The Queendom, looking like they would make the match a walk in the park. However Monika and Jenna fought back, with Jenna shocking Vanity by flattening her with the Spear. Monika and Jenna then worked over Demoness, with Jenna hitting the Spear and Monika following it up with a flying headbutt for the three count.

The scene cut backstage where interim-President Duncan Wright was ready to make an announcement. Duncan said that with Logan’s current condition with his knee injury that he would not be able to challenge Patrick McCoy for the FFP World Title. Duncan then announced that tonight there would be a number one contender battle royal, and the winner would go on to challenge McCoy at The Haunting for the World Championship.

The scene cut backstage to Aiden Conrad, who was hyping his Television Title match against reigning champion Desmond York. Aiden guaranteed victory, saying that he had quite the ace up his sleeve and he was ready to show his hand this Sunday.


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EJ “Money” Carter vs Xavier Scott
One-Fall | 30 Minute Time-Limit | 20 Second Count Out
A former Cruiserweight Champion taking on an up and comer. Xavier tried using his brawling skills to wear down the former Cruiserweight Champion, but EJ Carter was too experienced and too skilled, fighting back and hitting The Bankruptcy for the pinfall victory.

The scene cut backstage to Nikki Navarro who was standing by with the FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions Veronica Clyne and Lizzy Kraven. Veronica and Lizzy spoke about their match with Las Bellezas Peligrosas this Sunday and about how the match would be a true classic. Nikki asked Veronica and Lizzy if they thought they’d win. They obviously answered saying that they would do their best, and they expect to leave with the titles still intact.

On Halloween night Matt Kraven will get a rematch with Hiroki Ito for the HONOR World Championship. Can Matt overcome his injured knee and take the title from Ito in Tokyo?
Also, the new HONOR Women’s Champion Farrah Clements will put the title on the line in her first title defense against the menacing Fumiko Yamada!
And finally, the former OWF Tag Team Champions Assault & Battery will take on the Osaka Stretching Crew for the HONOR Tag Team Titles! Can the FFP leave Tokyo with all of HONOR Wrestling’s gold? We certainly believe so!
Good luck Matt Kraven, Farrah Clements, Gregory Hart and Kevin Lewan! Show ’em what FFP (and the OWF) can do!

Daniel Matthews vs Hunter Brown w/ Madison Grey
One-Fall | 30 Minute Time-Limit | 20 Second Count Out
Definitely the match of the night, Daniel and Hunter tore into each other. The beginning of the match was a brawl, but it turned into a very technical and exciting matchup. Daniel Matthews hit a spin wheel kick knocking Hunter out of the ring. He followed that up with a suicide dive that caught Hunter in the eyebrow, busting him open.

The two continued doing battle, getting back into the ring and trading blows. Hunter hit a spear that knocked the wind out of Daniel. Hunter, with blood flowing down his face, pulled Daniel up and went for the Deal Breaker, but Daniel escaped out after a hard elbow, to Hunter’s head. Brown stumbled back and was the victim of a hard kick to the side of the head. Daniel then scooped Hunter up and hit the Death Valley Driver. He hooked Hunter’s leg and got the three count.

This Sunday we will present FFP The Haunting! At The Haunting we will witness Assault & Battery challenge Hunt Enterprises for the FFP Tag Team Titles. Also Hades will defend the Cruiserweight Title against Kashimanaki. Plus, Nina Fox defends the Women’s Title against Taylor Clawson who will be accompanied to the ring by none other than Sunny! And much more! Don’t miss it! This Sunday on the FFP Network!

#1 Contender Battle Royal
The battle royal featured nearly every FFP superstar. Bodies went flying all throughout the match. A couple of the smaller guys were tossed out first, with Eddie Siebenthaler and Levi Blake easily tossing men out left and right. The first big elimination was Levi Blake, being clotheslined out by Daniel Matthews. Christopher Morgan battled, tossing out the likes of Mikhail Vakhrov, Adam Black and Eddie Siebenthaler. The final four wound up being Wrestle Squad members Austin Briggs and Matt Evanston as well as Daniel Matthews and Christopher Morgan. Christopher was the first eliminated by Matt Evanston. Austin Briggs then eliminated Daniel Matthews. The Wrestle Squad members then had to square off, with everything on the line. After Briggs went for the Brainbuster on his stablemate, Evanston escaped and hit the Go to Sleep. Briggs rebound off of Matt’s knee and stumbled backward. Evanston followed it up with a clothesline over the top, winning the match and earning himself a World Title Match this Sunday!


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