10/25/2015 FFP The Haunting (PPV)

FFP The Haunting
October 25, 2015 | Tulsa, Oklahoma

The show began with the FFP World Champion, Patrick McCoy coming down to the ring with Scarlett Ducane and an unknown man by his side. Patrick took the microphone and demanded to speak with the interim-FFP President Duncan Wright. Patrick said that he would not put the FFP World Championship on the line against Matt Evanston tonight. McCoy said that he spoke with his lawyer, and that the contract specifically stated that he would only put the title on the line against Logan Christopher at FFP The Haunting.

McCoy passed the microphone to the man that accompanied him and Scarlett to the ring, now we knew it was his lawyer. The lawyer said that the contract was legally binding, and that nowhere in the contract did it state that the opponent would be changed before the event.

Duncan Wright came out and said that he did not want to get into a legal battle with the company that he was only interim-President of. He said that Logan would be let off the hook tonight. Duncan did not look happy making this announcement.

Lucha London Title
(c) Benjamin Behr vs Rayge
A very competitive match. Obviously these men wanted to make a good impression with this being the first ever Lucha London match featured at Full Force Pro. Rayge put up a great fight against Benjamin Behr, who is also the 2014 Queen’s Cup Tournament Champion. Behr retained his Lucha London Title hitting a Crucifix Powerbomb.

At Ringside
The camera panned around the arena and the FFP commentators pointed out that sitting in the front row was model and Twitter personality Lux Heighton (who is a known FFP superfan) and her friends professional wrestler Roxi Johnson and singer/songwriter, who was also a wrestler Serai Daniela. The three stunning ladies looked excited to be at The Haunting, all three cheering and wearing FFP t-shirts.

Britain Jade vs Quinn Delaney
Britain Jade and Farrah Clements who made up the tag team 2Hott in the Ohio Wrestling Federation, got their official call up to the FFP main roster. Farrah was off in Japan, so Britain Jade was at FFP The Haunting making her main roster debut. Obviously she wanted to come out on fire, electrifying the Tulsa crowd and having a successful debut. But Quinn was a tough task for the rookie. Britain had flashes of offense against the veteran. However Quinn reversed a dropkick attempt into a slingshot into the corner. Britain stumbled back from the impact and was a victim of an impressive German suplex.

Quinn called for her finisher, the Quinn Cutter. She stood back and waited as the former OWF Women’s Tag Team Champion pushed herself up to her feet. Quinn charged, grabbing Britain for the cutter, but Jade escaped the attempt and hit an awesome high kick to the face, flooring the red head. As Quinn got back to her feet, Britain then hit her with the Corkscrew Neckbreaker. Britain crawled over and hooked her opponent’s leg. The referee made the count and Britain Jade won her debut match on the FFP main roster!

After the match Britain helped Quinn up. The two shook hands and embraced. Quinn congratulated Britain on her successful debut.

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FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles
(c) Veronica Clyne & Lizzy Kraven vs Las Bellezas Peligrosas
This was a respectful match which featured great technical wrestling, high flying and sportsmanship. Both teams could make an argument that they are one of, if not the best Women’s Tag Team. Veronica and Lizzy obviously had the advantage when it came to strength, to technical wrestling skill and to in-ring experience. Veronica and Lizzy wisely worked on both members of Las Bellezas Peligrosas legs, trying to ground them.

Veronica and Lizzy cut the ring in half, working over Firefly before she finally gained the upperhand with a superkick to one, then a springboard shoulder block to the other. Firefly made the tag and Kemina came in to clean house. Kemina scooped Veronica up on her shoulders and hit the Cradle Shock Driver. The crowd stood in anticipation for a three count, but Veronica kicked out just before the three count. Kemina questioned the referee. Then she turned around not be floored by a running clothesline. Veronica then tagged Lizzy Kraven in.

As Kemina crawled over to make the tag, Lizzy pulled her up and drug her back into her corner. Lizzy continued the beating until she went to take Kemina out of her misery with the Kraven Lariat. But Kemina ducked the attempt and hit a dropkick. Kemina then successfully tagged in her partner. The masked woman climbed in and shocked Lizzy with strikes. Knocking Lizzy back and hitting a running knee to the head. Lizzy stumbled back and tagged in Veronica. Firefly and Veronica went back and forth, with the Tulsa crowd on the edge of their seat. Veronica scooped Firefly up to go for the Go to Sleep, but Firefly reversed by catching Veronica’s leg. Firefly then rolled Veronica up into a modified small package. 1…2…3! Las Bellezas Peligrosas had won the FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles!

After the match Kemina and Firefly were presented the Women’s Tag Team Titles. Veronica and Lizzy headed toward the back while the new champions celebrated.

However, as the champions enjoyed their moment, Kylie and Katrina Connelly stormed down the entrance ramp and attacked, hitting the champs from behind. After doubling teaming the champions, Kylie hit Kemina with the BAB. Katrina then pulled Firefly up and planted her with the F5.

The twins grabbed the Women’s Tag Team Titles and held them up in the air. As the Tulsa crowd booed, the girls threw the titles down onto Kemina and Firefly and left the ring, obviously sending Las Bellezas Peligrosas a message.

The scene cut backstage where Bianca Hunt was shown trying to talk with Kashimanaki. Kashimanaki was part of Hunt Enterprises, but questions remained. Bianca asked Kashimanaki if he wanted her to accompany him to the ring, since he was still a part of her stable. However Kashimanaki replied by shaking his head in disagreement. He told her that he didn’t want to be a part of her stable anymore, that he was more than happy to represent himself. As he walked off, Bianca gave him an extremely dirty look.

FFP Cruiserweight Title
(c) Hades vs Kashimanaki
A fast paced match which saw Hades try to ground the Japanese wrestling superstar while Kashimanaki used a nice mix of hard kicks, technical wrestling and high flying. Hades hit a hard powerbomb on Kashimanaki. He followed it up with a running kick to the chest for a two count. Hades pulled Kashimanaki up for the Burning Hammer, but Kashimanaki reversed into an awesome German suplex for a two count. Hades got back to his feet and Kashimanaki snatched him up and successfully hit the Kashimanaki Driver. He went for the pin that surely would win him the Cruiserweight Title, but Bianca, Anarchy and Mikhail Vakhrov arrived at ringside. Kashimanaki held the pin until Anarchy and Mikhail climbed onto the ring apron. Then, Kashimanaki went to address his former stablemates. As they shared words, Hades snuck up behind Kashimanaki and cracked him with a running knee to the back of the head. He then dumped him on his head with the Burning Hammer for the three count.

After the match Bianca instructed the FFP Tag Team Champions to destroy the aspiring Cruiserweight. And that’s exactly what they did. Anarchy delivered a Death Valley Driver to the Japanese star. Then Mikhail planted him with his finisher, From Russia with Love.

Hunt Enterprises now stood overtop of Kashimanaki’s motionless body, showing that if you aren’t with Hunt Enterprises, you’re certainly against them.

The scene cut backstage where Aiden Conrad was standing with Nikki Navarro. Aiden said that he had announced that he had an ace up his sleeve, and that tonight everyone would know exactly what he was talking about. Aiden then told Nikki to ask him where he stayed last night. She asked and he replied, “the HYATT”.


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FFP Television Title
(c) Desmond York vs Aiden Conrad
A very solid match featuring a lot of technical wrestling. Everyone anticipated Aiden’s “ace up his sleeve” which he gave a very strong hint of moments before. Desmond York hit a couple of big backbreakers on Aiden which gained him a couple of two counts. After slapping Aiden in a camel clutch, York went for the Blue Thunder Bomb. However, Aiden reversed it into a back body drop. Conrad then charged and hit the Beauty Maker, but the force of the move send Desmond crashing to the arena floor.

When Desmond got back into the ring, Aiden charged, going for the Beauty Maker again. But York caught him and hit an impressive overhead belly to belly suplex. York then called for the Blue Thunder Bomb again. This time, he hit the move successfully. However the Tulsa crowd erupted as Missy Hyatt rushed out from behind the entrance curtain. She ran to the ring and grabbed a hold of the FFP Television Title. She set it on the apron, and climbed up on the opposite side of the ring. The referee attempted to get her down from the apron as Desmond turned to assist. Aiden quickly grabbed the Television Title. He grabbed Desmond by the shoulder and pulled him around, immediately cracking him in the skull with the TV Title. Conrad then slid the belt out of the ring. Missy Hyatt quickly climbed down from the ring apron as Aiden made the cover. The referee made the count, and Aiden Conrad had won back the FFP Television Title.

Missy Hyatt grabbed the belt and climbed into the ring. She presented the title to Aiden Conrad and embraced him. Obviously Missy was Aiden’s ace up his sleeve, and his ace up his sleeve was the winning card.

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The scene cut backstage where Logan Christopher was entering the arena with Brandi Moore by his side. He was limping, and was obviously in a little bit of pain. Logan quickly approached Duncan Wright. Logan told Duncan that if Patrick McCoy was going to tuck his tail tonight, that he was here in Tulsa, and was ready to take the World Title from Patrick.

Duncan told Logan that he would not be able to let Logan compete due to his knee being injured. Logan said that either way, he was going to beat McCoy’s ass tonight. He said whether it be an official match, or backstage, that he was going to fight Patrick. It might as well be for the World Title.

Duncan seemed to be impressed by Logan’s persistence. Duncan agreed for the match to take place.

FFP Tag Team Titles
(c) Hunt Enterprises vs Assault & Battery
A very high impact match with both teams hitting some awesome moves to the other. The former OWF Tag Team Champions definitely had the odds stacked against them, with the weight and experience difference, but Assault and Battery put up a fight.

Even knowing that they would soon be hopping a flight to Japan to battle for the HONOR Wrestling Tag Team Titles, Gregory Hart and Kevin Lewan still put up a great fight, even hitting some impressive moves on their opponents. Gregory Hart hit an awesome Double Underhook Backbreaker on Anarchy, but Mikhail broke the pin up. Kevin Lewan got involved, rocking Mikhail before delivering the Brainbuster to him.

After the referee gained control, the match raged on. Anarchy hooked Kevin Lewan in the STF, and the future looked grim for Assault and Battery. Lewan fought and fought, and finally reached the ropes. Anarchy pulled him back, attempting to slap on the STF again, but Lewan hit him with a hard kick to the head before making the tag. Gregory came in stunning Anarchy and hitting a German suplex. Mikhail tried getting involved again, but Kevin entered and hit a running knee. Gregory and Kevin then grabbed Anarchy and hit a Super Bomb for the pinfall victory! Assault and Battery won the FFP Tag Team Titles!

After the match Gregory and Kevin were presented the FFP Tag Team Titles. They hoisted them up in the air as the Tulsa crowd stood and cheered. Gregory and Kevin embraced before leaving the ring with their new titles.

The scene cut backstage where Nikki Navarro was standing by with Matt Evanston. Obviously disappointed that he wouldn’t get a World Title match tonight, Matt said that he thought he finally had his opportunity, but that he wouldn’t let this stop him, and instead he would continue to fight.

The reigning FFP Adrenaline Champion then approached. Christopher Morgan told Matt Evanston that his battle royal win was impressive, and that he should be rewarded. Christopher then told Matt that he would gladly put the Adrenaline Title on the line against him right here tonight, if that’s what Matt wanted.

Matt thanked Christopher for the opportunity, and accepted Christopher’s match invite.

FFP Women’s Title
(c) Nina Fox vs Taylor Clawson w/ Sunny
Taylor Clawson had been looking forward to this opportunity for sometime. The Tulsa crowd erupted with the appearance of Sunny, accompanying Taylor out to ringside. Nina Fox attacked Taylor as she entered the ring. She quickly took Taylor down with a couple of punches, a snap suplex and then a running leg lariat. Nina then set Taylor up for the Superkick, but Taylor dropped down and slid out of the ring. Nina immediately went after Taylor, hitting her from behind and throwing her into the commentator’s table. Nina continued beating down Taylor with kicks and stomps.

The referee finally got Nina into the ring and helped Taylor up. The match hadn’t actually officially started because of Nina quickly attacking Taylor. Once Taylor got in the ring the referee called for the official bell. Nina immediately started attacking Taylor again.

After a few impressive suplexes Nina hooked Taylor into the Dragon Clutch. It already looked as if Taylor’s opportunity was going dark. Taylor tried fighting, clawing at the mat trying to get to the bottom rope. Sunny cheered her on. Taylor finally got to the ropes and Nina had to release the hold, but not before keeping it on for a four count.

Taylor finally battle back, actually gaining the upperhand after hitting a clothesline followed by a swinging neckbreaker and a flying leg drop for a two count. Taylor set Nina up for the Flatliner, but Nina escaped out and planted Taylor with an STO. Nina pulled Taylor up and hit her with her old finisher, Emerald Flowsion. Nina pinned Taylor, but she got her foot up on the bottom rope to stop the count.

Nina pulled Taylor up again. This time she took her to the top turnbuckle. She attempted to hit Taylor with a superplex, but Taylor blocked it. Taylor then reversed into a dangerous, and crazy looking modified Code Breaker off the top. Both women lie on the mat, but Taylor tried to quickly crawl and cover the reigning champion. The referee went down for the count, but Sunny quickly grabbed him by his leg and pulled him out of the ring. The referee hit the arena floor hard. Taylor sat up, looking over at Sunny confused. She crawled over and questioned Sunny. Sunny’s response? She leveled Taylor with a high heel to the skull. Taylor fell back, unconscious. Nina then hooked Taylor’s leg, calling for Sunny to get the referee into the ring.

Sunny grabbed the referee and pulled him back to his feet, instructing him to make the pin. He was groggy, but he slid in and made the count. Nina Fox retained the Women’s Championship.

Sunny now joined Nina in the ring, handing her her Women’s Championship and hugging her in the middle of the ring. Nina smiled, holding the title up in the air and taunting the crowd.

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FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Christopher Morgan vs Matt Evanston
An impromptu match that Christopher Morgan surprisingly offered to Matt Evanston after Matt’s World Title shot was taken from him. These two had clashed before, but this match was one-of-a-kind. Definitely a candidate for match of the night, and quite possibly could have been a Match of the Year candidate.

Matt went for the Go to Sleep early, but Christopher blocked it and hit a dragon leg screw. Christopher then worked on Matt’s leg. Using single leg locks, knee drops to the leg, and a figure four leg lock that Matt Evanston really had to fight to get out of, Morgan’s gameplan was definitely the leg. Evanston fought back, sending Morgan into the corner and hitting a running shoulder to the midsection. Evanston then took Morgan up onto the top turnbuckle and hit an awesome belly to belly off the top. The Tulsa crowd cheered as Matt gained the upperhand.

Morgan came back with a rising clothesline. He hit a backbreaker, and then a chop block. He wrapped Matt up into a single leg Boston crab until he felt he could successfully hit the Tiger Driver. Morgan now pulled Matt up. He brought his arms behind him and set him up for the Tiger Driver. However, Matt reversed it into somewhat of a back body drop, but held Christopher on his shoulder. Matt then shocked Morgan, hitting him with the Go to Sleep! Matt dropped to his knees, and lunged forward, hooking Christopher’s leg. The referee made the count. 1…2… and somehow Morgan kicked out! The Champion stayed alive!

Matt stepped back. Calling for another Go to Sleep. Evanston was hell bent on leaving Tulsa, Oklahoma with a championship around his waist. But Morgan motioned to the referee that sometime was wrong. The referee told Matt to back away, and kneeled down to check on the Adrenaline Champion.

As Matt waited to see what was wrong, Lux Heighton who was shown earlier in the night, climbed over the guardrail. She quickly climbed up onto the apron and shocked the world by hitting Matt Evanston with a low blow from behind. Matt stumbled forward and fell to his knees. Lux dropped down to the arena floor. Christopher then quickly popped up to his feet. He pulled Matt over and planted him with the Tiger Driver. Morgan then hooked the leg and got the three count! Due to the outside interference with model and Twitter personality Lux Heighton, Christopher Morgan successfully defended his title, and kept his 217-day title reign intact. Lux now climbed into the ring. She approached Christopher and the two shared a kiss in the center of the ring. The Tulsa crowd booed, and littered the ring with trash as Christopher continued kissing Lux, holding the Adrenaline Title up in the air in the meantime.

The scene cut backstage where Nikki Navarro was rushing to catch up to Nina Fox and Sunny. Nikki asked them how their alliance had come to be. Nina laughed at Nikki. She said that once Taylor attempted to contact Sunny to accompany her down to the ring, that Nina was on top of it. Sunny then said that she only associates herself with the best, and that Nina Fox was the absolute best.

FFP World Title
(c) Patrick McCoy w/ Scarlett Ducane vs Logan Christopher w/ Brandi Moore
As Logan entered the ring, Patrick immediately attacked his knee, like a shark smelling blood in the water. Patrick hung Logan up on the ropes, working over his leg as Logan gritted his teeth in pain. McCoy hit a couple of suplexes, wrapping it up with a suplex where Logan’s leg snapped off the bottom rope. Logan was in a lot of pain.

The referee checked on him, but McCoy didn’t give him much time, continuing to work on Logan’s leg. McCoy went for the dragon leg screw, but somehow Logan reversed it into an enziguri. McCoy was stunned, but continued going after Logan. Logan however reversed the attack into a small package for a one count. Patrick popped back up and again charged at Logan. Logan hopped to his feet and hit a spin wheel kick, knocking McCoy to the mat. Logan stepped back, obviously limping. When Patrick got back up he once again went after Logan. Logan hit an arm drag, then a Northern lights suplex.

Eventually Patrick was able to hit Logan with a dropkick to the knee, knocking him down and causing him to scream in pain. Patrick toyed with Logan, before ascending to the top rope. In an attempt to mock Logan, Patrick went for the Shooting Star Press. Logan raised his knees, causing Patrick’s ribs to crash down into his knees. McCoy rolled over in pain. However, the damage was also done to Logan, as all of McCoy’s body weight had crashed down on his injured leg. Logan tried to crawl over and make the pin, but he had rolled around in pain for too long. Patrick kicked out at two.

Logan pulled Patrick up and planted him with a DDT. He then slowly ascended to the top rope. Logan attempted his Shooting Star Press, but his leg gave out underneath him. He crashed to the mat below. Patrick then quickly pulled Logan up and hit him with the Kryptonite Krunch for the three count. Patrick had retained his title in a match that probably shouldn’t have even took place.

Scarlett joined Patrick in the ring as he strapped his title around his waist. They embraced, and Patrick gave Scarlett a kiss. Meanwhile FFP medical personnel came down to the ring to tend to Logan. McCoy mocked the challenger, limping around the ring and laughing.

Be sure to catch our next pay-per-view FFP Rebirth, live from Las Vegas on November 15, 2015!



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