10/31/2015 Sadistic Saturday Night


Sadistic Saturday Night | October 31, 2015
Kansas City, Missouri

The show began with the interim-President of Full Force Pro, Duncan Wright congratulating Matt Kraven, Farrah Clements and Assault & Battery on their amazing victories at HONOR Wrestling’s Halloween Special. Kraven, Clements and Assault & Battery had a clean sweep, bringing all HONOR Championships back to the United States very soon.

Britain Jade vs Alexis Reed
Britain Jade was most definitely the fan favorite in this one. A fast paced matchup with both girls showing flashes of offense. However after Britain escaped a fireman’s carry from Alexis, she hit the Corkscrew Neckbreaker for the three count.

Live from Las Vegas, Nevada on November 15th Full Force Pro will present to you, FFP Rebirth!

Don’t miss Patrick McCoy putting the FFP World Title on the line in a Ladder Match against Logan Christopher for the very last time. Also Ava Miller will get one last chance at Malaya Diyosa for the OWF Women’s Title. As well as Aiden Conrad putting the Television Title on the line against Austin Briggs. More matches will be announced soon!

Kylie & Katrina Connelly vs Vanity & Demoness
Vanity and Demoness obviously had the advantage going into this match just because of their size and power. Kylie and Katrina are twin sisters, so the team experience went to them. Katrina, who seemed to be the more powerful Connelly sister took the fight to both opponents, even scooping Vanity up and hitting a modified death valley driver. Demoness came in and knocked Katrina down with a quick right hand. Kylie tagged in and used her speed to evade Vanity and Demoness, eventually hitting the BAB on Vanity. The move rocked Vanity, causing her to stumble back. Kylie then hit the BAB once more. Kylie then tagged Katrina in who scooped Vanity up and somehow hit the F5 for the three count.

Catch Assault & Battery challenge the Osaka Stretching Crew for the HONOR Tag Team Titles, as well as Farrah Clements defending her HONOR Women’s Title and Matt Kraven wrestling for the HONOR World Title in this epic Halloween Special put on by HONOR Wrestling in Tokyo, Japan!

To check out these three matches featuring FFP superstars in HONOR Wrestling, click here.

In the Ring
Next the FFP Adrenaline Champion Christopher Morgan came out with his girlfriend and apparently new manager Lux Heighton. Christopher bragged about his 223 day title reign. He also guaranteed a main event victory for him and his team tonight. He reminded the world that he would be issuing an open challenge for his Adrenaline Title at the FFP Return Anniversary Show, and would continue holding the title for as long as he wanted.

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Deshaun Reed & Desmond York vs Prince Tau & Adam Black
A solid tag team match with both teams attempting to cut the ring in half. Adam Black got worked over by Deshaun Reed and Desmond York. However it was Prince Tau’s power which turned the tide for Tau & Black. After hitting a lariat on Deshaun Reed, Tau hit the Spear for the three count.

After the match Tau got on the microphone and said that him and Adam Black felt like they had proved that they deserve to be in line for a Tag Team Title shot. Duncan Wright came out and announced that at the FFP Return Anniversary Show that Assault & Battery would be giving Hunt Enterprises their Champion’s Rematch. Then, he would crown new number one contenders.

The scene cut backstage where Lacey Abernathy was talking with the other three members of what used to be known as the Four Drop Dead Diamonds. They were discussing Lacey’s upcoming Women’s Title opportunity, as well as the Connelly Twins working toward a shot at the Women’s Tag Team Titles.


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Non-Title Triple Threat Match
Nina Fox vs Suki Okada vs Christina Wiig

A very competitive matchup between the three women. Christina Wiig was ready to prove that she still had what it takes. Suki Okada was ready to show that she had the skills to get to the next level. And Nina Fox wanted to prove what she had proven many times, that she deserved to be the Women’s Champion, and considered the best in FFP.

Suki relied on her kicks while Nina and Christina worked their opponents over with technical moves. Nina hit Christina with the Superkick, eliminating her by pinfall. Nina and Suki then went at it, and went at it hard. Stiff shots from both girls rocking their opponent. The Kansas City crowd was definitely into the match, solidly behind seeing Nina Fox come out on the losing side of things. Nina scooped Suki up and looked to be going for a death valley driver, but Suki slipped out of Nina’s grip and dumped her with a German suplex. Okada then hooked Nina in the Muta Lock. The reigning FFP Women’s Champion reached for the ropes. She grabbed Suki, trying to break the move and continued reaching for the ropes. However after several grueling moments, Fox had no choice but to tap out.

Suki popped up in shock. She raised her hands in victory and celebrated her victory over the Women’s Champion. After a few moments of catching her breath, Nina got up and clotheslined Suki from behind. Then she left the ring and disappeared backstage.

The scene cut backstage where Morgan Alexander stood by with Giovanni Gotch. Morgan, one for controversy, asked Giovanni how she felt about Fiona Burke getting a shot at the FFP Women’s Title. Giovanni said that she was happy for her friend. Morgan tried to get a little more dirt, but Gotch wouldn’t budge, saying she’d be happy to see her friend become the new Women’s Champion.

November 16th will mark the two year anniversary of FFP’s return. And live from Los Angeles, California, FFP will bring you the FFP Return Anniversary Show! Assault & Battery will defend the FFP Tag Team Titles against former champions Hunt Enterprises. Also Nina Fox defends the FFP Women’s Title against Lacey Abernathy and Fiona Burke in a Triple Threat Match.  More matches will be announced soon!

Six-Man Tag Match
Patrick McCoy, Christopher Morgan & Aiden Conrad vs Logan Christopher, Adam Hyatt & Austin Briggs

Another very back and forth and entertaining match. The team of the champions used a few questionable tactics to gain the upperhand. Logan, Adam and Austin put the fight to their opponents. The crowd was very behind Logan and his group booing Patrick, Christopher and Aiden.

Conrad had the first close pin attempt after hitting the Beauty Maker on Austin Briggs. Briggs fought back and hit a suplex into the corner. Adam Hyatt brought the fight to Aiden as well until Christopher Morgan was tagged in. Morgan and Hyatt worked each other over with technical moves, Morgan keying in on Adam’s back.

The winning blow however was a spinning kick to the World Champion’s head courtesy of Logan Christopher. Then the Shooting Star Press. As Logan made the pin Adam and Austin entered the ring fighting off Patrick’s teammates.

After the match Logan, Adam and Austin stood proudly in the middle of the ring, the victors.


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