Raquel St. Claire’s Exclusive Interview with Matt Kraven

Earlier today I had the opportunity to sit with the owner of Full Force Pro Matt Kraven in his office at the OWF Training Center. Having just broke from a training class, Matt was wearing work out clothes and apologized for not being dressed up. 

We spoke about the status of FFP, Matt’s trip to Japan, his relationship with Farrah Clements, his brother and more. This was definitely an interview that I will be proud of for a long time to come. And I was so happy to have my first assignment be interviewing this man.

Raquel: Hello Mr. Kraven. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to me.

Matt: Not a problem Raquel. Not a problem at all. I’m excited to have you on board here. And…you don’t have to call me Mr. Kraven. Matt is fine.

Raquel: Okay. Matt. Alright.

(Matt laughs)

Raquel: So, you just got back from a pretty successful stay in Japan. What made you decide to do that?

Matt: Honestly, I was going through a few things in my personal life, and I kind of just waived the white flag. I decided to take a hiatus and let Duncan Wright take over as interim-President of FFP. He was doing such a good job in the OWF, I knew he’d do well. He’s been doing great too.

So After I got that all squared away I decided to jump a 13 hour flight to Japan. You see, I’ve been running wrestling promotions for the better part of ten years. And as much as I love doing that, it’s not my passion. My passion was always professional wrestling. So I thought, “why don’t I just go to Japan and be a professional wrestler. No owning a fed. No running shoes. Just wrestling.” And that’s what I did.

Raquel: How was it being over there at first?

Matt: I’ll admit, it was tough. Not being able to speak the language and all. It was rough. But a few of the American wrestlers over there helped me out. Then, of course Farrah came over. They wanted an FFP women wrestler to challenge Katsumi Akiyama for the HONOR Women’s Title. I don’t think they thought any of our girls would be able to end Katsumi’s two and a half year title reign. And Farrah did.

(Matt smiles)

She won the belt, successfully defended it and brought it home.

Raquel: You smile when you talk about Farrah. And we will get back to Japan. But I have to ask, how is it going with Farrah? And how did that start?

Matt: It’s going absolutely wonderful with Farrah. She’s amazing. And I love her more than I ever thought I could love anyone else. How did it start? Well, I brought Britain and Farrah into the OWF to be 2Hott. I immediately felt an attraction to Farrah. We talked a little and dated a little, but I decided that I wasn’t going to date any of the talent anymore, so we broke it off. But you see how long that lasted. We got back together and I couldn’t be happier.

Raquel: That’s cute. Do we hear wedding bells in the future?

Matt: You’d have to ask her. (He laughs) I absolutely think it’ll happen in the future. But we’ll see.

Raquel: Alright, well back to Japan. You went over there, won some matches, Farrah flew over, then you lost to Hiroki Ito. Talk us through that.

Matt: That was rough. I paid to have a friend of mine and her band flown to Tokyo to play me out to the ring. I had my hopes up. I really thought I’d be able to pull it out. But he targeted my knee and his gameplan worked. I ended up submitting. And I usually don’t do that. But, I got a rematch and beat him that time. That’s all that matters now.

Raquel: That’s right. On Halloween night you beat him and won the HONOR World Title. How was that feeling in Tokyo?

Matt: It was amazing. One of my favorite moments of my career. The new HONOR World Champion.

Raquel: You mentioned favorite moments in your career. What are some of your’s?

Matt: Oh man. I’ve had a crazy career. Honestly, besides winning the AWF World Title when I was 18 years old, when Chris returned and we beat the American Bulldogs for the FFP Tag Team Titles, that was so great. Such a fantastic moment. Him and I have had such a rocky relationship. And to win those titles proved that at least at that moment, we were the best. Also of course winning the FFP World Title against Blood Reign. And my entire run as the Owner and President of Full Force Pro.

Raquel: You and Chris have indeed had a crazy relationship. He returned and you two answered the American Bulldogs open challenge at this year’s All Torn Up. Will there be another Kraven Brother reunion? Possibly to go after the FFP Tag Team Titles, or possibly the HONOR Tag Team Titles?

Matt: Oh man, I’m not sure. Probably not. I think Chris is happy being retired. But that would be fantastic wouldn’t it? I wouldn’t say never. But I really doubt it.

Raquel: While we’re on tag teams, who do you feel have the brightest future in the tag team division here?

Matt: If the Bulldogs were still together I’d say them hands down, but right now I have to go with the hot hand and say Assault & Battery. Those two gel so well as a tag team. I actually helped them come up with their name. They were simply called “Hart & Lewan”. But I wanted them to have a real team name. My friend and I had a tag team named Aggravated Assault. That’s where I got the inspiration for the March pay-per-view. I also see a bright future for Travis Banks and Teddy Wagner.

I tell you what though, the next OWF Training Camp will be tag team heavy.

Raquel: Speaking of, how are things going in the OWF?

Matt: It’s going great. Definitely better than I would have ever expected. It’s gained a lot of popularity. And the superstars there are learning a lot and getting ready for the next level.

Raquel: Anyone who have your eye on?

Matt: Oh so many. Ashley King came on strong and is currently the OWF Champion. Mason Wolfe, Matt Thatcher, “Baby” Jo Messi, Malaya Diyosa…so many. They all have a great future here ahead of themselves.

Raquel: So I asked you about tag teams. Which male and female superstars in FFP do you see having bright futures? Who are your favorites?

Matt: Whenever I’m asked my favorite FFP superstar I have to go with my best friend Daniel Matthews. And favorite woman wrestler, either my cousin Lizzy or Veronica. They’ve been here for so long and made so much history here.

As far as bright futures, I would go with Kashimanaki, Adam Hyatt and Matt Evanston for the men – Fiona Burke, Britain Jade and Farrah Clements for the women.

Raquel: How are things going for FFP? Overall I mean?

Matt: It’s honestly going fantastic. Just this year we opened up our developmental territory, inducted our first class into our Hall of Fame, had a t-shirt featured on Pro Wrestling Tees – which is still available for only $20…and launched the FFP Network. We have been putting on the greatest pro wrestling shows in the world, and we aren’t slowing down. FFP is doing great.

Raquel: And finally, what do you have to say to everyone reading this interview?

Matt: I’d just say, keep watching. It’s only going to get better. Big things are coming to Full Force Pro, and it’s going to get so good.

Raquel: Thank you Matt. This has been great.

Matt: Thank you Raquel. I hope I was a decent interview. (He laughs)

Raquel: You were great Matt.

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