Raquel St. Claire’s Exclusive Interview with Farrah Clements

Yesterday I had the opportunity to sit down and interview the Owner of Full Force Pro, Matt Kraven. Later that night, I sat down with his beautiful girlfriend, and reigning HONOR Women’s Champion Farrah Clements.

In this interview we discussed Matt Kraven, Farrah’s friendship with Britain Jade, their tag team 2Hott, dream matches, Japan and much more.

Raquel: Hello Farrah. Thank you for meeting with me tonight.

Farrah: Thanks for having me.

Raquel: So with Matt I started with Japan. I guess I can do the same with you. How was Japan?

Farrah: It was amazing. The opportunity to go over there alone was great, but the fact that everything went the way it did made it one of the best experiences of my life.

Raquel: Walk us through it. How’d you find out about the opportunity to wrestle for the HONOR Women’s Title? And how was it wrestling over there? How’d you get ready for the match?

Farrah: I found out through Matt. He was already over there and I guess I was just one of the names thrown out to come and compete. Then I heard I was the one chosen. I was really nervous, because I had mainly been wrestling with Britain in tag competition and not so much in singles. But it was unreal when I finally went out there and wrestled. I trained incredibly hard with Matt; he was a big help.

Raquel: Okay. We will get back to Matt. But you mentioned Britain. You two make up 2Hott. And you were the OWF Women’s Tag Team Champions. How did that friendship begin, and how did she feel having her tag partner go to Japan for a month?

Farrah: Britain and I have known each other since we were kids. We grew up together and we’ve always been close. She was happy for me, but we both missed each other.Raquel: Aww. So we will have a 2Hott reunion in the FFP soon?

Farrah: Definitely! 2Hott is forever.

Raquel: Nice segue, you said 2Hott is forever. I have to ask, are you and Matt Kraven possibly forever? He had a lot of really nice things to say about you in our interview. We wanna know.

Farrah: Possibly. Did he tell you to ask that? (Laughs)

Raquel: He did not. (Laughs) What did you think of Matt’s performance in Japan? It seemed he hurt his knee in both matches. Do his matches make you nervous now that you’re dating?

Farrah: Not really. He knows what he’s doing and he’s great at it. Of course I was worried about his knee, but otherwise, I’m confident that he can handle himself.

Raquel: I asked him about wedding bells. He said ask you. (Laughs) If you do get married to the owner of Full Force Pro, are you prepared to take on so much more responsibility? I mean, marriage means what’s your’s is his and what’s his is your’s.

Farrah: I better be, right? I’d like to think I’d be prepared, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Raquel: If he asked you now, what would you say?

Farrah: Nice try. (Laughs)

Raquel: At the FFP Return Anniversary Show you will defend the HONOR Women’s Title against Britain. How do you feel about that? And will either one of you be able to put the other away with no remorse?

Farrah: I’m excited. We’ve never faced off before, so it’s going to be something new for everyone. I’m glad it’s against her mainly because we got split up so I could compete for this title, so it’s only right that she gets a shot at it too. We know what we’re getting into; we’re friends, but we’re going to leave it all out there.

Raquel: I can’t wait. I’m sure it’ll be a great match. If you successfully defend, do you have anyone you’d like to defend the title against? Also, do you have any dream opponents, past or present here in FFP?

Farrah: I’ll defend it against anybody who earns a shot. It doesn’t matter to me. As far as dream opponents, I’ve said before that 2Hott vs. Seduction Inc is a match I’m dying for. Other than that, I’d love to go head to head with someone like Lizzy.

Raquel: Are you concerned at all about your relationship gaining you had press about your career? For example, she only got this title or that opportunity because she’s with the boss.

Farrah: I’m not. Matt doesn’t get up, put on a blonde wig, and go to the gym in my place. He doesn’t go out there and wrestle my matches for me. Maybe if people were at the gym instead of running their mouths on social media, they’d see just how hard I work for themselves. I know it would make a lot of people insecure, and it has in the past, but I’m not going to let it bother me because I know better. I’m very happy and I won’t let that kind of stuff take that away from me.

Raquel: Are you and Matt THE power couple?

Farrah: I think so!

Raquel: Sorry to keep focusing on you two, but I feel like the public want to know more about you two. Like, how is he when he’s not on TV or not working on FFP stuff? Where was your first date? What do you guys do in your spare time?

Farrah: Our first date was after a show. We stayed afterwards and just talked for a few hours. Oh, and ate pizza rolls. Romantic, right? (Laughs) He’s a nice guy, very passionate about everything he has going on in life. We have to keep some things private though, so our spare time is just for us.

Raquel: That’s adorable. And I understand privacy. In this profession it’s hard to find. So what are your long term plans here Farrah?

Farrah: I have so many, I couldn’t possibly list them all. I’d love to have a match of the year nominated match one day and win the FFP Women’s Tag Team Championships with Britain, but mainly, I want to continue to show everyone in FFP what I’m made of.

Raquel: Well Farrah, good luck with everything here in FFP. I know one thing is for certain, we all will be watching.

Farrah: Thank you!


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