11/15/2015 FFP Rebirth (PPV)


FFP Rebirth
November 15, 2015 | Las Vegas, Nevada

The FFP Rebirth Pre-Show began with a panel which consisted of FFP commentator Morgan Alexander, new interviewer and news correspondent Raquel St. Claire, Lizzy Kraven and FFP Adrenaline Champion Christopher Morgan. They talked about the upcoming card and made picks for the main event. Morgan and Christopher Morgan picked Patrick McCoy while Raquel and Lizzy both picked Logan Christopher to become the new World Champion.

Rebirth Pre-Show Match
Matthew Shields vs Veronica Clyne
One-Fall | 15-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
This match was set up on Twitter when Matt Kraven and Matthew Shields traded a few tweets back and forth about where Shields would wind up on the FFP roster. Shields said that he was good enough that he should be featured on the main roster, while Kraven wanted to see him in the Ohio Wrestling Federation. Finally Kraven told Shields that if he could beat an opponent chosen by him, that he could be on the main roster, but if he lost, he’d go to the OWF. The only hint, was that Shields’ opponent would be a girl. Shields accepted.

Shields seemed a bit shocked to see his opponent be the former FFP World Champion, and the very first woman to ever hold the World Title, Veronica Clyne. Shields attempted to not seem too intimidated, or he actually wasn’t. Veronica began the match with an open hand slap to Matthew. He retaliated with a wild punch attempt, but Veronica ducked it and hit him with an atomic drop. Followed it up with a dropkick to the back of the head, sending him falling through the ropes to the arena floor. Next Veronica attempted a baseball slide dropkick, but Shields caught her legs, and proceeded to swing her into the nearby commentator’s table.

Shields continued the attack on the outside of the ring, dropping Veronica with a short arm clothesline before hitting her with a couple of shots across the back and sending her back into the ring. As Shields entered the ring after the former World Champion, Veronica floored him with a rising clothesline. The match continued back and forth. Shields hit Veronica with a modified spinebuster which wound up with Veronica in a perfect pin attempt, however she kicked out after two.

The match raged on with both superstars taking over control until Veronica hit Shields with a hard kick to the bread basket which seemed to take the air out of him. She then scooped her opponent up onto her shoulders and hit the Go to Sleep. Shields fell to his back and Veronica hooked his leg. 1…2…3! Veronica Clyne was your winner. And Matthew Shields would be moving to Cincinnati to the OWF.

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Daniel Matthews & Kashimanaki vs Hunt Enterprises
One-Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
This match was a war. A lot of stiff shots from everyone involved. Many wondered how Kashimanaki would fair after his grueling but excellent match with Matt Kraven for the HONOR World Championship last night at the FFP Awards show.

Mikhail hit the first big move, a backbreaker on Daniel Matthews. He then hoisted him up over his shoulder, attempting to make him submit. Anarchy got the tag and continued working on Matthews’ back. Daniel tried to tag Kashimanaki in, but Hunt Enterprises cut the ring in half.

Matthews finally took the momentum after hitting an enziguri on Anarchy. Anarchy got back up and went at Daniel again but Matthews dodged and hit a Russian leg sweep. Then he rolled to his corner and tagged in Kashimanaki. Kashimanaki came in using his lethal kicks to cut Anarchy down, starting with his legs, but moving up his ribs and finally to his head. Mikhail tried to get involved, but received a spinning back elbow followed by a head kick knocking the Russian out of the ring.

Kashimanaki now ascended to the top rope and hit a wicked double foot stomp on Anarchy. He went for the pin, but Mikhail pulled him out of the ring and violently slammed him into the steel ring post. Mikhail then entered the ring where Daniel was approaching. Anarchy and Mikhail successfully destroyed Daniel Matthews, hitting him with a spike powerbomb. Kashimanaki entered the ring and hit Mikhail with a hard kick to the skull. The impact echoed throughout the arena. Vakhrov fell to his back and rolled out of the ring. Kashimanaki and Anarchy then went one on one, with Kashimanaki hitting a couple more stiff kicks before somehow planting Anarchy with the Kashimanaki Driver. The Japanese wrestler then hooked Anarchy’s big leg and got the three count.

At Ringside
The scene cut to ringside where we saw the likes of FFP: United Kingdom superstars such as Benjamin Behr, Clyde Cassidy, Darius Chambers, Leigh Violet and Rayge. Of course we also saw the co-owner of the FFPUK, Rhiannon Tilley. The group seemed to be enjoying themselves thus far.

Loser Leaves the OWF
Jacinta Stutz vs Adira Strong
One-Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
These former tag team partners has been feuding for a while now, with their feud hitting the ultimate consequences as the loser of this match would have to leave the OWF.

Both women, capable of technical wrestling, tore into each other like pro boxers. Rights and lefts flew as the crowd cheered them both on. It seemed the crowd favored Adira Strong over Jacinta Stutz, but there was a mixed reaction.

The first big move was an overhead belly to belly by Jacinta. Adira battled back hitting a Samoan drop. Adira followed it up with a powerbomb for a two count. Then she went for an early Death Valley Driver, but Jacinta escaped off of Adira’s shoulders and hit a German suplex. Jacinta laid into Adira with stomps before pulling her up and hitting a belly to belly suplex. Stutz then hooked Adira’s legs and slapped on one of her finishers, the Walls of Jacinta.

Adira screamed in pain, reaching and clawing for the ropes. Jacinta kept the hold locked in, giving Adira only two options, to submit or fight like hell to the ropes. And fight she did.

After several grueling moments, Adira finally moved her and Jacinta to the side of the ring and grabbed the ropes. The match continued on. Jacinta kept the upperhand until she missed an attempted clothesline, and Adira capitalized with a neckbreaker. Strong really put a beating on Jacinta, hitting her with some big impact moves, including a brutal rib breaker. Adira then went for the Death Valley Driver again – a move that she adopted off of her wrestling idol Daniel Matthews. Jacinta put a halt to the move with a rake of the eyes. The blue haired wrestler then capitalized off the eye take, hitting her finisher Eternal War. She then hooked the leg of her former partner and got the three count. Adira Strong would have to leave the OWF.

Jacinta celebrated in the ring. The crowd booed as she mockingly blew Adira a kiss. Stutz then left the ring. The crowd then gave Adira the ovation that she deserved. She stood, and with a tear in her eye waved to the crowd before leaving the ring.

OWF Women’s Title | The Satsujin Triad is Banned from Ringside
(c) Malaya Diyosa vs Ava Miller
One-Fall | 60-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
Knowing that Cappadonna and Nari Chang could not come to ringside was a huge boost to Ava’s confidence. She came down at the hands down fan favorite. Malaya came down to nothing but boos.

Malaya faked a handshake and instead slammed Ava down to the mat violently by her blonde hair. Malaya continued the beat down until Ava rocked her with a spinning forearm. Ava and Malaya traded strikes until Ava hit a hard kick to Malaya’s ribs. Followed it up with a Russian leg sweep. The leader of the Satsujin Triad it a stop to Ava’s offense with a rake to the eyes, then pulling Ava by her tights causing her neck to connect to the middle rope. She rolled the challenger up for a schoolboy pin but Ava kicked out at two.

Malaya pulled Ava up and scooped her up on her shoulders. Ava escaped out and hit a neckbreaker. Miller continued working on Malaya’s neck, working the champion down. Miller eventually went for one of her finishers, Eat It, but Malaya escaped and hit a hard kick followed by a DDT. Malaya pulled Ava up and attempted the Maximum Overdrive. Ava escaped out of the attempt, but instead was clotheslined over the top by Malaya.

Malaya went to the outside with the challenger, slamming her into the commentator’s table. Malaya shoved Ava into the ring, and climbed onto the apron. However Ava stopped her in her tracks with a hard kick. Then she catapulted herself over Malaya, hitting a devastating leapfrog powerbomb on the arena floor.

Ava rolled back into the ring as the referee started his 20 count.

After 15, Malaya was getting back to her feet. Ava hit the ropes and delivered a risky yet effective suicide dive. She headed back into the ring.

The referee counted again. This time Malaya began sliding back into the ring at 17. Ava pulled her up and hit a hard t-bone suplex. Miller then ascended to the top. She went for an Essie Guerrero style frog splash, but Malaya got her knees up. After the impact, Malaya liked Ava in a Crossface. Ava immediately began reaching and stretching for the ropes.

As it looked like Ava would get to the rope, Malaya put her foot out, using the rope to push her and Ava away. Of course this was illegal and the referee demanded the break.

The match raged on with Malaya hitting a couple European uppercuts. She grabbed Ava’s arm and pulled her in for Maximum Overdrive, but Ava pushed off of Malaya and hit an awesome spinning lariat. Miller then hooked the legs, but somehow Malaya kicked out. Ava pulled Malaya up and muscles her up onto the top rope. Ava attempted another of her finishers, the dangerous Welcome to Candy Mountain. However Malaya kept a tight grip of the top rope. Ava crashed to the mat below.

Malaya then turned herself around. She hopped off the top rope attempting a super clothesline, but somehow Ava leapt into the air and delivered an awesome Code Breaker. Malaya’s body bounced off the impact and landed toward the middle of the ring. Ava then quickly dove on the champion and hooked her leg. The referee made the count. 1…2…3! Ava Miller had just won the OWF Women’s Title!

After the match Ava was presented the Women’s Title. With tears in her eyes she held the title in the air as the Las Vegas crowd gave her a standing ovation. As she celebrated her victory, she was blindsided with a hard double axehandle to the back of her neck by the now former champion. Malaya then pulled Ava up and planted her with Maximum Overdrive. Cappadonna and Nari Chang headed out to the ring as well. The Satsujin Triad completely dismantled Ava Miller, cracking her in the head with the championship she had just won, and laying into her with plenty of kicks and stomps.

Malaya then took the OWF Women’s Title and left with her stablemates as Ava lie in the ring. Obviously the crowd wasn’t hesitant to show their disdain for the group.


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FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles
(c) Las Bellezas Peligrosas vs Connelly Twins
One-Fall | 60-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
The Connelly Twins were hell bent on winning the FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles. Kylie saw success winning the Diamond Title, and Katrina saw success being the first OWF Women’s Champion, but the two hadn’t won tag titles together.

Las Bellezas Peligrosas wouldn’t lay down however. In fact, they surely brought a harder fight than Kylie and Katrina expected. Firefly hit a superkick on Katrina for a close two count. Kylie got a tag in and hit Firefly with the BAB, but the force of the move sent her into the corner, tagging her partner Kemina. Kemina brought the fight to Kylie, the two battling back and forth.

Back and forth the match went until all four women went to the outside. Firefly then slid into the ring and attempted a suicide dive. She successfully hit the move, knocking both Kylie Connelly and Kemina to the ground. Firefly climbed back into the ring to look for Katrina. However Katrina blindsided Firefly. She hoisted the masked woman wrestler up and planted her with the F5. Katrina then hooked the leg and got the three count! Kylie and Katrina Connelly were the new FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions!

The twins embraced in the center of the ring. They were presented with the Women’s Tag Titles and held them in the air for ten crowd to see. Of course the crowd only have them boos as they celebrated.

The scene cut backstage where the FFP medical staff was working with the new OWF Women’s Champion Ava Miller. Duncan Wright and Beatrice Keenan were checking on Ava, who was asking about finding Malaya and getting her championship back. Duncan and Beatrice said that they would track it down and get it for her, as she won it in a grueling and hard fought match.

HONOR Tag Team Titles
(c) Assault & Battery vs Adam Hyatt & Matt Evanston
One-Fall | 60-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
This was the first match of the night that could see the Wrestle Squad walk away from Rebirth with gold. Hyatt and Evanston were fairly new to teaming up together, although Evanston was part of the very successful tag team the American Bulldogs for quite sometime before they split up.

Assault & Battery took the fight to Hyatt and Evanston early, wearing them down with technical wrestling, as well as stiff kicks, European uppercuts and strikes to the head and chest. Adam Hyatt hit a knee to the gut of Kevin Lewan and planted him with an STO. Evanston got the tag in and continued working Lewan down. That is until Lewan hit a back elbow then rolled to his corner to make the tag to Gregory Hart. Hart came in and hit a flurry of offense on Matt Evanston, most notably hitting a suplex turned into neckbreaker across the knee. Gregory then locked in a one-armed camel clutch.

The match continued, a back and forth affair with all four gentlemen taking the fight to their opponents. After Evanston hit a running powerbomb on Gregory Hart then tagged in Adam Hyatt. Hyatt went for the Superkick, but Hart reversed, catching Hyatt’s leg and locking in an ankle lock. Hyatt fought for the ropes, but Hart kept the move locked in. Hyatt continued fighting, pushing himself toward his corner to try to make the tag to Matt Evanston. As time went on, Hyatt lost his energy, and had to tap out due to the pain.

After the match Assault & Battery shook hands with their challengers. The Wrestle Squad members left the ring to let the champions have their moment. As they celebrated their victory, Hunt Enterprises stormed the ring and attacked them from behind. Anarchy and Mikhail Vakhrov beat Gregory and Kevin down, and put the exclamation mark on the attack by cracking both of them in the skull with their HONOR Tag Team Titles. Anarchy and Mikhail then stood over their future opponents, clearly sending a message that they were coming to the Return Anniversary Show to take back the FFP Tag Team Titles.

The scene now cut backstage where Adira Strong was heading out of the back of the arena. Before she could leave the door the co-owner of FFPUK, Rhiannon Tilley approached her. They spoke for a moment before Rhiannon asked if Adira would want to talk somewhere more private.

FFP Television Title
(c) Aiden Conrad w/ Missy Hyatt vs Austin Briggs
One-Fall | 60-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
This would be Austin Briggs’ last match as part of the FFP main roster as he was heading to England to be a part of FFPUK. Aiden Conrad was hellbent on not letting Briggs take the FFP Television Title with him.

Both men pulled out as many stops as they possibly could on the other. Briggs hit the Suoerplex – one of his old finishers, for a two count. He went up top again, a little uncharacteristic of Briggs, and hit a flying head butt for a two count.

Conrad took advantage of a Missy Hyatt distraction and hit Briggs with a hard clothesline from behind. He pummeled Briggs before hitting him with a Brainbuster, mocking Austin since it’s his own finisher. Conrad then tossed Briggs out of the ring, hoping to get a count out victory.

The referee counted, however Austin got back in the ring before the 20 count expired. Briggs used his strength to fight back, hitting a spinebuster, a slingshot into the corner and a running knee to the midsection. He brought Conrad up and planted him with the Brainbuster.

Meanwhile, Missy Hyatt places the TV Title on the ring apron and hurried to the opposite inside of the ring. She climbed up to distract the referee. As the ref demanded she get down, Briggs got up and yelled at his former manager. However when he turned around Aiden Conrad, who grabbed the TV Title from the apron of the ring, leveled Austin with the championship to the head. Conrad made the pin as Missy climbed off the apron. 1…2…3! Conrad successfully defended his title in Austin’s last match in FFP.

After the match Aiden left the ring with the title on his shoulder, and with Missy by his side. The Las Vegas crowd cheered for Austin’s efforts, and his time in FFP. Once he got to his feet he raised his hand to the crowd, thanking them for the ovation.

FFP World Title | Ladder Match
(c) Patrick McCoy w/ Scarlett Ducane vs Logan Christopher w/ Brandi Moore
One-Fall | 60-Minute Time Limit | No Count Out
This feud has been ongoing for quite sometime, and on this night Patrick McCoy and Logan Christopher would be able to end it. Winner take all.

The match was very hard hitting with the ladder being involved very early. Patrick seemed to be looking to cripple Logan Christopher with the ladder, hitting him several times in the knees, and ramming it into his stomach as well.

The match went to the outside with Logan gaining the upperhand. He slid back into the ring while McCoy took possession of the ladder again. As he tried sliding it back into the ring Logan dropkick led the ladder, slamming it into Patrick and sending him crashing to the arena floor. Logan then slid the ladder into the ring, set it up and began his ascension. McCoy scurried back into the ring and climbed up the opposite side. The two met at the top, trading blows. McCoy grabbed Logan by his hair and slammed him continuously into the top of the ladder. Logan answered back with a kick to the side of the champion’s head. They both then crashed to the ring below.

Patrick was the first to get up. He pulled Logan up and fired him into the corner. He grabbed the ladder and charged. Logan ducked the attack, but McCoy swung the ladder the opposite way, leveling Logan in the head. The challenger fell to his back, blood gushing out of his eyebrow.

McCoy spotted the blood. He set the ladder up and looked down once more. Then he turned his attention back to the FFP World Title hanging in the air. He climbed up the ladder, sure that Logan was down and out. Surely Patrick would retain.

However a hand reached up and grabbed McCoy’s boot. Patrick looked up and couldn’t believe Logan was up, holding onto his boot. He shoved Logan back with his foot and continued up the ladder, but Logan grabbed his leg again. The two fought back and forth, with McCoy up five rungs on the ladder. Logan finally hit Patrick with a shot to the lower back, slowing him down. Logan climbed up the ladder with Patrick and hit an awesome back suplex. Both men lie on the mat. That is until Patrick rolled over and fell out of the ring. Scarlett rushed over to help him get up. Of course this cause Brandi to approach, making sure Scarlett didn’t give Patrick an advantage. The girls traded words until finally they tore into each other, rolling around on the floor trading blows.

Logan grabbed the ladder and began to climb. Looking down a couple times to make sure McCoy was still down. Logan climbed as fast as he could, with blood covering his face. Until he was stopped dead in his tracks by a hellacious chairshot by Patrick McCoy.

McCoy now pulled Logan down, still holding the chair in his other hand. He yelled out at the crowd before going for a chairshot to the head. However Logan ducked the attempt and fought back with a Van Daminator, kicking the chair into McCoy’s head. The chair went flying and Patrick fell to his back. Logan dropped to his knees but caught himself on the ladder. Rung by rung he pulled himself up, ascending closer and closer to the World Title. Finally his taped hands reached the gold. The championship that he had never won. He forcefully pulled the championship down. Logan Christopher was the new World Champion!

As flashes from cameras lit up the arena, Logan held the World Title up in the air. Blood covering his face, the fight was the toughest he had ever faced, but it was worth it.

As Logan climbed down the ladder Matt Kraven came down to the ring. He had the Triple-A Case that Logan had cashed in back in June. With a smile on his face Matt took a microphone and met Logan in the ring. Matt congratulated Logan, shaking his hand. Matt said that Logan’s journey to the World Title began in June when Logan gave Matt the Triple-A Case. Matt then added, that ever since Logan had given Matt the case, that he was looking for the right time to use it.

The Las Vegas crowd seemed puzzled. Logan looked shocked. But it didn’t last long. Kraven brought the Triple-A Case back and cracked Logan in the head with it. Logan dropped to the mat below. Matt then handed the Triple-A Case to the referee. He immediately dropped down and pinned Logan Christopher. 1…2…3! In someway, somehow, Matt Kraven had just turned Logan’s dream into an absolute nightmare and stole the World Title from him.

The arena filled with boos. The Vegas crowd showered the ring and Matt Kraven with trash. As empty soda cups, napkins and other items from the concession stands rained down on Matt Kraven he stood over Logan’s bloody body. With a smile on his face Kraven held the FFP World Championship in the air. The show came to an end as the unbelievable happened. Matt Kraven deceived everyone and won the World Title.

Don’t miss the FFP Return Anniversary Show tomorrow night, on the third anniversary of FFP’s return! Christopher Morgan will be defending his Adrenaline Title, Assault & Battery will be defending the FFP Tag Team Titles, and Nina Fox will defend the Women’s Title in a Triple Threat Match!


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