11/25/2015 FFP Wednesday Night


FFP Wednesday Night | November 25, 2015
Oakland, California

The show opened up with several in studio interviews with wrestlers guaranteeing victory in the FFP World Heavyweight Title Tournament.

In the Ring
The FFP Adrenaline Champion Christopher Morgan came out with Lux by his side. Morgan said that he talked with management and they agreed that his Adrenaline Title match with Toni DeLuca was pay-per-view worthy. Morgan said that he didn’t feel that Oakland was worthy enough for that quality of match anyway.

Toni DeLuca then came out, saying Morgan was obviously a coward. He then said that it was fine, and that at Throwback that Toni will be the new Adrenaline Champion.

Kashimanaki vs Hunter Brown w/ Madison Grey
One-Fall | 15-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
Kashimanaki has some of the most lethal kicks in the business, however he concentrated less on kicks and more on his technical wrestling ability in this match. It all seemed to work out for him until Madison Grey got involved in the match. Once Madison had Kashimanaki and the referee distracted, Hunter hit a low blow which led to the Deal Breaker for the pin.

After the match Kashimanaki came to as Hunter and Madison were celebrating their win. Kashimanaki snapped, nearly kicking Hunter’s head into the crowd. Then he put an exclamation point on his attack by planting Madison with the Kashimanaki Driver!

Jason Copeland vs Nathan Caine
One-Fall | 15-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
These two had met before, and with their youth, surely they would again. Nathan turned Jason inside out with a lariat. Copeland fought back, hitting a running knee that stunned the former FFP Tag Team Champion. Although it was Nathan Caine planting Copeland with the Double Underhook Driver for the three count.

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Non-Title Match
Connelly Twins vs Lacey Abernathy & Suki Okada

One-Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
This was an all out brawl. Obviously there was a lot of animosity between the two teams. Suki Okada hit a sweet bridging German Suplex on Katrina for a close two count. Kylie broke the pin up with a kick to Suki’s ribs.

Lacey got the tag and cleaned house, hitting hip tosses, body slams, dropkicks, back body drops and a superkick to clear the ring. Katrina brought the fight to Lacey, but Abernathy wrapped her opponent in the Code Red Armbar. Katrina had no choice but to tap out.

After the match the FFP Women’s Champion Nina Fox stormed the ring, armed with her championship. She blindsided Suki with the title before laying a beat down on Lacey. Nina and the Connelly Twins then stood tall with their titles held high.

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Travis Banks & Teddy Wagner vs Deshaun Reed & Desmond York
One-Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
Another highly competitive tag team match. Both teams were young up and comers looking for their spot in the Tag Team Division. Deshaun and Desmond controlled most of the match, however, Travis Banks hit a superkick on Deshaun Reed which immediately led to a Teddy Wagner Death Valley Driver, followed by a three count.

Banks and Wagner got on the microphone and asked for a shot at the FFP Tag Team Titles. Assault & Battery came out and accepted the challenge, for this weekend at SSN.

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FFP Television Title
(c) Aiden Conrad vs Matt Evanston

One-Fall | 60-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
Other than the FFP Tag Team Titles, Matt Evanston hadn’t held a title in Full Force Pro. He looked to change that on this night.

Aiden Conrad taunted Matt and the crowd throughout the whole match. But the crowd got even, chanting “Nina’s boyfriend” to Aiden theoughout the match.

Matt Evanston displayed an amazing technically wrestling ability. Aiden, who usually relied on the outside interference of Missy Hyatt, had to fend for himself. After a powerbomb, Matt went for a shining wizard, but Aiden dodged it and rolled Matt up in a school boy pin. Pulling the tights so the referee couldn’t see it, Aiden got the three count. He quickly retrieved his title and left ringside.


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HONOR Women’s Title
(c) Farrah Clements vs Lizzy Kraven

One-Fall | 60-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
No love loss between these two ladies. After a successful title defense against her 2Hott tag team partner Britain Jade at the FFP Return Anniversary Show, Farrah Clements was viciously attacked by Lizzy Kraven. Tonight it was a lot of the same. After opening introductions Lizzy immediately speared Farrah. The two rolled around on the mat trading shots. Eventually they rolled out onto the apron and fell to the are a floor.

The brawl went around the ring. Both women slamming the other into the ring apron, into the steel
guardrail and into the commentator’s table. Farrah gained the upperhand with a couple of hard right hands, before charging and slamming Lizzy with a clothesline over the guardrail.

Farrah backed up and looked to attempt a dive over the guardrail, but was cut off in mid-air with a European uppercut. The brawl continued, with Lizzy getting busted open on the eyebrow.

Finally the official called for the bell. The match never officially started, however he called for the bell hoping it would stop the brawl. It did not. Eventually as the two ladies were brawling near the corner of the ring, Lizzy gained an advantage raking Farrah’s eyes. She then violently whipped Farrah down by her hair. Farrah’s head cracked against the steel ring steps, knocking her unconscious. Lizzy then walked over and took possession of Farrah’s HONOR Women’s Title. Lizzy stood over Farrah’s motionless body, holding the belt in the air. Lizzy then draped the title over the blonde’s body.

As Lizzy walked off, Matt Kraven and EMTs made their way out to Farrah. Matt had words with his cousin first. The show closed with Farrah being tended to.


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