11/28/2015 Sadistic Saturday Night


Sadistic Saturday Night | November 28, 2015
Seattle, Washington

The show opened up with Lizzy Kraven being interviewed in the middle of the ring by Raquel St. Claire. Raquel asked Lizzy about her attack on Farrah Clements and why it was that she has decided to target her. Lizzy said that she felt she deserved a chance at the HONOR Women’s Title more than Farrah and that she wanted to prove it by kicking her ass any chance she got.

Raquel then asked Lizzy if she legitimately wanted a shot at Farrah and the title (formerly the HONOR Women’s title, now the FFP: Japan Women’s Title). Lizzy said of course she did, and that whenever that match would take place, Lizzy would walk away with the gold.

Jason Copeland vs Hunter Brown w/ Madison Grey
One-Fall | 15-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
A hard hitting matchup between two guys that most definitely could be look at as the future of the company. Hunter Brown hit a dropkick sending Copeland to the mat and rolling to the outside. Hunter then hit a baseball slide dropkick. Copeland fought back, hitting a European uppercut that knocked sweat off of Hunter into the front row.

Madison tried getting involved by hooking Jason’s foot, but missed and hooked Hunter’s instead. When Brown turned to her out of confusion, Copeland rolled him up and got the three count for the win.

The scene cut backstage where the FFP Adrenaline Champion Christopher Morgan was standing by with Raquel St. Claire. Of course Christopher’s girlfriend Lux was by his side. Morgan talked about how Toni DeLuca was talking trash on Twitter, but that Christopher’s Adrenaline Title reign wasn’t going to end at FFP Throwback. Morgan said that Toni has this dream that he’s going to be the one to end it, but that frankly, he didn’t even deserve a chance at the belt.


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The scene cut backstage now where Seduction Inc stood by. Brandi Moore and Taylor Clawson hyped their upcoming match with 2Hott at FFP Throwback. Brandi said that this definitely is a match between a Hall of Fame tag team, and potentially a future Hall of Fame team. Taylor talked about Farrah’s FFP: Japan Women’s Title reign, but said that her mind has got to be a little on Lizzy Kraven as well, saying that having her mind not right for this match could cost her. However both girls made sure to note that they respected 2Hott and looked forward to a great match.

Non-Title Match
Connelly Twins w/ Nina Fox vs Lacey Abernathy & Suki Okada

One-Fall | 15-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
This feud has been ongoing for a while now. A lot of brawling with all four women involved. Nina cheered the twins on from ringside. Suki Okada hit an awesome spinning clothesline that seemed to turn Kylie inside out. She followed it up with a piledriver that looked like the end of the match, but Katrina Connelly broke the pin up. Lacey Abernathy then entered the ring and took Katrina down with a running knee followed by a spinning neckbreaker.

Lacey and Katrina fell to the outside brawling. Meanwhile Suki hit Kylie with a gutwrench suplex. Okada then hooked on the Muta Lock. Kylie screamed in pain, reaching for the ropes to try to break the hold. However the match abruptly ended when Nina Fox slid into the ring, armed with her Women’s Title, and cracked Suki right in the ribs. The referee called for the bell as Nina helped Kylie up. They proceeded to put the boots to Suki.

Lacey slid into the ring to assist her friend, but Katrina Connelly slid in behind her and blindsided her. Nina and the Connellys really put a beating down on Lacey and Suki, using their championships as weapons, and taunting the downed rivals.

However, as the beatdown continued, former OWF woman wrestler Adira Strong stormed down the entrance ramp. She slid into the ring and immediately took Katrina Connelly down with a spear. Next Kylie attempted her finisher, the BAB but Strong dodged and hit a superkick, knocking Kylie out of the ring. Nina Fox tried to take advantage now, using her Women’s Title as a weapon, but Adira ducked the attempt, scooped Nina up and planted her with the Death Valley Driver. Adira then checked on Lacey and Suki while Nina rolled out of the ring. Finally, the odds were even!

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The scene cut backstage where Adira Strong was shown with Lacey Abernathy and Suki Okada. The girls were all smiles because they had finally evened up the rivalry between Nina Fox and the Connelly Twins. Raquel St. Claire quickly approached the trio. Adira said that her, Lacey and Suki would love to have a fair, three-on-three match with the champions. Lacey and Suki added that they would definitely be okay with a match between them, and said that with the odds being even that they’d be able to teach them a lesson.

FFP Television Title
(c) Aiden Conrad w/ Missy Hyatt vs Desmond York

One-Fall | 15-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
Desmond was the one that Aiden defeated for the FFP Television Title back in October. Aiden, coming off of a title defense against Matt Evanston this past Wednesday, looked to use his momentum to get another victory over a tough Desmond York. York brought the fight, using his obvious power advantage to really rock the Television Champion. Conrad used his speed to get away from Desmond, and hit a couple of nice strikes.

The match found it’s way to the outside where Desmond gorilla pressed Aiden and slammed him into the steel guardrail. They went back and forth until Aiden hid behind Missy Hyatt. Desmond charged, but put on the breaks, opening himself up for Aiden to him him with a thumb to the eye. Aiden then shoved Desmond back into the ring and attempted the Beauty Maker. However Desmond reversed it, hitting a sit-down powerbomb for the pin attempt. The referee made the count but Aiden somehow kicked out.

Desmond turned to question the referee. Meanwhile Missy grabbed the Television Title and slid it into the ring. The referee saw and intercepted. As he handed the title back to the time keeper, Aiden hit an illegal low blow on York. Aiden then blasted him with the Beauty Maker for the three count.

Aiden quickly slid out of the ring, grabbed his TV Title and left ringside where Missy Hyatt.

Next we saw Austin Briggs standing by with Tyrece Beckman. Beckman asked Austin about the upcoming FFP World Heavyweight Title Tournament and how he thought he’d do. Obviously Briggs said that he thought he had a great chance to win it. He said that with the likes of Daniel Matthews, Christopher Morgan, Patrick McCoy, Logan Christopher and Veronica Clyne that the competition would be fierce, but said that he thought he’d be able to put up the fight to win the whole thing.

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Hunt Enterprises vs Prince Tau & Adam Black
One-Fall | 15-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
Another back and forth contest which saw both teams take possession of the upperhand and the momentum. Mikhail flattened Prince Tau with a hard clothesline which really knocked the wind out of him. Tau tagged out to Adam Black who brought his brawling ability, knocking Mikhail into the ropes before hitting a spear which sent both men crashing to the arena floor.

Anarchy and Tau then met in the center of the ring, also trading blows. Eventually Anarchy gained the advantage, dropping Tau with a German suplex. Mikhail gained the advantage on Adam Black by slamming him into the steel ring post. He sent him back into the ring where him and Anarchy planted him with a spike powerbomb. Mikhail then pinned Adam for the three count.

After the match Bianca Hunt got on the microphone and demanded that Hunt Enterprises get a Tag Team Title shot against Assault & Battery. This brought out Gregory Hart and Kevin Lewan. However, it also brought out Travis Banks and Teddy Wagner, as well as Deshaun Reed and Desmond York. All three teams argued that they deserved a shot at the Tag Team Titles. The reigning champions then suggested that Hunt Enterprises, Banks and Wagner and Reed and York compete in a Triple Threat Match, with the winner challenging for the titles. All three teams agreed to the match.


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