12/27/2015 FFP Throwback (PPV)

FFP Throwback
December 27, 2015 | Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The event began with a video montage of what had happened in the FFP World Heavyweight Title Tournament thus far. The tournament was down to the final four, Mikhail Vakhrov, Kashimanaki, Adam Hyatt and Logan Christopher. The two semi-final matches would be taking place on this night, as well as the finals! Who would be crowned the first ever FFP World Heavyweight Champion?!

FFP World Heavyweight Title Tournament | Semifinals
Mikhail Vakhrov w/ Bianca Hunt vs Kashimanaki
One-Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
A very hard hitting match that saw Kashimanaki using his kicks while Mikhail relied on his power, including hard punches and clotheslines. Neither man had ever held the World Title in FFP although Kashimanaki had come close, taking Adam Hyatt to the limit in a title match in Japan.

Vakhrov hit Kashimanaki with a running powerbomb into the corner and followed it up with a big avalanche, crushing Kashimanaki up against the turnbuckles. After an attempted pin which got him a two count, Vakhrov pulled the Japanese superstar up and went for his finisher, From Russia with Love, but Kashimanaki fought out and hit “The Russian Lion” with a hard kick to the skull. The sound echoed throughout the arena. Kashimanaki then grabbed Mikhail and dumped him on the back of his head with an impressive German suplex. Kashimanaki pinned Mikhail and got the three count! He would advance to the FFP World Heavyweight Title Tournament Final!

FFP World Heavyweight Title Tournament | Semifinals
Adam Hyatt w/ Madison Castle vs Logan Christopher
One-Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
Another back and forth wrestling match with both superstars, both of whom had held the FFP World Title even though Logan’s reign was cut short within minutes when Matt Kraven cashed in the Triple-A Case on the Cruiserweight superstar. Adam Hyatt gained the advantage early and dumped Logan to the mat with the Wrist Clutch Exploder. The Milwaukee crowd gasped as Hyatt hit his finisher and seemed to cut the match short. However, Logan kicked out at two.

Adam was shocked. So was Madison Castle who was ringside, as well as most of the crowd watching. Logan battled back, hitting a snap suplex followed by a superkick for a two count. Adam brought the fight back, hitting a running clothesline that flipped Logan over making him land on his chest. Then he hit an overhead belly-to-belly into the corner, causing Logan’s body to hit the turnbuckles then fall to the mat below.

Hyatt locked in a devastating sharpshooter that really wore Logan down. He waited for Logan to get back up and went for his other finisher, the Superkick, but Logan dodged and rolled Adam up with a school boy pin. Adam kicked out at two. Then both superstars quickl got back to their feet, until Adam successfully hit the Superkick, knocking Logan to the mat. Adam hooked his opponent’s leg, but again somehow Logan kicked out. Adam looked out into the crowd, then down at Madison. He didn’t know what to do to keep Logan down.

Adam pulled Logan up and called for the end. He went for a big powerbomb, but Logan reversed the move into a hurricanrana, hooking Adam’s legs for the pin. Adam fought as the referee made the count, and kicked out just before the three count. Adam shot back to his feet and went for a wild clothesline, but Logan ducked the move and hooked Hyatt into a backslide pin. Again, Hyatt kicked out at two. The men again got back to their feet quickly, until Logan rolled Adam up with a tight small package. The referee made the count and Adam couldn’t escape the pin in time. Logan got the three count, and would advance to the tournament finals against Kashimanaki!

The scene cut backstage where Raquel St. Claire was standing by with Kashimanaki. She asked him about tonight’s main event where he would face off against his former tag team partner Logan Christopher for the FFP World Heavyweight Championship. Kashimanaki said that he knew they were capable of having a great match, and that he would do his best to become the first World Heavyweight Champion.

Raquel then asked Kashimanaki about the FFP:Japan officials meeting with him at FFP Wednesday Night. He said that they had talked with him about jumping from FFP to FFP:Japan and he told them that he appreciated the offer, but that he was happy where he was.

As he spoke with Raquel Logan Christopher arrived backstage from his victory. He approached Kashimanaki and they shook hands. Logan told Kashimanaki good luck and Kashimanaki said the same, saying that they would have a great match.

FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles
(c) Connelly Twins vs Suki Okada & Adira Strong
One-Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
Suki Okada and Adira Strong came out on fire, really giving the reigning FFP Women’s Tag Team Champions a fight. All four girls being a part of a back and forth rivalry that had been ongoing for weeks now, there was definitely some animosity between the two teams.

Suki locked Katrina Connelly in the Muta Lock that gave the Milwaukee crowd hope that they would see new Women’s Tag Team Champions crowned, but Kylie Connelly eventually got into the ring to break the hold.

The end of the match came when the rookie Adira Strong went for a Death Valley Driver on Kylie, however the former Diamond Champion slipped out of Adira’s grip and leveled her with the BAB for the three count.

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Prince Tau vs Jackson Pearce
One-Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
This match was hard hitting from beginning to end. The former tag team partners tore into each other, with Jackson Pearce still aggravated about Tau’s success while he was gone, while Tau wanted revenge after Jackson cost him his first round FFP World Heavyweight Title Tournament match against Mikhail Vakhrov.

Jackson hit a hard DDT for a two count. He followed it up with a running kick to the chest, then hit a back suplex for another two count. Tau fought back after Pearce missed a splash in the corner. Tau hoisted Pearce up and hit the F5, but somehow Jackson kicked out at two. Prince Tau then set Jackson up for the Spear, but Pearce reversed it by hitting a running knee, knocking Tau to the mat. Pearce covered Tau but only got a two count.

Pearce then pulled Tau up by his dark hair, and planted him with his finisher, the Pole Shift. Jackson confidently pinned Tau, but somehow his former tag team partner kicked out. Pearce couldn’t believe it. He questioned the official before grabbing him by his black and white striped shirt and tossing him out of the ring. Pearce then slid to the outside and shoved the time keeper out of his chair. He grabbed the steel chair that he was sitting in and slid back into the ring. He waited for Tau to get back to his feet, then leveled him with a chairshot to the head. Tau fell to the mat with blood spewing out of his head.

Next Pearce targeted Prince Tau’s leg knee. Since Pearce had been out with a knee injury, it seemed obvious that Jackson was going to attempt to put Tau out of action the same way. He hit Tau’s knee several times with the end of the chair. He then placed Tau’s leg in the chair, up on his knee. Pearce climbed up onto the middle rope and jumped off, stomping hard on the chair. Tau yelled out in pain, quickly pushing the chair off of his knee and holding it in pain. Officials ran down the isle and slid into the ring, trying to stop the attack. Jackson threw a few of them out of the ring as he grabbed a hold of Tau’s leg to do more damage.

Jackson pulled Tau into the corner where he next applied a figure four leg lock around the steel ring post. Tau continued yelling pain, slapping the mat and trying to push Pearce’s legs off of his. Eventually officials finally pulled Jackson’s legs off of Tau’s and separated the two. Prince Tau needed to be helped to the back by the medical staff while Jackson had to be forced backstage by the officials.


Veronica Clyne vs Fumiko Yamada
One-Fall | 15-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
This was yet another stiff and hard hitting match. Fumiko had attacked Veronica Clyne in mid-December after she lost her second round FFP World Heavyweight Title Tournament matchup. Fumiko threw Veronica around the ring, using her size and strength advantage to gain the upperhand. However Veronica didn’t go without a fight, using her striking skills to rock the big woman.

Veronica hoisted Fumiko up on her shoulders and went for the Go to Sleep, but Yamada caught Clyne’s leg and hit a t-bone suplex that slammed Veronica onto the mat, sending her body bouncing out of the ring and to the arena floor. Fumiko followed Veronica to the outside, ramming her into the steel guardrail. She then charged, attempting to smash Veronica against the guardrail. But Veronica dodged and Fumiko crashed into the guardrail. Clyne then muscled Fumiko up onto her shoulders and this time successfully hit the Go to Sleep. As the referee continued his count, Veronica slid back into the ring. The referee only moments later reached his 20 count. Veronica had won the match via countout.

The scene cut backstage where Fiona Burke and Giovanni Gotch, who had went to the OWF to manager her boyfriend Connor Campbell, had reunited and were talking and getting ready for the FFP Women’s Title Ladder Match.

FFP Television Title | Triple Threat Match
(c) Aiden Conrad w/ Missy Hyatt vs Nathan Caine vs Adam Black
One-Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
Only days ago was Adam Black included into this match, which was originally set to be a one-on-one after Nathan Caine won a battle royal to become number one contender. Aiden and Adam, who seemed to reignite their feud, tore into each other, with Nathan Caine simply being on the outside looking again.

Hoping to take advantage, Caine waited patiently, letting the rivals tear into each other. However Caine did eventually attempt to score a quick pin on one of the two as they slammed each other with big moves.

At one point as Nathan Caine held onto Adam Black, Aiden approached, attempting to crack Adam in the skull with the Beauty Maker. However Black dodged the finisher attempt and Aiden connected with Nathan. Adam then hit a clothesline on Aiden and pinned Nathan Caine, eliminating the former Tag Team Champion.

The match had now came down to Aiden Conrad and Adam Black. The two began trading punches. Aiden gained the upperhand with a rake to the eyes, then rolled Adam up, pulling his tights for added leverage. Black somehow kicked out before the three count, and slammed Conrad with the STO. Black pulled Conrad back up and forced him up onto the top turnbuckle. He pulled him up and hit a superplex. Black then went to the top himself and attempted a flying headbutt. Aiden moved out of the way, and Black crashed to the mat below. As he got back to his feet, Aiden charged and hit him with the Beauty Maker. Conrad then hooked Adam’s leg, but somehow Black kicked out just before the two count.

Aiden looked over at Missy Hyatt. He was shocked. She grabbed the Television Title and set it on the apron. She then went to the other side of the ring and climbed onto the apron. The referee noticed and began instructing her to get off the apron. As the referee was distracted Aiden grabbed the Television Title. He attempted to crack Adam in the head with the title, but Adam ducked the strike and knocked Aiden down with a clothesline. Adam then took possession of the TV Title. Missy tried to tell the referee, but he was too busy trying to get her to get down off the ring apron. As Conrad got back to his feet, Adam leveled him with the title. Conrad fell to the mat, completely unconscious. Black then slid the title out of the ring and made the pin.

Missy continued trying to explain that Adam was cheating, but the referee turned his attention back to the match. He quickly slid into position and made the three count. Adam Black was the new FFP Television Champion!

After the match Adam took the Television Title. He held it up in the air as the crowd cheered. He celebrated with the belt as Missy Hyatt checked on Aiden.

The scene cut backstage where Tyrece Beckman was talking with Daniel Matthews. Matthews, who would challenge Joey DeMarco for the FFP:Japan World Title later in the night, had suffered injured ribs just last night in a brawl with Joey and his stablemates Chad Lyons and Brian Kamen. Tyrece asked Daniel how he was feeling and if he felt like he’d be able to beat Joey with his injured ribs.

Of course Daniel said that he’d be able to beat Joey tonight whether he was suffering from injured ribs or not. Daniel said that Joey would pay for not only orchestrating the attack last night, but he would also pay for being a douchebag.

Joey DeMarco then came into view, arguing with Daniel. As it seemed the two may come to blows, Chad Lyons and Brian Kamen came in from behind Daniel and knocked him to the ground, hitting him with a couple kicks to the ribs before running off. Daniel was left lying on the concrete, in obvious pain.

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FFP Adrenaline Title
(c) Christopher Morgan w/ Lux vs Toni DeLuca
One-Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
Today was the 280th day of Christopher Morgan’s FFP Adrenaline Title reign, only four days from tying Veronica Clyne for fifth longest title reign in FFP history. Morgan brought the fight to Toni DeLuca, who just as well came to Milwaukee to wreck Christopher’s plan in continuing his impressive title reign.

DeLuca rocked Christopher with a running European uppercut that surely would have knocked out a normal man. DeLuca then took Morgan to the top rope where he hit an epic German suplex. Christopher was down, and he was hurt. Toni went for the pin, but Christopher somehow kicked out at two. Morgan crawled away trying to get to the ropes, but Toni pulled him up and hit a modified fisherman brainbuster. He went for the pin again, but Lux climbed onto the apron, distracting the referee. Toni sat up, seeing Lux’s distraction.

Toni jumped up and yelled at her, telling her to get down from the apron. Meanwhile, Christopher was getting back up to his feet. He charged, going for a double axehandle to the back of Toni’s head. But DeLuca moved out of the way just in time, and Morgan crashed into his girlfriend, sending her crashing to the arena floor. Morgan turned back around only to be slammed to the mat by a belly to belly suplex. DeLuca hooked Christopher’s leg but again only got a two count.

Next Toni pulled Christopher up. He sent him into the ropes and attempted his Pop Up European Uppercut, but Christopher reversed it by hooking Toni’s arm on his attempt, and hitting an arm drag. When DeLuca got back up Morgan hit a leg lariat. He pulled Toni up and hit a big gut buster. He pulled the challenger up once more and planted him with the Tiger Driver. He hooked Toni’s leg but he kicked out at two.

Morgan questioned the referee’s count. He then went at DeLuca again. He began to pull him up, most likely going for another Tiger Driver, but DeLuca hooked the champion in a small package. The referee made the count, but Morgan kicked out at two. The two quickly fought back to their feet but Christopher caught Toni with an impressive overhead belly to belly suplex. He followed it up with a running knee to the face before pulling Toni to the center of the ring and planting him with another Tiger Driver. Morgan then hooked Toni’s leg and got the three count. His title reign would continue!

After the match Christopher rolled out of the ring and checked on his girlfriend. Lux was still down on the arena floor after Morgan had accidentally ran into her. He carried her to the back to seek medical attention as the Milwaukee crowd gave Toni DeLuca a huge ovation for his great efforts.

The scene cut backstage where Matt Kraven approached Daniel Matthews who was being evaluated by the doctor. Matt asked Daniel if he wanted him to accompany him to the ring to make sure that Joey’s crew didn’t get involved in their FFP:Japan World Title match tonight. Daniel told Matt that he appreciated it, but he didn’t want Joey to have any excuses when he beat him for the belt. Matt asked Joey if he was sure, and Daniel assured him that he wanted to go down to the ring alone. Matt then reluctantly told Daniel that he wouldn’t come down, and wished him luck.

FFP Tag Team Titles
(c) Assault & Battery vs Teddy Wagner & Travis Banks
One-Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
Assault & Battery had quickly became a dominant tag team in Full Force Pro, and just as quickly became a big fan favorite. Teddy Wagner and Travis Banks planned on coming out of this match the new FFP Tag Team Champions, but unfortunately for them, their plans did not go as planned.

After seeing a few impressive moves against both Gregory Hart and Kevin Lewan, it was Travis Banks who tapped out to a Kevin Lewan ankle lock in the middle of the ring.

Assault & Battery celebrated their successful title defense, leaving Wagner and Banks in the ring. Teddy seemed aggravated, but checked on his partner. He helped Travis up and patted him on the shoulder. However next he destroyed his partner with a clothesline. Teddy then pulled Travis back up to his feet and slammed him to the mat with his finisher, the Victoria Bomb. Wagner laid into his partner with a couple of stomps before climbing out of the ring, leaving him lie on the mat. Obviously their partnership was over.

The scene quickly cut backstage where Aiden Conrad was demanding that Duncan Wright, the Interim-President of FFP, to reverse the decision in the Television Title match and award Aiden his title back. Aiden said that Adam Black was a dirty cheater and that the Television Title deserved better.

Duncan then said that Aiden was the one who attempted to use the Television Title as a weapon first, and that he seemed to get what he deserved. Aiden seemed offended at Duncan’s remarks. Duncan then stopped him, reminding him that he would get his champion’s rematch.

Wright then said that Aiden would get his rematch with Adam Black this week at the FFP New Year’s Eve Show!

FFP:Japan World Title
(c) Joey DeMarco w/ Penelope Blair vs Daniel Matthews
One-Fall | 60-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
Only minutes before Joey DeMarco’s stablemates attacked Daniel Matthews backstage. Matthews, with severely injured ribs, had pain written all over his face just walking down the isle. Matthews had trouble not only getting himself up onto the apron, but also climbing into the ring.

Joey DeMarco came out next, not only with Penelope Blair by his side, but also with Chad Lyons and Brian Kamen behind him. Joey got into the ring and extended his hand to Daniel Matthews. Matthews, who had just been sneak attacked by DeMarco’s crew, took exception, slapping the champion across the face. The referee quickly called for the opening bell afterward.

Joey DeMarco quickly retaliated, double legging Daniel and pummeling him with fists. After hitting a couple of solid shots to Daniel’s face, Joey shot up to his feet and hit Matthews with a hard kick to the ribs. Matthews screamed in pain as DeMarco targeted the ribs. A despicable action however Morgan Alexander on commentary commended DeMarco for his gameplan.

Joey hit a gutwrench suplex then dropped an elbow on Daniel’s ribs. The FFP:Japan World Champion continued his attack on the injured ribs until Matthews hit Joey with a hard kick to the head out of nowhere. Joey stumbled a bit before Matthews hit him with a hard German suplex. Daniel couldn’t take advantage. Instead he lie on the mat in pain, slowly crawling to Joey. Matthews draped his arm over Joey’s body but only got a one count.

Matthews fought to get back to his feet, pulling Joey up with him. Daniel then attempted to scoop Joey up onto his shoulders, most likely for his finisher the Death Valley Driver, but Joey pushed himself off of Daniel and hit a knee to the ribs. Joey then scooped Daniel up and hit a devastating rib buster. Joey then hooked Daniel’s leg and got the three count. Taking advantage of the injured ribs that he had caused, DeMarco retained his title.

The Milwaukee booed as DeMarco hoisted the FFP:Japan World Title up in the air. He took exception of the jeers, deciding that he would take it out on Daniel.

The referee continuously called for the bell, attempting to pull DeMarco off of Matthews. DeMarco hit him with kicks and stomps, attempting to not only injure Daniel more, but to also add some humiliation to Daniel’s loss. Chad Lyons and Brian Kamen joined Joey in the attack.

Finally Daniel’s best friend Matt Kraven stormed the ring. Kraven slid in and leveled Brian Kamen with a clothesline. He turned to Chad Lyons to fight him off as well, but Joey DeMarco cracked the former President of FFP with his championship. Chad Lyons then began to pummel Kraven.

After Kraven had been beaten down as well, Chad helped Brian up. The three FFP:Japan wrestlers then began to trade off assaulting both Daniel Matthews and Matt Kraven. Finally, as referee attempted to stop the attack, the FFP and FFP:Japan Tag Team Champions Assault & Battery rushed to the ring. As the two fresh superstars entered the ring, Joey and his group quickly exited the ring. Assault & Battery finally stopped the slaughter, but the damage had been done.

The scene cut backstage where Raquel St. Claire was standing by with FFP newcomer Kennedy Black. Kennedy said that she was going to be more present at FFP shows and was going to prove that she belongs in FFP and that she will climb her way to the top and become one of the best women in FFP.

Seduction Inc vs 2Hott
One-Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
A highly anticipated dream match for sure by all FFP fans. Seduction Inc had ruled Full Force Pro for nearly it’s entire existence. But it was 2Hott who quickly became fan favorites in the Ohio Wrestling Federation, ending Kenzie Anderson and Juno Frost’s OWF Women’s Tag Team Title reign. 2Hott went on to hold the Women’s Tag Team Titles for 55 days, which is the longest reign in OWF’s young history.

2Hott has been compared to Seduction Inc many times, even being called by some as “the second/next Seduction Inc”. But Britain Jade and the former FFP:Japan Women’s Champion Farrah Clements don’t want to be the next anything, but instead want to be the first 2Hott.

A very back and forth and competitive match that began and ended with handshakes between all four, as well as hugs from all competitors. Brandi Moore hit the first big move, planting Farrah Clements with the Fisherman Brainbuster, but Farrah got her foot on the bottom rope after the two count. Taylor Clawson continued working on Farrah, hitting a bulldog before hitting a flying elbow off the middle rope. Farrah fought back with a spin wheel kick before hitting a Japanese armdrag and tagging in Britain.

Britain passed clotheslines out generously, flooring Brandi and Taylor two times each. Taylor then gained the advantage on Britain hitting a European uppercut. Clawson charged at Britain but was back body dropped over the top rope. Britain then hit the ropes and treated the Milwaukee crowd to an amazing suicide dive through the ropes, knocking Taylor over the steel guardrail into the laps of two front row crowd members. Britain got back into the ring and put her arms in the air. The crowd cheered.

Taylor finally got back into the ring when the referee was at about 15 out of 20. She locked up with Britain who hit a suplex. Britain then tagged Farrah back in while Taylor crawled over and tagged Brandi. Brandi and Farrah locked up and Brandi gained the advantage with a side headlock. Eventually Farrah sent her off the ropes and hit a flipping clothesline. She followed it up with a strong spinebuster for a two count. Farrah next went for the Fame Kisser, but Brandi escaped the attempt and hit a stunner. Brandi went for the pin but Farrah kicked out at two.

The match continued back and forth, dangerously approaching it’s 30 minutes time limit. Taylor who had gotten tagged in once more set Farrah up for the Flatliner, but Farrah escaped out and hit a devastating clothesline. Farrah tagged Britain Jade who climbed back in and hit the Corkscrew Neckbreaker. Britain made the cover and got the three count. 2Hott had defeated Seduction Inc!

The scene cut backstage where Joey DeMarco was attempting to leave the arena with the FFP:Japan World Title on his shoulder. The Interim-President of FFP Duncan Wright approached, instruction Joey DeMarco to be sure to stay put. Duncan then announced that he needed a main event for the FFP New Year’s Eve Show, and that he had the perfect match in mind.

Joey argued with Duncan, saying that Chad Lyons and Brian Kamen would be wrestling Assault & Battery at the New Year’s Eve Show, and that that was enough of a main event.

Duncan then told Joey that since he had obviously injured Daniel Matthews, that a rematch would not take place at the New Year’s Eve Show like he’d like to have had, but that instead DeMarco would put the title on the line against the man that never lost the title, Matt Kraven, and it will be an Iron Man Match!

Joey DeMarco yelled at Duncan, refusing to put the title on the line against Kraven. Duncan then said that if Joey didn’t wrestle at the New Year’s Eve Show, that the match would be ruled a forfeit, and Matt Kraven would be the new FFP:Japan World Champion.

FFP Women’s Title | Ladder Match
(c) Nina Fox vs Lacey Abernathy
One-Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | No Count Out
This feud had been going on for quite sometime and just like a ladder match is planned on being, this match was violent. Nina Fox really tore into her red headed rival, knocking her around the ring with solid shots. Fox was the first to initiate a ladder attack, ramming it into Lacey’s midsection. Next Nina hit a Northern lights suplex on the ladder. Lacey screamed out in pain as Nina set the ladder up and began her climb to the top.

Abernathy cut Nina off, hitting her with a couple of shots to the back before pulling her off the ladder, causing Nina to crash to the mat below. Lacey laid into the champion with stomps before attempting to climb up and retrieve the title for her very first time.

Lacey had been with FFP since it’s return in November of 2013, but had never had the honor of holding any of it’s titles. Although she was entrenched in a heated feud with Nina during her record breaking 365-day title reign, Abernathy never won the big one.

After a couple of attempts to climb up and grab the Women’s Title, Lacey looked to end Nina’s chances at victory with a jumping piledriver near the ropes. Nina rolled to the outside of the ring as Lacey set the ladder back up and began to climb. Lacey reached up, getting her fingertips on the title. As it looked as if she would finally win her first title, Nina Fox reappeared on the ring apron, using the ropes to hit Lacey with a springboard dropkick to the back. Lacey fell from the top of the ladder and crashed to the mat below.

Nina then quickly took advantage, pulling Lacey up and dropping her with a double arm DDT. Fox waited patiently, looking for the absolute knock out blow on the redhead. Abernathy was slow to get up. When she finally reached her feet, Nina went for the Superkick. But Lacey ducked the move and somehow scooped Nina up onto her shoulders. Lacey proceeded to his Nina with an electric chair driver. The Milwaukee crowd gasped as Nina landed on the back of her head. Lacey looked up at the Women’s Title hanging safely above the ladder. Then she looked back down at Nina Fox. She looked up at the title again before deciding to go back after Nina. She pulled the black haired champion back up and hit her with a devastating and gruesome snap powerbomb, folding Nina in half.

The FFP Women’s Champion had landed on her shoulders and the back of her head. The force had flipped her over so she was lying face down on the mat below. Lacey now grabbed a hold of the ladder. She began to make the long climb up to the Women’s Title. The Milwaukee crowd cheered her on as Abernathy climbed to the top of the ladder, grabbed a hold of the Women’s Championship and unstrapped the belt. She had done it! Lacey Abernathy was the new FFP Women’s Champion.

Tears began to roll down her cheeks as she stood atop of the ladder holding the Women’s Title up in the air. The Milwaukee crowd rose to their feet to cheer the new champion.


FFP World Heavyweight Title | Tournament Final

One-Fall | 60-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
In a night full of back and forth exciting matches, it’s hard to find the words to describe this matchup besides back and forth and exciting. The two men were former tag team partners. Both men had a mutual respect for the other. Both men were former FFP Tag Team Champions (even holding the titles with the other) and both were former FFP Cruiserweight Champions.

Logan Christopher brought the high flying antics that he was known for while Kashimanaki brought his infamous stiff kicks. Both men hit the other with move after move, attempting to knock the other out and become the first ever FFP World Heavyweight Champion. Logan, who had tasted a World Title victory only to get it ripped away from him minutes later, was hungry for that feeling again. However Kashimanaki was ready to finally hold a World Title up in the air for the first time in his career.

FFP:Japan official came out to watch the match, obviously scouting Kashimanaki, wanting to bring the Japanese superstar home. And he seemed to have the match won after hitting Logan with an impressive Tiger suplex for a two count. He followed it up with a couple of his hard kicks before hooking Logan’s arms behind him and applying Cattle Mutilation.

In obvious pain, Logan reached his legs out, trying to reach the bottom rope. He fought, rocking his body back and forth, doing anything he could to break the hold, or reach the ropes.

Kashimanaki finally released the hold, pulling Logan up and attempting the Kashimanaki Driver. As Kashimanaki was ready to drop Logan on his head, Christopher hit his opponent with repeated knees to the top of the head. Kashimanaki finally had to release Logan, who pulled his former partner up and hit him with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Logan held the move for a pin, but Kashimanaki kicked out at two. Logan popped back up and hit the ropes, delivering a dropkick to Kashimanaki’s head. Logan then ascended to the top rope. He jumped off and hit the Shooting Star Press. It looked like it was over and Logan would finally win the World Heavyweight Title!

Logan hooked Kashimanaki’s leg, but the Japanese superstar somehow kicked out at two. Logan was shocked. He put his hands on his head and looked at the referee. He turned his attention back to Kashimanaki who hooked him in a small package. The referee made the count, but Logan kicked out at two. He hit Kashimanaki with another dropkick to the head, and again ascended to the top rope. Christopher went for another Shooting Star Press, but Kashimanaki rolled out of the way and Logan crashed to the mat below. Kashimanaki now grabbed Logan’s arms and hooked Cattle Mutilation in again.

Logan screamed out. With pain etched on his face, Logan again tried everything he could to break the hold. He reached and kicked with his legs, and tried hard to push both of the superstars’ bodies to the side of the ring so he could reach the ropes.

As it seemed as if Logan was fading, Kashimanaki kept the hold tightly locked in. That is until Logan tried one last time, kicking his legs and eventually flipping over Kashimanaki and breaking the hold. The two fought back to their feet, trading shots. Logan gained the advantage with a spinning back fist. He added to his flurry with a couple of open hand palm strikes before hitting the ropes and cracking Kashimanaki with the jaw with a knee. Kashimanaki stumbled back into the ropes. Logan hit the ropes again and cracked Kashimanaki with another knee to the jaw. He hit two more forearm strikes to the head before turning Kashimanaki around and dumping him on the back of his head with a German suplex. Logan pulled his opponent up once more and this time scooped him up onto his shoulders. In the middle of the ring Logan planted Kashimanaki with the Cradle Shock Driver. He then hooked his opponent’s leg and the referee made the count. 1…2…3! Logan Christopher was the new and first ever FFP World Heavyweight Champion!

Don’t miss the FFP New Year’s Eve Show which will take place on December 31, 2015! The main event, which will be Joey DeMarco putting the FFP:Japan World Title on the line against Matt Kraven in an Iron Man Match, will begin at midnight. It will be the first professional wrestling match of 2016!

Also Assault & Battery will defend the FFP:Japan Tag Team Titles against Chad Lyons & Brian Kamen, and new Television Champion Adam Black will defend his title against former champion Aiden Conrad!


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