12/31/2015 FFP New Year’s Eve Show

FFP New Year’s Eve Show
December 31, 2015 | Indianapolis, Indiana

The FFP New Year’s Eve Show kicked off with the reigning FFP Adrenaline Champion Christopher Morgan coming down to the ring with his title on his shoulder and his girl by his side. Morgan and Lux entered the ring where Morgan showed off his championship. Then he kissed Lux before getting on the microphone and bragging about his title reign.

Morgan reminded everyone that today was his 284th day as champion, and that that officially ties Veronica Clyne for the fifth longest title reign in Full Force Pro history. Morgan promised that he would continue holding the title well into the New Year, and he would beat Nina Fox’s 365-day reign.

Teddy Wagner vs Travis Banks
One-Fall | 15-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
With these two guys being former partners, they knew each other quite well. Travis Banks was hellbent on getting revenge after Teddy Wagner’s attack following their unsuccessful title shot against Assault & Battery at FFP Throwback.

Travis looked like he was going to put Teddy in his place and get the pinfall victory, but Wagner got to the rope just before the three count. Travis thought he had won the match, but instead, was surprised with a Victoria Bomb for the three count.

Teddy Wagner then pulled Travis up and threw him over the top rope and celebrated in the middle of the ring.

FFP Cruiserweight Title
Battle Royal
Over the Top Battle Royal | No Time Limit
The match included many FFP Cruiserweights, such as former Cruiserweight Champions Kashimanaki, Patrick McCoy, Hades, Deranged, El Diablo, Lizzy Kraven and EJ “Money” Carter. It also included OWF rookies El Desconocido, Caligula and Elijah Jordan. Also, a surprise entrant, making his FFP debut was Valentin Gutierrez!

The final four came down to Kashimanaki, Patrick McCoy, Caligula and surprisingly, Valentin Gutierrez. Gutierrez was eliminated by Patrick McCoy who then went after Kashimanaki. All three surviving men traded hard blows, however it was Caligula taking advantage of Patrick McCoy and Kashimanaki battling up against the ropes, dumping both men over the top rope and becoming the first ever OWF superstar to win a FFP Championship!

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In the Ring
The scene cut to ringside where Giovanni Gotch made her entrance. Gotch had wrestled as part of the tag team Team FAB with Fiona Burke, however had moved to the Ohio Wrestling Federation to manage Connor Campbell. Gotch had been finding success in the OWF but was here tonight to enjoy the New Year’s festivities.

Gotch got on the microphone and thanked everyone for their cheers. She said that she hoped that everyone would have a safe and happy New Year, and said she had one more thing to do. Gotch then issued an open challenge, to any of the women here in attendance tonight. She said she wanted to end her 2015 on a high note, by beating anyone.

A familiar tune played on the speakers. It was Fiona Burke. Maybe Fiona wanted to join in and make this a tag team open challenge.

Burke got in the ring and told Giovanni that she was so happy to have her here. Fiona then said that she thought the Indianapolis crowd would love for Fiona herself to answer Giovanni’s open challenge. Team FAB vs Team FAB.

Gotch smiled. She said that she thought her and Fiona could definitely put on one hell of a match. The match was set!

Giovanni Gotch vs Fiona Burke
One-Fall | 15-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
A very solid match between two friends. The match began with a handshake and an embrace. There were some very solid and very stiff shots, but even throughout the match they’d stop to bump fits or give each other a high five. Fiona Burke hooked Giovanni for the FAB Drop which looked like it could spell the end for the tall blonde, but Gotch muscled her way out of the move and hit an impressive running big boot, knocking Fiona to the mat hard. Gotch then hooked Fiona’s leg for the three count!

After the match Giovanni helped Fiona up. The two girls embraced and held each others’ arms up in the air as the crowd cheered.

FFP Television Title
(c) Adam Black vs Aiden Conrad w/ Missy Hyatt
One-Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
We went from a respectful match, to a hard hitting brawl where both men were attempting to maim the other. At one point Adam Black was chasing Aiden around the ring until Conrad pulled the cowardly move of hiding behind Missy Hyatt.

Black put on the brakes, not one to strike a woman. So Conrad took advantage and cheap shotted the champion. The match wound up back in the squared circle where Adam Black gained the momentum once more. Adam attempted the Prince’s Throne, but Conrad escaped and hit a hard knee to the jaw followed by a swinging neckbreaker for a two count.

Conrad set Black up for the Beauty Maker, but Black dodged and this time successfully hit the Prince’s Throne. However, Missy Hyatt jumped up onto the apron to distract the ref, even going as far as acting like she had injured her ankle so the referee would attempt to help her.

Adam turned and saw what was happening. He yelled at the referee and grabbed him by his shirt. He turned back around only to get blasted with a low blow. Conrad then hit the ropes and destroyed Adam with the Beauty Maker. Suddenly, Missy Hyatt was perfectly fine and hopped off the ring apron. The referee turned to see the pin and made the count. Aiden Conrad had won back the FFP Television Title for the record third time.

Missy climbed into the ring and embraced Aiden. He was presented with the Television Title and he held it up in the air as the crowd booed him and his manager.


FFP:Japan Tag Team Titles
(c) Assault & Battery vs Chad Lyons vs Brian Kamen
One-Fall | 30-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
This one was very hard hitting. However, it saw flashes of high flying and a lot of great technical wrestling as well. About halfway through the match, Joey DeMarco and Penelope Blair made their way out to ringside, DeMarco holding his FFP:Japan World Title on his shoulder as he watched the action. Surprisingly he didn’t get involved except for arguing with the referee one time about what he considered a slow count.

Assault & Battery hit a spike piledriver on Chad Lyons, but Brian Kamen jumped into the ring and hit Gregory Hart during the pin, breaking the count only by a mere instant. Lyons and Kamen set Kevin Lewan up and hit him with Total Elimination, however Gregory Hart hopped in the ring to break up the count. After that, a huge brawl broke out with Gregory Hart and Brian Kamen battling up the entrance ramp while Kevin Lewan and Chad Lyons tore into each other in the ring.

Kevin Lewan hit a hard German suplex followed by an awesome kick to the head of Chad Lyons. He nearly got a three count with it. Lewan followed it up, going for the Slingshot Suplex, but Lyons reversed it and rolled Lewan up, pulling his tights. Lewan however was still able to kickout even though Lyons was pulling the tights. Chad pulled Kevin in and went for a powerbomb but Kevin reversed it into a facebuster. Meanwhile Brian Kamen got the best of Gregory Hart on the outside courtesy of a low blow that the referee didn’t see due to him paying attention to Kevin and Chad.

Kamen made his way back to the ring where he blindsided Lewan. Chad and Brian then set Kevin up and hit him with the Total Elimination again. Brian Kamen made the pin and won his team the match. The FFP:Japan Tag Team Titles would be heading back to Japan.

The scene cut backstage to FFP’s newest news correspondent Keri Faye. Keri recapped the great day of activities before the FFP New Year’s Eve Show, featuring a meet and greet, a superstar lunch, Patrick McCoy winning the first ever FFP Video Game Tournament and the team of Austin Briggs, Adam Black, Ashley King, Adira Strong and Cosmic Cupcake winning the first ever FFP Dodgeball Tournament.

Next was the debut of FFP’s newest member to the Women’s Division, Lara Chambers. Lara came down to the ring where Raquel St. Claire was waiting. Raquel asked Lara how excited she was about joining Full Force Pro and if she knew when and where her in-ring debut would be.

Lara said that she was extremely excited and that she couldn’t wait to make her in-ring debut. She also noted that she hadn’t worked out the details on when her debut would be, where it would be, or who it would be against.

Then she was interrupted by Lizzy Kraven. Lizzy came out onto the entrance stage with microphone in hand. She said that she was tired of all these new tattooed strippers coming into FFP like they’d become something. Lara took exception to Lizzy’s comments. Lara being a veteran to the squared circle, she invited Lizzy into the ring for a face-to-face confrontation. Lizzy seemed eager to do so. She walked down to the ring and climbed onto the apron, however she put on the brakes. Lizzy then held the microphone up and said to Lara “not tonight”.

Lizzy dropped down from the apron and made her way back up the entrance ramp. Lara’s in-ring debut surely wasn’t set in stone, but it looked like it would most likely be against Lizzy Kraven.

The scene cut backstage where Raquel St. Claire was standing by with Veronica Clyne. Veronica touched on how one of the predictions posted on the FFP website was that in 2016 she would retire. Veronica said that she has no thoughts on retiring, but instead would like to one day hold the FFP World Heavyweight Title. She said that she had held the FFP World Title twice, and that she feels she could be the first woman to also hold the World Heavyweight Title.

As Veronica talked, FFP:Japan woman wrestler Fumiko Yamada attacked Veronica from behind. The two had clashed at FFP Throwback, with Veronica winning by count out. Apparently Fumiko wasn’t done yet. Yamada pummeled Veronica on the concrete floor before pulling her up and violently slamming her into the brick wall behind them. Fumiko then yelled at Veronica, saying that she would retire her.

Fumiko went to do more damage, but FFP security pulled Fumiko away. It took many male security guards to do the job.

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10-Woman Tag Team Match
Nina Fox, Kylie Connelly, Katrina Connly, Malaya Diyosa & “Baby” Jo Messi vs Lacey Abernathy, Farrah Clements, Britain Jade, Amy Kraven & Chloe Banks
Elimination Match | No Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
Another match that featured some animosity from both sides. Nina Fox was hell bent on proving that she was better than Lacey Abernathy and deserved to get her title back. Shockingly within the first two minutes Nina’s team went down by one when Amy Kraven hit Malaya Diyosa with the Kraven Klash for the three count. Malaya was eliminated.

Next “Baby” Jo Messi attacked Amy who eventually tagged her tag partner Chloe Banks in. “Baby” Jo relied on her striking skills to really wear Chloe Banks down. Kylie Connelly then got the tag in and hit Chloe with the BAB for the pin. The match was even.

Next, Farrah and Britain both wanted a piece of Kylie. Of course Katrina had made the stipulation on Twitter that if Britain pinned her that 2Hott would receive a Women’s Tag Team Title match. So Britain was chomping at the bit to get to Katrina. Of course they avoided tagging Katrina in as much as possible.

Unfortunately Amy Kraven was the next to go after getting hit with a BAB courtesy of Kylie, followed by a Superkick from Nina Fox. Finally Lacey Abernathy tagged in and went head-to-head with Nina Fox. After the redhead got the best of Nina, she tagged out to Katrina. Lacey floored Katrina with a clothesline and tagged in Britain Jade. It was on!

Britain Jade laid into Katrina, pummeling her with punches, kicks, knees and stomps. Katrina tried tagging to one of her partners, but after getting hit with a bulldog followed by the Corkscrew Neckbreaker, Britain Jade pinned Katrina Connelly. 2Hott would face the Connelly Twins for the FFP Women’s Tag Team Titles at a later date!

But Britain’s celebration was cut short when she was blasted by the BAB by Kylie Connelly. Kylie went for a pin, but Farrah Clements broke it up. Kylie tagged out to “Baby” Jo Messi, but Messi wound up being the next victim, getting hit with the Famekisser courtesy of Farrah Clements and being eliminated.

Now we were down to Nina Fox & Kylie Connelly vs Lacey Abernathy and 2Hott. Lacey’s team cut the ring in half and wore Kylie Connelly down. Eventually Lacey Abernathy hit her with a guillotine leg drop for the three count. Nina Fox was all alone, against three women!

Nina slowly climbed into the ring. Obviously she knew that her chances were slim to none. She circled around Farrah Clements and locked up, gaining a headlock on Farrah before throwing the blonde backward. Nina then slid out of the ring. She slowly walked around the ring, seemingly looking for an opening. However, she retreated up the entrance ramp. The Indianapolis crowd booed as Nina cowardly stood outside of the ring while the referee finished his 20 count.

As Lacey Abernathy, Farrah Clements and Britain Jade began to celebrate their victory, Amy Kraven and Chloe Banks came out to join their team. Nina turned around, but before she could leave, Amy and Chloe grabbed a hold of her and shoved her back into the ring.

The beating that Nina wanted to avoid was given to her anyway. She was a victim of a Kraven Klash from Amy Kraven, a Famekisser from Farrah Clements and a Corkscrew Neckbreaker from Britain Jade. Then, finally, Lacey locked Nina in the Code Red Armbar. Nina Fox screamed in pain until she finally tapped out. Although the match was already over, Lacey wanted to see Nina tap that mat. After that, she released the hold.

Nina Fox tucked tail and ran while Lacey’s team celebrated in the middle of the ring.

The scene quickly cut backstage where Firefly had been laid out in one of the hallways. As FFP medical staff tended to her Kemina approached. Firefly’s former tag team partner and now Queens of Mean member stood over her victim and told her that she was done yet.


Adam Hyatt and Madison Castle now came out onto the entrance stage. The FFP:Japan World Champion Joey DeMarco and Matt Kraven had already made their way down to the ring and were simply waiting for the bell to ring at midnight.

Adam and Madison weren’t strangers to counting down to the New Year, doing so as the 2013 and 2014 FFP New Year’s Eve Shows. Hyatt and Castle hyped the crowd, talking about how 2016 would be a great year for everyone. Then they began to count down while the “big ball” at Time Square was showed on the entrance screen. Adam and Madison counted us down to 2016. They shared a kiss as the crowd cheered. Then, it was main event time.

FFP:Japan World Title | Iron Man Match
(c) Joey DeMarco w/ Penelope Blair vs Matt Kraven
Most Falls in 60 Minutes | 60-Minute Time Limit | 20 Second Count Out
Joey and Matt watched as the Time Square ball dropped. Once it was the New Year, the bell rang. And Matt Kraven made a big mistake. Keeping his attention on the entrance screen for a moment too long, he found himself a victim of an attack from behind. DeMarco leveled him with a clothesline sending Kraven crashing through the ropes and to the arena floor.

DeMarco followed him out, pummeling him with kicks and stomps. DeMarco then pulled Kraven up and whipped him into the steel guardrail at ringside. The fans booed Joey, sticking their thumbs down in his face as he continued the beat down on the former President of FFP. DeMarco pulled Matt up and this time slammed him up against the steel ring post. Kraven fell down to the arena floor again. Blood began to drip onto the blue protective mats that covered the concrete floor below.

Joey yelled out into the crowd. They answered back with a boo. He then turned his attention back to Kraven, leveling him with a flurry of fists to the open wound. It wasn’t long before Kraven was dawning a crimson mask. Kraven looked to be in for a long 60 minutes.

Joey pulled Kraven up again and now rammed him into the nearby commentator’s tables. The commentators scattered as Joey muscled Matt up onto the table. Joey followed and pulled Kraven to his feet. He trash talked him for a second before hooking his head and planting him with a DDT through the table. Kraven was out!

The referee, who had been administering his 20-count, slid out of the ring and demanded that Joey get back into the ring. He then turned to the ring announcer and said something to him. The time keeper then announced that Joey DeMarco was disqualified for access use of the guardrail, ring post and table, and that he would need to return to the ring before another disqualification would be ordered.

Joey threw a fit. He stomped Kraven once more and climbed into the ring. Somehow Matt Kraven was up 1-0 in this Iron Man Match, although it didn’t seem like it.

Kraven began to stir. Finally started to crawl back to the ring. Finally he grabbed a hold of the ring skirt and pulled himself to his feet. Joey DeMarco charged, sliding out of the ring, grabbing Kraven and throwing him into the steel guardrail again. DeMarco quickly returned to the ring where he put his arms in the air to the referee like a kid being caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

The referee warned him before beginning a count on Kraven. As the referee approached the 20 count, Kraven began to crawl up the ring steps. At 19 Matt got back into the ring. He pulled himself up using the ring ropes and turned around only to be leveled by a lariat courtesy of the FFP:Japan World Champion. DeMarco hooked Kraven’s leg and got the pin. Things were tied up 1-1.

Joey continued his assault on Kraven, who at this point had blood covering his face as well as dripping down his chest. But Kraven wasn’t finished. There was still fight left in the challenger, who rocked DeMarco with a couple of stiff shots before hitting him with the Superkick. The bad thing was, the Superkick connected perfect, but sent DeMarco stumbling back, falling through the ring ropes and spilling to the arena floor. Kraven fell to his hands and knees. He couldn’t capitalize. Although the referee began his count.

Once the referee got to 15 Penelope Blair climbed up onto the apron. She got the officials attention, which broke the count. Kraven couldn’t believe it. He went over to take care of Penelope himself. But as he did this, Joey slithered back into the ring and rolled the challenger up in a school boy pin. The referee made the count. Joey grabbed Kraven’s tights and pulled them for extra leverage. The referee didn’t see it and continued his count. Joey DeMarco had taken the lead 2-1.

Matt popped back to his feet. So did Joey. Kraven couldn’t believe that Joey had just gotten away with that. The two went face-to-face, trash talking each other. Joey then hit Matt with a slap across the face. How humiliating. But Kraven answered back with his own. DeMarco slapped Kraven across his face once more. Matt then stepped back and leveled Joey with the Superkick. This time Matt capitalized and covered DeMarco. The referee made the count and it was all tied up again!

The match continued, back and forth with both men tearing into the other. Joey gained the advantage with a hard eye rake which blinded Kraven for a minute. He then hit Kraven with his finisher, the Jumping Piledriver. DeMarco hooked Kraven’s leg and took the lead again. 3-2.

Joey taunted the crowd. He obviously was enjoying this lead he had. He called for Kraven to get back to his feet. When he did, Joey hit him with his own finisher, the Superkick. If Joey could pin Matt after Matt’s own finisher, that would really add insult to injury. Joey hooked Kraven’s leg, but Matt got his shoulder up just before the three count.

DeMarco now pulled Matt up and muscled him up onto the top rope. DeMarco joined Kraven up top, most likely going for a superplex. But Matt blocked the move and hit Joey with a hard elbow to the head. DeMarco fell to the mat below.Kraven then stood, obviously about to go for a high risk move. Kraven then jumped off the top rope, and performed a move he had never performed in his career, a 450 Splash! However, Joey got his knees up! Kraven crashed into Joey’s knee, looking to really hurt his ribs. Shades of Daniel Matthews. DeMarco now pulled Matt up and hit him with a rib buster. He hooked the leg and got the three count. DeMarco now had a two fall lead on Kraven, 4-2.

DeMarco paraded around the ring again. He rolled out of the ring and grabbed a hold of his FFP:Japan World Title, holding it up in the air as the Indianapolis crowd booed.

Joey slid back into the ring. As Kraven was getting back to his feet, Joey decided he was going to go for Kraven’s Superkick again. But this time Matt ducked it and hit an awesome German suplex. But he didn’t stop there. Kraven locked his hands and pulled DeMarco up again. After planting him with two more German suplex, he pulled the champion up once more, scooped him up onto his shoulders and planted him with a Death Valley Driver. Kraven pinned Joey and got the three count.

Next Kraven pulled DeMarco back up and immediately locked him in the Dragon Clutch, falling to the mat and wrapping his legs around him. Joey reached for the ropes, yelling as he tried his best to reach the ropes or break the move. He couldn’t. He had to submit. Kraven had quickly tied the match up 4-4!

Joey eventually fought his way to the outside of the ring. Signaling that he wanted to take a timeout. Soon the new FFP:Japan Tag Team Champions Chad Lyons and Brian Kamen made their way out to the ring. They climbed up onto the apron and tried to get into the ring. The referee quickly intervened. However, as he fought to get them off the apron, Kraven leveled Kamen with a Superkick, sending him crashing to the arena floor. Kraven turned around in time to get cracked in the head with the FFP:Japan World Title by DeMarco. He slid the title out of the ring and hooked Kraven’s leg. Chad Lyons hopped off the ring apron and the referee turned around to see the pin. He made the count. DeMarco took the lead again. And time was dwindling for Matt Kraven.

Joey now pulled Matt up. He planted him with a fisherman brainbuster. DeMarco then stepped back and as Matt fought to get back up, DeMarco blasted him with a shining wizard. Joey then pinned Kraven again, and got another three count. DeMarco was in the lead 6-4, with only a minute and a half left.

DeMarco turned around to the fans. He held his arms up in the air. He was showered with boos. He didn’t care. He was moments away from successfully defending his title.

When he turned back around, he was blasted with a Superkick. Kraven hooked Joey’s leg for the pin. The referee made the count, but as he was about to slap the mat for the three count, Chad and Brian grabbed his legs and pulled him out of the ring. Kraven looked up to see the tag team standing over the referee. Even with a disqualification Joey was still up 6-5. And with the referee lying on the arena floor holding his head, there was no chance for Kraven.

Matt hit the ropes and nailed Chad and Brian with a suicide dive on the outside of the ring. He turned to the referee and began to help him up, trying to get him back into the ring. As Kraven did this, Joey dug into his tights and pulled out brass knuckles, quickly putting them on his fingers. With seconds left Matt pushed the referee back into the ring. Kraven slid in and went after DeMarco again, but Joey blasted Kraven with the brass knuckles. Kraven went down hard, lying motionless on the mat. Joey tossed the weapon out of the ring as the groggy referee began to get back up. The 60 minutes had expired. Joey DeMarco had successfully defended his title.

Joey, Penelope, Chad and Brian paraded around the ring with the FFP:Japan World and Tag Team Titles held high in the air for everyone to see. The show ended as they left ringside.

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